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    Back in #2002 the #V8 twin-turbo all-wheel drive Audi RS6 Avant was the world’s fastest estate. With 450bhp it outgunned both the contemporary BMW M5 E39 and Mercedes-Benz E55 W210; and until AMG upped its horsepower game, this was the undisputed king of the supercar load-luggers.

    Priced then at £66,675 it was limited to 155mph, but with a 0-60mph time of 4.5 seconds it could out-drag a Ferrari 360 and Porsche Carrera C4. If you bypassed the limiter, it could hit an astonishing 190mph. Between April and September 2004 Audi built a limited edition of 999 run-out C5 models known as the Plus, each with a numbered plaque on the transmission tunnel. The #Cosworth-tweaked 4.2 V8 cranked out 473bhp with a new ECU and it had sports suspension, pressure optimised exhaust (for more noise), quicker steering rack, 19-inch six-spoke alloys and a black body ‘Optic Pack’. Only 70 UK Plus versions were delivered so these are the rarest C5 RS6 Avants of all – and they’re limited to 175mph.

    While ‘normal’ 2002 to 2004 RS6 Avants can be bought for £10-£15k, a genuine factory Plus is worth an easy £20,000.

    A private Yorkshireman has just sold a lovely 2004 in black with 48,000 miles and eight stamps in the book for a very low £13,995 and I’m thinking he can’t have known what he was selling. Prices and desirability have stayed very strong and as far back as 2014 Historics managed to secure £14k for a silver 86,000- miler – which shows just how cheap that Yorkshire car was.

    As one of the rarest and most collectible Audis it’s worth checking all ads for #2004 RS6 Avants and looking for the distinctive black exhausts and roof rails just in case another bargain Plus slips through your fingers. All RS6s need converting to coil-over suspension because the original factory-specified gas shocks don’t last long and the five-speed #Tiptronic-ZF gearbox regularly fails too. #ZF said it needed regular oil and filter changes but Audi told owners it was sealed for life. Bills for gearbox oil changes are a good sign but if not, check the box works properly when it’s fully hot because torque converter issues and sludgedup valve bodies are common.

    Find a cherished RS6 or RS6 Plus Avant and you’ll own a classic Audi legend that can only grow in both value and stature.

    COST NEW £66.7K 2002 UK

    VALUE NOW £15K 2018 UK
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    Stunning C5 is packing 573ps, 881Nm C5 perfection. Absolute Perfection. Not much can beat the appeal of a really well done C5 RS6 and this 573ps beast has to be one of the finest examples in the world…

    Reputations mean everything. In this day and age of social media, if something isn’t right, then someone will quickly post an online review or comment to tell the world exactly what they think. This poses something of a quandary. On the one hand, an honest review can help – after all, who wants to buy something that’s likely to break? On the other, just because an individual has had a bad experience doesn’t mean you should run for the hills.

    The C5 RS6 is a classic example of this interweb hysteria. Yes, the big, biturbo avant can be devilishly expensive to put right if it breaks. The weak points – the DRC suspension, gearbox, intercoolers – are all well documented. Make no mistake, if you buy a poor one, you will face some big bills. But there’s more to the C5 RS6 than a list of known faults.

    You don’t buy a C5 if you’re after something sensible and cheap to service and maintain; if that’s what you’re after, buy a new A6 TDI. People buy C5 RS6s with their hearts.

    The combination of V8 twin-turbo performance and that iconic wide-shouldered style, means it’s still one of the best looking and most desirable RSs ever made. Add to this the fact that they can be tuned to over 600bhp, and are available in both saloon and avant form, and it’s clear to see why they are still so well loved.

    Darren Burt, owner of this immaculate C5, has always loved Audis. We displayed it on our stand at this year’s AITP, which is where we caught up with him to find out more.

    “Me and my pals used to walk past a brand new Noggy-blue RS2 on the way to school, so I’ve always likes avants; especially the C5 RS6,” he smiles. Having run a D2 4.2 A8, he really wanted an RS6 and often looked at them in the classifieds.

    “I left it for a while, then had a quick squiz one day and spotted this one for sale in London,” he recalls. “I was working offshore, so I thought, I’ll leave it to fate – if it’s still for sale when I get back, then it’s meant to be and I’ll buy it.” Then, barely 24 hours into his trip, he flew down to London and did the deal on the tidy C5.

