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    / #1992 / #BMW-E30 / #BMW-316i-Touring / #BMW-316i-Touring-E30 / #BMW-316i-E30 / #BMW-E30
    SOLD FOR: £3960

    A very nice and original #BMW-E30-Touring , proving that even the smallest-engined examples can sell for good money. This example had been in one family ownership from new and came with an extensive history file to back up the recorded 75k mileage.
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    BEN AT HACK ENGINEERING’S #BMW-E30 / #BMW-316i / #VAC-Motorsports / #BMW-316i-E30 / #BMW

    Of late progress has been relatively speedy and I can announce that the rear suspension is now looking much more complete, although is yet to be bolted back underneath the car.

    A little more fabrication work is needed with the plan for this car being very much centred around track work. We wanted to give the rear end the adjustability needed to properly set it up. E30 rear suspension naturally cambers as you lower it but often more than is desired. The fix for this are weld-on plates which, when used in conjunction with matching bolts and eccentric washers, give you the ability to move the effective mounting points of the trailing arms to give both toe and camber adjustability when fitted correctly. We got ours from VAC-Motorsports some time ago.

    Once the plates are welded on (which needs to be done neatly), the slots in them need to be die ground out of the original trailing arm mounting holes below. A lick of paint, and you’re ready to get the trailing arms mounted up. Of course, this wasn’t going to be done with the tired original rubber bushings. The trailing arms were stripped down and the old bushes were burned out ready for the replacements: Condor Speed Shop’s popular and brilliant UHMW versions. #UHMW is a hard plastic, which is hard enough to give very consistent geometry and minimal deflection. It also takes a great deal of the harshness out. The precision fit of these bushes meant that they were an easy job to install and the trailing arms are now ready to go back onto the car. The rear wheel bearings are the only stone that will (for now) be left unturned. They feel like new and so we’ll wait and sort them, along with other rear end upgrades planned, further down the road.

    The only bushes left to fit are the main beam bushes, for which we have a pair of VAC Motorsport solid aluminium products.

    Deflection in the beam is a common problem with E30s and is far from desirable, as it can cause all sorts of issues. Therefore solid bushes are a must for this type of project and an added bonus is that the rear beam also then acts as a chassis brace. Once those are in, the beam and trailing arms can be hoisted into position and we can begin to build the brakes back up with all new components, and the diff can be hoisted into place, too. Things are coming along nicely.

    THANKS & CONTACT / #Hack-Engineering 01444 617365 / #Condor-Speed-Shop / VAC Motorsports 001 215 462 4666
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