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    5 Series scoops more awards

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    The #BMW-5-Series-Saloon has been recognised once again, winning the ‘ #Best-Executive-Car ’ category, alongside the #BMW-5-Series-Touring , which was named ‘ #Best-Estate-Car ’, at the recent #UK-Car-of-the-Year-Awards . Evaluated and compared by a well-respected panel of UK journalists, these titles add another impressive UK accolade to the BMW 5 Series’ growing collection of international honours.

    The multi-award-winning saloon impressed judges with its refinement, technology and build quality. Commenting on the win, #Alex-Grant , UK COTY judge, said: “The 5 Series impresses not only for its cutting-edge connected, electrified and partially-autonomous technology, but because the car underneath does everything so brilliantly.”

    The 5 Series Touring was commended for its flexibility, practicality and driving dynamics. Nargess Banks, UK COTY judge, said: “BMW has mastered the art of designing and engineering the perfect estate car, replete with intelligent technology.”

    The 5 Series’ success story continues, with both the saloon and the touring models winning more prestigious awards recently.
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    I must say, as someone who has owned every version of the 5 Series from the E12 to, most recently, the #BMW-F10 / #BMW-F11 , I’m also not overly keen on the new G30 interior. There’s nothing really wrong with the fit and finish, apart from a couple of areas, but how I wish manufacturers would ditch piano black trim; I just don’t understand why anyone chooses this option! However, I absolutely detest this stupid, dumb idea BMW now has of perching the cheap-looking iDrive screen on top of the dash. Not only does it suffer from reflection from the sunroof (yes, they do still exist), but I think it just looks naff and cheap.

    I much prefer the layout in the F11, where the screen was neatly tucked into the instrument binnacle, away from sunlight. I think BMW should do what Audi does, and make the screen hidden within the dash until it’s needed. That way you create nice, clean lines with no distractions, and it would keep everyone happy.

    As for the G30’s overall design, I’d have much preferred something that looks completely different; a new vehicle with a more forward-thinking style. I seem to remember a concept for the new 5, presenting a much leaner, sportier look – a cross between the 6 and an 8 coupé – that presented a low and powerful image. Now, that would be a car I’d lust over!

    However, I’m sure that when the lease finishes on the Range Rover I currently drive, I’ll undoubtedly return to BMW, with a new #BMW-5-Series-G30 . By that time, the #BMW-G30 will be out in face-lifted, LCI form which, personally, I always like, as #BMW typically make big strides with these updates.

    Lee Ryan much prefers the in-dash screen position used in the F10 #BMW-5-Series … … to the ‘stuck-on iPad’ look favoured in the G30.
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    5 Series developments / #BMW-5-Series-Touring / #BMW-5-Series-Touring-G31 / #BMW-G31 / #BMW-G30 / #BMW-5-Series-G31 / #BMW / #BMW-540i-xDrive-M-Sport-Touring-G31 / #BMW-520d-G31 / #BMW-520d-Touring-G31 / #BMW-525d-Touring-G31 / #BMW-525d-Touring

    The 5 Series saloon is having its engine line-up bolstered with the arrival of two four-cylinder units from BMW’s modular engine family.

    A new entry level car – the 520i – is being launched, together with a new 525d model. Both engines have been developed from units featuring an extremely lightweight, thermodynamically-optimised, all-aluminium construction.

    Thanks to TwinPower Turbo technology, they combine maximum power with impressive efficiency, and comply with the EU6 emissions standard.

    The petrol 520i is a four-cylinder 1,998cc powerplant that produces 184hp and 290Nm, enabling a 0-62mph time of 7.8secs, a top speed of 146mph, official economy of 52.3mpg and CO2 emissions of 124g/km.

    The four-cylinder BMW 525d diesel engine produces 231hp and 500Nm of torque. This can push the car to 60mph in 6.6secs and on to a top speed of 155mph. Fuel consumption comes in at a respectable 64.2mpg, resulting in CO2 emissions of just 116g/km.

    The new 2017 BMW 5 Series Touring upholds a long tradition of being a perfect estate car for the premium car buyer who wants it all. Hot on the heels of the new 5 Series saloon, it’ll be in showrooms this June, with four engine options initially, and more to follow.
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    New #BMW-5-Series-Touring / #BMW-5-Series-Touring-G31 / #BMW-G31 / #BMW-G30 / #BMW-5-Series-G31 / #BMW / #BMW-540i-xDrive-M-Sport-Touring-G31 / #BMW-520d-G31 / #BMW-520d-Touring-G31

    The G30 Saloon has only just gone on sale yet BMW has already launched the Touring version and the new model received its worldwide premiere at the Geneva Show. Somehow BMW always seems to get the styling of its Tourings absolutely spot on and in the flesh the new G31 really does look the part, especially in blue with the M Sport styling package. Part of the reason for getting the car to market so quickly is that in its native Germany many customers will hold off from ordering a new 5 Series until the Touring is launched as it’s seen as a more practical version of the model and estates sell very well in Germany.

    The new Touring is 36mm longer, eight millimetres wider and 10mm higher than the outgoing model and, crucially, is up to 100kg lighter than the outgoing model. The boot capacity is increased too, as is its maximum permissible load and with the 40:20:40 split folding rear seats it looks very practical too. UK prices start at £38,385 for a #BMW-520d-SE-G31 and rises to £52,760 for a #BMW-540i-xDrive-M-Sport-Touring .
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