    Previously owned by a guy on the AudiSRS forum, it had been well looked after. “It was lowered, remapped and had some MTM Bimoto wheels,” says Darren. “It was in decent condition with 80k miles; it had a few knocks on the paint and a chip on the windscreen, but I loved it; this was my dream car,” he smiles.

    However, his fun was short lived. A spirited 165mph run was caught short when an errant hare ran into his path, destroying the front bumper.

    “While the bumper was replaced, I decided to get a full respray as I wasn’t happy with the rest of the paintwork,” says Darren. This is where things began to get expensive.

    “The parts bill was over five pages long,” he laughs, “every time the bodyshop removed a grille or piece of trim, a clip or bracket would snap.” Fortunately everything was readily available, but came with the usual high dealer prices. So many parts have been replaced on this 2003 car, that much of it really is like new. The door trims, alloy boot lid trim, plus numerous clips and fittings are all factory fresh.

    When it came to the paint, it could only be Daytona Grey. This original hue suits the C5 to a tee and the full, glass-out respray looks fantastic.

    The optics, including window and grille surrounds, plus roof rails have also been painted. “They’d been wrapped by the previous owner, but they didn’t look right, so I had them done in gloss black,” says Darren. “I didn’t do them in matt like an RS6 Plus, as I wasn’t trying to make this look like a Plus,” he adds. The final touch was having the mirrors done in Daytona grey. This RS may be over 12 years old now, but it looks like it just rolled out of Ingolstadt.

    With a fresh paint job, Darren has been very particular about how it’s maintained. His missus, Mandy, explains, “We were out for dinner and Darren noticed a bird had poo’d on his car, so he drove home to clean it, leaving me in the restaurant!” To be fair it’d only just come out of the paintshop and home was only around the corner, but it goes to show the care he’s taken with this RS6. Unfortunately, the bird-poo incident was about to get a whole lot worse.

    “The gearbox decided to let go on the way back to the restaurant.” laughs Darren. Not one to mess around, he sent the C5 over to respected Audi tuners, #Unit20 , to have a reconditioned box with uprated torque converter fitted.
    Of course, he couldn’t leave it at that. “While it was in, I decided to get some #TTE650-hybrid-turbos fitted, together with Milltek race downpipes,” he smiles. “I also had some #Wagner-intercoolers ready to go on, so they were fitted too.”

    With a freshly uprated engine and a stronger gearbox ready to take some punishment, the RS was then shipped off to MRC Tuning for a pair of ITG filters and its custom map. Here it made 573ps with a corresponding 881Nm of torque.

    So, how did this compare to the previous spec? “90 to 190mph is ferocious,” says Darren. “I had 196mph out of it before the TTE turbos were fitted and it’s geared for over 200mph – I’m just waiting for a dry day to really test it!” he laughs. In a world where every other Audi we see appears to have airride, it makes a refreshing change to see something dropped very low on a static set-up. But this is no ordinary kit.

    Put together by Simon Sweetland from Still Static, this bespoke system has been designed to get the RS6 as low as possible, without ruining the handling. “It annoys me when people say ‘that must drive really badly; it’s too low’” says Darren. “They don’t know what they’re talking about. Everything has been custom modified for the C5 by AH Flachwerk.” The H&R race ultralow coilovers have been re-valved, with shortened damper bodies. With Hotchkiss anti-roll bars, and a full geometry set-up, the suspension is both low and compliant. There’s a lot more to this bespoke kit than a set of off the- shelf coilovers wound down as far as they’ll go.

    The set-up allows Darren to drop the car hard over the beefy set of 10x20in alloys, which came off a Q7. These OEM wheels really do look the part with polished lips and ceramic coated centres. Look behind the fronts and you’ll find a set of Brembo calipers gripping 380mm discs, which were kindly donated by a Lamborghini Gallardo. The C5 is no lightweight and with 190+mph on tap, it needs good stoppers.

    Pop your head inside and you’ll find a typical RS6 leather interior. But look more closely and you’ll notice it looks brand new. The leather was removed, stripped back, re-dyed and treated before being re-fitted for that factory-fresh look. “I’ve got a set of Recaro CSs to go in it,” says Darren, “but I’m still not happy with the retrim on them; they’ve been done three times now,” he grimaces. But, aside from the Recaro issues, the RS6 was looking truly awesome and ready for its first show.

