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    Kenneth Williams, Paisley #2006 #Audi-TT-Roadster #Audi-TT-8N #Audi-TT-Roadster-8N

    Purchasing my #Audi-TT Roadster was not an easy decision. For many years I’d wanted to own a roadster that I could ‘keep good’ and take out on sunny days. My first thoughts were to buy an old MGB Roadster and do it up, but at the end of the day all that I would have would be an old car that had been ‘done up’.

    That wasn’t quite what I wanted, as I prefer new things rather than old, especially cars. The Honda S2000 – now this was a car to consider and as I’d had a Honda Civic Coupe it seemed like a natural progression. So, I went along to my friendly Honda dealership for a test drive and I quite liked the car but hey, wait a minute – I couldn’t afford a brand-new sports car. Back down to earth with a thump!

    Next car to consider was the Mazda MX5, which seemed to tick all the boxes as from the first models right through to the current model they all look pretty modern, so I could choose whatever suited my budget. This was the next problem, finance. As I didn’t have a lot of disposable income, this was a real problem. Nowadays, running one car is bad enough, let alone running two!

    At this rate I wasn’t getting anywhere fast, I didn’t want old, couldn’t afford new and in between really didn’t have the wow factor. However, in 1998 along came the #Audi TT and I knew then that this was the car that I had been looking for all this time, although money was still a problem. Time to start saving…

    By November 2005, I had managed to save enough cash for a reasonable deposit, so I took the plunge and went to Perth Audi to spec up and order my TT Roadster in Silver metallic with grey Alcantara and leather seats, Bose sound system, Xenon lights and a CD multichanger. Not a great amount of extras, but it was all I needed to make the car a little bit more individual. As I didn’t need a ‘racing car’, I opted for the basic 163 PS 1.8 turbo with front-wheel drive, as it would be plenty fast enough for me.

    I took delivery on March 1, 2006 and ever since then I have loved driving this car and have only ever had a couple of minor problems. A coil pack failed, just prior to a recall for coil packs, but this wasn’t a great problem, as a phone call to the AA soon sorted it out at the roadside. Then the ESP warning light came on, which turned out to be due to a faulty brake pressure sender and my local Audi dealership sorted that one out too.
    These are the only problems I have had in nine years, although the car has only done 20,873 miles in all that time. All servicing and MoTs have been done by Glasgow Audi who have been superb, and I have a complete dealership service record and receipts for all the work that has been done.

    I manage about 30 mpg, the cost of insurance for this year is £249.00 and road tax for 2013-14 was £260.00. The road tax is a bit steep as it is a Band J, i.e.197 g/km, but as the car was SORN from October last year I got a refund of £110.41 from the DVLA. Since owning the car it has been declared SORN and kept under a car cover in my garage during the period from October to March, and it has only ever been out in the rain when I get caught while on a run and it is never taken out in snow or icy conditions.

    The only ‘modification’ was the recent purchase of a set of genuine Audi / #BBS 18-inch split-rim alloy wheels. These were available as options at the time of purchase, but I couldn’t afford them at the time and had to make do with the original 16-inch wheels.

    All in all, I am delighted with this car – I enjoy every mile I drive it, especially since it only gets taken out on sunny days, when the roof is always down. On rainy days I use my other car, a Series 2 TT Coupé. But that’s another story!

    ‘All in all, I am delighted with this car – I enjoy every mile I drive it...’
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    Chris Low-Foon, Croydon #2000 #Audi-TT-Roadster #Audi-TT-8N #Audi-TT-Quattro

    I originally purchased my #Audi-TT-Roadster-8N in November 2012. Typically, at that time, it wasn’t the sort of car I was intending to buy. However, there was something about this one that caught my attention.

    The colour (Nimbus grey) was something I never knew the Series 1 #Audi-TT (Audi TT 8N )came in and instantly fell in love with the uniqueness and rarity of it. The colour pretty much sold me and I only had a quick look around before immediately making the decision to buy it. I already had my mind set on how I wanted it to look, and what needed to be done to it to stand out from the rest, as I’ve done with all the cars I have previously owned. Being the 180 bhp version, it came with the singletailpipe exhaust and I immediately knew I wanted the dual exit type, so not long after completing the purchase I had a cat-back Milltek exhaust system installed by AmD Essex, with twin tailpipes of course.

    The karma of buying a car too quickly bit me back, as I soon noticed to my despair that the turbo had become increasingly smokey. I weighed up the costs of putting a like-for-like back on, or upgrading it, and eventually made the decision to upgrade to a K03 Hybrid built by Beach Buggy Turbos, consisting of a K04 turbine, billet K03S compressor and an uprated 15 psi actuator.

    From this exact point onwards, the modification bug bit me and money started flowing into the car. A set of 225 injectors were ultrasonically cleaned and flow-tested, along with a 225 MAF sensor, Creation Motorsports TIP, Toyosports FMIC and a Forge 007p diverter valve which nicely accompanied the turbo. The car was last dyno’d at Garage Streamline at 269 bhp.

