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    CAR: BMW / ANDREW EVERETT / #BMW-E36 TOURING / #BMW-3-Series-Touring / #BMW-E36 / #BMW-3-Series-Touring-E36 / #BMW-3-Series-Touring-E36 / #BMW / #BMW-3-Series / #BMW-3-Series-E36

    Quite a lot’s happened in the past month; there’s been a significant clear-out and all I’m left with is the blue E32 730i and the green 318i Touring. The black E90, which I never gelled with (not a bad car, but too difficult to fi x, even in basic 320i guise), and the purple 318ti Compact have left the building. The latter is with its new owner somewhere in Scotland.

    That Compact was a nice thing, but I had no use for it; it was basically in the way, so the £800 I eventually got for it and some parts, will certainly prove of more, practical use. In fact, it owed me next to nothing and, after eight years and 75,000 miles of reliable motoring – including a dozen track days – it really did a sterling job!

    I’ve been running an E87 118d for another motoring title, and that’s been an excellent car that’s taken the heat off the green E36 Touring, which will need some welding before the next MoT comes around.

    The backs of the sills are pretty much knackered and, while the brown, body-lightening disease is spreading around the rest of it quite well (rear arches mainly), I couldn’t care less about that. But want the car to be sound enough to pass the MoT.

    It’s been very reliable, of course (more so than the much younger E90), but a clonk and a loud rattle from the rear signified a broken rear shock top mount. This took an hour to fi x at most, and minimal cost as I have a box of them in the workshop. But, with 175,000 miles now showing on the clock, it continues to be a most useful vehicle that does just about everything.

    Has anything arrived though? Well, nothing of note. As another warning about the dangers of buying cars unseen from salvage auctions, I chanced my arm on what was badged as a ‘330Ci Coupé’ – not bad for £275, and ideal for a few laps of Croft. The trouble is, it wasn’t. Had I been wearing my reading specs, I’d have noticed that it was actually a 2.2 320Ci. Upon collection, it turned out to be complete rubbish. Still, I pulled it to bits, sold the engine, diff ’, wheels and panels, quickly tripling my investment. But I struggled to get £60 for the black leather trim. Ah well, you live and learn…

    Unfortunately, not a 330Ci. That’ll teach me to buy ‘unseen’!

    My #BMW-318ti-Compact has moved to Scotland. It was a great little car that served me well. / #BMW-318ti-Compact-E36
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    Oliver von Mizener #BMW-E36 / #BMW-318ti / #BMW / #BMW-318ti-E36 / #BMW-3-Series / #BMW-3-Series-E36 / #BMW-3-Series-Compact / #BMW-3-Series-Compact-E36 / #BMW-318ti-Compact-E36 / #BMW-318ti-Compact /

    Typical, you wait ages for an E36 Compact and then two come along at once! Oliver hasn’t gone quite as wild with his example as the owner of the armyinspired machine you’ll find, but he has built himself a great-looking Compact. Oliver’s owned the car for just over a year, initially planning simply to use it as a daily before the modding bug took hold and it transformed into a pretty serious project. K Sport coilovers have been employed to drop it nice and low over the BBS RC090s that have been fitted and the styling has been enhanced with the addition of M3 door mirrors, a matching M3 front bumper with functional Hella rally lights (one of Oliver’s favourite mods) and clear repeaters and Euro tail-lights. Inside he’s fitted M3 Vader seats and a Condor gear knob while the chassis has been uprated with Condor delrin bushes and engine and transmission mounts, E30 axles and an E28 M5 LSD. Future plans, says Oliver, include an #S52 / #BMW-S52 / #ZF / #S52-swap , black interior swap and a Felony Form wide-body kit.
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