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    Alan Lovell
    That's only three times: dream convertible based on the legendary BMW E9 Coupé

    Open cars, that is convertibles, radiate a special fascination. Even more than their close relatives, they stand for fun and enjoyment - in short, for the finer things in life. If the sky-wide headroom is then still provided by a particularly rare model, the driver has sun in the heart and a grin on the face. Like Marco Pfotenhauer, who owns the E9 Convertible presented here. Text: Bernd Bartels. Photos: Frank Schwichtenberg.

    Open to true beauty / #BMW-E9-Convertible / #BMW-E9 / #BMW / #BMW-E9-Convertible-M88 / #BMW-E9-Cabrio / #BMW-M88 / #M88/3 / #BMW-E9-Cabrio-M88 / #BMW-E9-M88

    The nameplate warns: This BMW has a lot of fuss under the hood! M-Power in classic dress.
    In 2000, the paths of Marco and the E9 convertible crossed for the first time. "He was on Sima-Power's website, and it was love at first sight," recalls the entrepreneur. He had already caught the BMW virus as a child with an uncle. He was a car dealer and liked to ride cool E9 coupes ... 30 years later, the above advertisement was online: E9 Convertible in the dream combination "Amazonas-Green" with beige leather and two-tone BBS "RS" wheels. The catch: Marco had just bought his first house, and it was offspring on the march. In such a situation, it is difficult to argue for the purchase of a not very cheap "fun car". Reason won, and the car was sold elsewhere.

    Anyone who flatly refuses convertible conversions is taught otherwise by this E9.

    Tacho up to 300 - has in Marcos E9 convertible quite his legitimate. The extremely good quality of the conversion continues seamlessly in the interior.

    Twelve years later, the same car was suddenly up for sale. Markus' company had developed very well in the meantime, so that finally the time had come to strike. "The negotiations with the seller were fair, and we quickly agreed," says Marco. So he used the way back from a business meeting in Switzerland to stop in Munich and take the car directly at the airport on a trial basis. On its own axis, it then went home. "Once driven, it was of course impossible to resist the convertible," says its current owner.

    Perfect lines - nothing works here "rebuilt". The stern is a happy ending in leather country: first-class feeling in all seats. The many chocolate sides of the E9.

    This also applies to this convertible.

    Very interesting is the history of this E9: Although he was in excellent condition, Sima-Power used the conversion to completely rebuild the BMW with new parts. The company was at that time as one of the first addresses for E9 coupes. All in all, three E9 convertibles were created by Sima-Power, inspired by the "Spirit" structures of A. Leuthe (Fahrzeugbau by Andy).

    The convertible on these pages is the third and last E9 Cabriolet that built Sima-Power - and it has some special features. The reaching to 300 kmh speedometer disc indicates that power is here at the start. Under the hood is an M88/3 engine, which was later installed in the M635CSi E24 and also formed the motor base for the legendary M1 E26 and for the bear-strong racing coupes of the 1970s. Top performance of 465bhp - in the ProCar vehicles even 850bhp - speak a clear language. The "civilian" version in this E9 Cabriolet delivers a remarkable 286bhp, which speeds it up to 250 kmh - if you dare.

    The chariot plays its charm but rather at speedy cruising over mountains and valleys. "Curve left, curve right and accelerate powerfully in between - he masters perfectly," smiles Marco. But he also knows that his BMW polarized. "For purists, he is simply unacceptable - some coupe friends see it as a sacrilege that the C-pillar was sacrificed with its distinctive logo. For the rest, it's a great design variant of the legendary coupe. "We're one of them and call out to everyone," Be open to true beauty! "

    Color harmony: The beige interior fits perfectly with the paint in "Amazonian green". Gloss and Glory: Chrome-plated grills make for a particularly classy look.


    Engine: M88 / 3-DOHC 24V straight six, 3,453cc, 286bhp; Bore x stroke in mm: 84 x 93.4; Densification 10.5: 1;
    Single throttle valves, intake manifold injection
    Power transmission: five-speed manual, rear-wheel drive
    Suspension: independent front suspension, McPherson struts,
    Torsion bar stabilizers; rear semi-trailing axle,
    Torsion bar stabilizers
    Brakes: original disc brakes all around
    Wheels: #BBS-RS alloy wheels, two-tone, in 16 "
    Tires: Michelin "Pilot Sport", all around 205/55 ZR16
    Body: Convertible conversion of Sima-Power,
    Painting in " #Amazon-Green "
    Interior: beige leather interior, 300 kmh speedometer, wood steering wheel
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    BMW might have a reputation for reliability, but the mighty 3.0 CSL was far from infallible – as proven by the Nürburgring Six Hours ‘Grand Prix for Touring Cars’, held on the gruelling #Nordschleife on 14 July #1974 . More than half of the 60-plus starters failed to reach the finish, and among them were all 11 CSLs entered – despite the early promise of Hans Stuck taking both pole and fastest lap in his works machine.


    Hans Heyer and Klaus Ludwig’s Ford Escort RS1600 won ahead of the Hezemans/Lauda/Glemser Capri, but the fast yet fragile BMWs live longest in the memory for the iconic shots of them yumping out of Pflanzgarten – as demonstrated here by the Swiss #BMW-Alpina team pairing of Peter Arm and Cox Kocher. Images such as these helped to seal the CSL legend.
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    Russ Smith
    BMW CSL PRINT BY #FREDERIC-DAMS / #BMW-Art-Car / #BMW-E9 / #BMW-3.0CSL / #BMW-3.0CSL-E9 / #BMW-3.0CSL-Art-Car / #BMW / #BMW-E9-Art-Car /

    Ah, the irony – a BMW ‘Art Car’ from the mid 1970s turned into contemporary art. The CSL racer kickstarted the whole Art Car movement and was painted in 1975 by #BMW-3.0CSL-Alexander-Calder before racing at #Le-Mans . This dynamic modern print is by Frederic Dams. From £35.
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    Bob Harper
    Classic conversion / #BMW-3.0CSi-E9 / #BMW

    With hybrid and completely electric cars becoming an ever more common sight on UK roads, it appears that the motoring public is taking this technology to heart and, as a result, the major manufacturers – including BMW – are channeling more and more investment into research and vehicle development.