    From there, one thing led to another and I ended up back at AmD Essex again for the installation of a set of AP coilovers and the 18-inch Mercedes Eltanin alloy wheels. This car attends a number of car shows and events around the country, and it won Car of the Month in March 2013 at PREPT which is a monthly gathering at Brands Hatch.

    At the end of May 2014 we took the car for a 2500-mile road trip through Germany to Worthersee in Austria, stopping at various museums and attractions along the way including the famous Nurburgring. I am extremely pleased to say the TT performed amazingly without a fault and was such a pleasure to drive!

    Brief specification
    #Audi TT (180) quattro
    • Nimbus grey, 73,000 miles
    • AUQ 1.8T (Originally 180 PS, now 269 bhp)
    • K03 hybrid comprising K04 turbine, billet
    • K03S compressor with an uprated 15 psi actuator
    • Relentless 3-inch downpipe
    • Milltek Sport resonated twin-tailpipe exhaust
    • Interchangable decat (bolt-on sports cat, never used)
    • N75 Race valve
    • N249 Delete
    #Forge 007p dump valve
    • Creation Motorsports turbo intake pipe
    • 225 MAF sensor
    • 225 injectors, ultrasonically cleaned and flow-tested
    #NGK spark plugs BKR7E
    • Drilled airbox
    • Revo panel filter
    Suspension and wheels:
    • AP coilovers
    • Adjustable tie bars
    • Fully polybushed front wishbones
    • Polybushed dogbone mount
    • Mercedes Eltanin 18-inch alloy wheels, with Bridgestone Potenza tyres
    Other upgrades:
    6000k HID Xenon headlights
    Recent servicing
    New CV boots, top mounts, ball joints, new brake pads and discs all round, air-con recharged and diff oil serviced.
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    Came, saw, conquered – Driving the all new #2015 #Audi-TT-Roadster . #Audi-TT-8S

    Topless driving in Majorca. Came, saw, and conquered new model Susanne Roeder drives the new TT Roadster... “ The TT Roadster is a car for the senses. Its strictly geometric design is pure and attractive.” Audi TT expert Christoph Lungwitz.

    Half a million TTs have been sold since its introduction in 1999 and a quarter of these have been soft tops, not a huge number in global terms. Given the car’s iconic design status and the configuration and trim options being offered in this brand-new model, this is all good news for anyone looking to make an individual statement with their choice of car.

    Since its first sketchings at the beginning of the 90’s, the heyday of the ragtop, the TT has always been quite definitely a roadster by nature. Although it was originally conceived as a roadster, the first TTs off the board were coupés because, it is said, patriarch Ferdinand Piëch disliked cabriolets. The Roadster finally premiered two years later to immediate acclaim and the new model represents the third generation.

    The Roadster, like the Coupé, has grown up over the years, from a cuddly round-edged cube into a finely chiseled, sharp-handling road rocket with a choice of punchy engines that make it tremendous fun to drive. “The TT Roadster is a car for the senses. Its strictly geometric design is pure and attractive,” says Audi TT expert Christoph Lungwitz. This third generation TT Roadster, follows the coupé introduced last year – and what a beauty it is…

    Having endured sharp winter gales, rain, sleet, and snow in mainland Europe, we were impatiently looking forward to the spring and the chance to cruise around under a clear sky, the perfect time for the new Roadster. This is why Audi organised its launch in Palma, Majorca, where it tends to be considerably warmer. Not this time: early February brought snow in the mountains which made the 2.0 TFSI we were driving at the time go adrift on its summer tyres. But what unexpected fun that turned out to be…

    Like the 2015 #Audi TT Coupé, it comes with 2.0-litre four-cylinder powertrains; two petrol engines and one diesel ranging from 184 PS (135 kW) to 310 PS (228 kW). All in all, there are eight different power and drive variations. The 2.0 TDI is the ‘ultra’ model, indicating that it is the most fuel-efficient. Compared to the second generation, it offers a 14 per cent increase in power while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption by as much as 15 per cent (Euro 6 level). Another benchmark that must be mentioned is the Roadster’s kerb weight of just 2,910 lb. (1,320 kg), which makes it lighter than any competing vehicle and which contributes greatly towards agility, speed and overall efficiency.

    The top model is the TTS, a beast with 310 PS, and it comes with quattro all-wheel drive as standard. Incidentally, in all quattro models, the electro-hydraulic multi-plate Haldex coupling will distribute, depending on the demands of driver and conditions, up to 50 per cent of the drive torque to the rear wheels. This should satisfy the most spirited of sporty drivers.

    ‘Sharp’ best sums up the TT Roadster’s looks and performance. Precise and as quick-as-lightning, the new electronic stability control (ESC) gives each individual wheel its selective momentum. On lowfriction surfaces, precisely what we had during our little spree through the winding mountains (believe it or not – it was snowing incessantly in Majorca!), the quattro drive system, together with the ESC, transformed our spins into safe drifts. The next day, the route through the mountains was closed…

    ‘ The top model is the TTS, a beast with 310 PS, and it comes with quattro all-wheel drive as standard...’

