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    Would you choose an #Alpina-B10-E39 over a #BMW-M5-E39 ? Let us know your thoughts below...

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    M5 for me. If you like driving, an auto box – no matter how good– will never give you the same pleasure as a manual. JONATHAN GAMA-BARATA

    I've owned a 2002 E39 M5 for 8 years and can't believe the Alpina would touch it... The M5 has loads of extra little touches for those in the know.

    I'm biased and would say E39 M5. But a B10 V8S is something special. I'd maybe have both but use the Alpina for spares and chuck the massive brakes from the V8s onto the M5.

    Well, I own a B10 3.3 and thoroughly enjoy it. It keeps a smile on my face. If I was to change it I would certainly stick with an Alpina and try a #V8 !

    The Alpina. Every travelling toilet roll salesman pounding up and down the M1 has a BMW M5. If you have to do the repmobile thing then it's an Alpina.

    I tried both but prefer the B10 for long trips. More than capable on A & B roads too. I've also done the odd track day. M5 is great too but the #Alpina wins.
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