    But it’s not only that mainstream vehicle producers what are starting to take this growing sector of the market seriously, things are developing in the independent sector, too. One company we heard of recently, Electric Classic Cars, specialises in the conversion of interesting cars to 100% electric power.

    Interestingly, the company is currently converting an #BMW-E9 / #BMW-3.0CSi which, as ECC partner Richard Morgan explains, is getting the full treatment. “The CSi has already undergone a complete, bareshell restoration, with multiple rust areas addressed and new battery mounting points welded into place.

    “The bodyshell is now being primed and sealed, ready for the first dry-build. The interior has been re-trimmed in black leather, and all the exterior shiny bits are away being re-chromed.

    The engine and gearbox have been sent to be 3D-scanned, so that we can design the adapter plate and coupler to allow the electric motor to bolt to the existing gearbox. The motor will be the same unit we used in a recent Porsche 911 conversion, which was powerful enough for a 0-60mph time of 7secs, in that car, combined with 220ft lb of torque from zero rpm.

    The battery pack will also be the same as that fitted to the 911 (54kWh), and all this should be enough to ensure similarly impressive performance and 200+-mile range in the CSi.”

    We hope to take a look at this fascinating conversion in a future issue but, in the meantime, you can find out more at:

    This #BMW-E9-Electric 3.0 CSi has undergone a complete bodyshell restoration at #Electric-Classic-Cars … … and the boot floor has been adapted to take the battery packs that will power the car’s 54kWh electric motor.
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    Chris Graham
    Sometimes in life you just get lucky and, thanks to being in the right place at the right time, a plum job falls into your lap. That’s exactly what happened to me when Kelsey Media suggested that I might like to become Editor of this magazine.

    Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity, for two primary reasons. For a start, it was like returning home. I’ve spent most of my working life involved with motoring magazines of various sorts but, for the past 13 years, have been concentrating on other publishing projects in different areas. So, getting back into the motoring scene again is like meeting-up with an old friend.

    But the second – and probably more important – reason is that I have a deep affinity for BMW. I’ve been a fan of the marque since the year dot, and have owned four different models over the years. My first, a #1976 / #BMW-E9 / #BMW / #BMW-3.0CSi , was bought in the late- 1980s, as a long-term restoration project. The car was a runner with a good engine and gearbox, but bodily, things weren’t quite so encouraging!

    I’d got the vehicle with renovation in mind, and was resigned to enjoying what was left of the MoT, then taking it off the road for the work to begin. But, as is typically the case, the condition under the outer panels was a good deal worse than anticipated; basically, the car was rotten from the waistline down.

    Everything took much longer than planned, was a good deal more expensive and, after a year or so, I simply ran out of spare cash. The car was laid-up in a garage and there is sat – sadly neglected – for many years. A succession of ‘life events’ got in the way, the chance to re-start the restoration never came and, with much regret, I sold the CSi about four years ago. I still regret it, especially now.

    The other BMWs I’ve run and enjoyed include an E90 330i, an E60 535d M Sport and, currently, a leased, F10 520d M Sport. The latter is a ‘work car’ which I got long before this editing job materialised. Needless to say, it’s proved excellent in every respect. But I’ve loved my time with all of them, and appreciated the different qualities they offered, on a daily basis; those ordinary little things that still make driving a quality car a real pleasure.

    I know that BMW drivers have long laboured under an unfortunate reputation for being pushy, over-aggressive and sometimes even obnoxious. There may be a degree of truth embedded in this stereotype, but I intend to make sure that the content we’ll be providing every month will help set the record straight.

    There are plenty of decent, thoroughly likeable and relaxed individuals who own, drive and appreciate this fine marque, and I’m here to make sure that BMW Car continues to shine a spotlight on these dedicated and genuine enthusiasts.

    The sad day when my part-restored 3.0 CSi left me. I still regret selling it, on an almost daily basis!
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    / #1973 / #BMW-E9 / #BMW-3.0CSL / #BMW-3.0CSL-E9 / #BMW-3.0CS / #BMW

    ESTIMATE £45,000 - £55,000

    We can’t help but feel that this car’s seemingly low estimate has been designed to draw potential purchasers in and we reckon this car could sell for considerably more than this figure. Provenance is the watch word when it comes to CSLs and this UK spec machine that has lived much of its life in Germany has it by the bucketload, with ownership from two brothers and extensive history. It was restored quite some time ago and will definitely benefit from some attention soon but currently has full TüV road-legal approval. If only we had £50k to spend!
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    / #1972 / #BMW-E9 / #BMW-3.0CSA / #BMW-3.0CSA-E9 / #BMW-3.0CS-Automatic / #BMW-E9-Automatic / #BMW-3.0CS-Automatic-E9

    SOLD FOR £18,375

    This may have been the less desirable automatic version of the classic 1970s #BMW Coupé but despite the gearbox it’s still a stunning thing to behold and still has all the style of a CSL but at a fraction of the cost. This example has recently benefited from plenty of mechanical work with an engine rebuild along with new brakes and suspension and while it does require some cosmetic refurbishment it was said to be free of rust on its floors and sills. It looked like good value at £18,375.
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