    For the first time, Audi has integrated management of the quattro coupling with the drive select system, which comes as standard in the TTS Coupé and Roadster. The software, developed specifically for the TT and TTS, has already proven a worthwhile investment in the Coupé. What is more, the unit’s weight has been reduced by 3.3 lb due to the elimination of the pressure accumulator.

    Depending on which driving mode you are in, the system responds with an invisible hand. Whether you’re the committed enthusiast with a passion for sporty driving or the less experienced driver, it is reassuring to have this guiding hand on board controlling the function of the accelerator and steering assistance.

    The 25 kg shed in the third-generation TTS maximises both speed and agility. S tronic is available as an option in the two TFSI units, and even an experienced driver cannot outperform the lightning-quick gear shifting that the dual-clutch transmission achieves without any noticeable interruption in traction. What’s more, in the Efficiency mode, the S tronic coasts when the driver take his foot off the accelerator, further reducing fuel consumption.

    Most people buy convertibles for that air of romance and thrilling adventure that only an open-top car promises. Whether driving past, fast or slow, or simply parked up – the new TT Roadster has this in spades... The weather in countries like Britain and Germany demands that you need to be ready (and quick!) with your umbrella. And here the Roadster scores with an automatic soft top that can be opened in as little as 10 seconds. That’s not bad, and you don’t even have to come to a stop! The system can be activated at the touch of a button up to speeds of 31.1 mph (50 kph). These figures for opening and closing the soft top set benchmarks that other manufacturers will find hard to match.
    ‘ The Roadster scores with an automatic soft top that can be opened in as little as 10 seconds...’

    The soft top forms a Z shape as it folds together into a flat package, lying in its aluminium compartment, where it does not reduce the available volume of the luggage area. Graphics shown on the Audi Virtual Cockpit illustrate the procedure. Audi emphatically calls it an ‘acoustic soft top’ drawing attention to its very good acoustic insulation with a fleece layer. It sits low over the sheet metal body and remains taut even at high speeds. When the car is stationary, drivers can open and close the hood with the remote control key, as long as they are not standing more than four metres (13.1 ft) from the car. Practical features like these, along with a sensible 280-litre boot capacity, enough for two adults, may sway those torn between the Roadster and the Coupé.

    Adding another €450 for the electric wind deflector is advisable, as it improves the driving experience. And this is a car you will want to drive in any weather with the top down , even in rain and snow. Those who love driving al fresco whenever they can, should opt for the S sport seats fitted with the Audi neck and head heating system. If you opt for the Bang & Olufsen Sound System with its 12 speakers, you will be convinced by its excellent sound quality.

    As for being on your smartphone, the clever idea of a seat belt microphone provides for good audio quality even with the top down. The digitisation in the latest TT family is a masterpiece and we hardly noticed the absence of the usual dash. The Virtual Cockpit is so precise and easy to handle that one quickly takes it for granted. As much as we yearn for the sunshine, too much at the wrong angle can be downright annoying. It is hard enough to read a conventional instrument display in these conditions so Audi’s Virtual Cockpit presented the designers with a special challenge. The light output of the versatile monitor had to be controlled in a way that would allow the three modes displaying different information to be read clearly in any circumstance. So the digital instrument cluster in the new TT Roadster shines with a maximum luminous intensity of 800 candelas, twice as much as previously known in the automotive industry, and this solves the problem.

    Reflections posed another challenge. These were eliminated by Audi tilting the upper edge of the virtual cockpit towards the driver. In fact, the Virtual Cockpit and MMI give the whole interior a driver focus and the whole in-car experience is better for it. The 12.3-inch TFT monitor presents all information in the form of pin-sharp, highcontrast 3D graphics. Moreover, the driver can easily switch between various levels. In short: the Virtual Cockpit and the MMI terminal on the centre tunnel console are involving, easy to operate, very precise and fun to use.

    Some would say the TT Roadster is not an everyday car. Well, it very much depends on what kind of a driver you are. In my view, this car works wonderfully for singles or couples all the year round. If you are in the habit of going to IKEA, or carrying bulky objects, you would use your other car. But the boot of the two-seater easily allows for a holiday for two.

    Prices start at €37,900 (approx. £28,200) for the 2.0 TFSI, while the 2.0 TDI base price is €38,700 (approx. £28,800). The TTS obviously comes in considerably higher, at €52,300 (approx. £38,900). The new TT Roadster will be in the showrooms in Germany from the end of March and a fortnight later in the UK.

    Interestingly, in Britain, with its opentop tradition, 20 per cent of #Audi-TT buyers opt for the Roadster, while fully 30 per cent go for it in Germany. At any rate, in an increasingly homogenised world of car design, the TT Roadster stands out as a timeless classic and, especially in its latest offering, proves that a car can still appeal to the senses, the emotions and the spirit.

    Tap below to see a clip of the new TT Roadster in action.
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