    Then, just weeks before Audis in the Park, disaster struck. “I’d been sanding the headlights and on the way home noticed a rubber smell,” says Darren. Thinking he’d run over a plastic bag, he continued. “When I got home I could really smell burning and see smoke, so I opened the bonnet and the engine was on fire!” he exclaims. “I ran inside, got an extinguisher and managed to put it out very quickly.” A roll of tape had been left in the bay and the V8 had cooked it, along with part of his engine. Fortunately, the damage was relatively limited – the radiator overflow pipe had melted, some of the loom, and one of the coils.

    The car was rushed down to MRC Tuning to have it all fixed ready for AITP. While it was in, Darren had all the coils replaced, together with the cam belt, water pump, vacuum pipes and alternator. It was finished, ready for the show, where it took pride of place on the AudiTuner stand.

    “This is my first show in two years,” says Darren, “I just want to drive it and enjoy it now.” With plans for uprated manifolds to maybe unleash a bit more power, there’s plenty more to come for this stunning RS6. It really is a credit to Darren and the companies involved in tuning and maintaining it. The fact he drives it properly is just the icing on the cake.

    SPECIFICATION #2003 #Audi-RS6-C5 / #Audi-A6-C5 / #Audi-A6 / #Audi-RS6 / #Audi-RS6-Avant / #Audi-RS6-Avant-C5

    ENGINE 4.2 FSI biturbo V8, #TTE650 custom hybrid turbos, #Milltek race downpipes with 100cell cats, full #Milltek exhaust system, #Wagner intercoolers and shrouds, #ITG air filters, MRC Tuning custom ECU map

    POWER 573ps and 881Nm

    TRANSMISSION Unit 20-supplied recon gearbox with uprated torque converter and gearbox map

    BRAKES Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggara #Brembo upgrade with 380mm front discs, #Ferodo race pads

    SUSPENSION #AH-Flachwerk modified #H&R race ultralow coilovers from Still Static , #Hotchkiss anti-roll bars, 034 diff mount

    WHEELS AND TYRES #Audi Q7 10x20in Speedlines with ceramic polished centres and hand polished lips with silver powder coated barrels, Michelin Pilot Supersport 245/30x20s, H&R adaptors

    EXTERIOR Full windows-out respray in factory Daytona Grey pearl, all exterior trim (windows, grille surrounds, rear plinth, roof rails) painted gloss black, mirrors colour coded Daytona Grey

    INTERIOR Factory Euro Recaro interior fully re-Connolised in original silver, full Audi S6/RS6 plus blue flash carbon interior pack, highly polished and re-fitted

    TUNING CONTACTS Grizz and the crew at Unit 20, Doug and the crew at #MRC-Tuning , Simon at TTE, Del at Optimus Trimmers, Dave at Prestige Leather, Colin at Performance Bodyshop, Si Sweetland at Still static, Mike the polisher and Stevie Bryce

    “This is my first show in two years, I just want to drive it and enjoy it now”

    Top: Darren is happy, but there’s more to come.

    “90 to 190mph is ferocious... I had 196mph out of it before the TTE turbos...”

    Left: Milltek pipe, polished of course Below: Interior is mint Right: The V8 powerhouse.

    Left: Rear ends don’t get much better Above: Twin TTE 650 turbos are inside Below: Static drop is impeccable.

    “The parts bill was over five pages long”
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    Car #2015 ROAD TEST #Audi #MTM #RS6 R

    211MPH #Audi-RS6-R We drive MTM’s beast. Our European contributor puts the mighty, 211mph MTM RS6 R through its paces on the road…

    It was a warm October morning on the banking at Nardo when we did our top speed tests on a bunch of tuner cars, but the atmosphere in the cabin of the #MTM-RS6-R was cool and comfortable as MTM’s boss, Roland Mayer, rocketed around the 12.5km long high-speed loop to stop the timing clocks at 205.1mph. MTM is no stranger to #Nardo . The 2007 winner of this top speed shootout event, they brought their RS6 R Avant this time, its twin-turbo V8 wound up from the stock 560 to a whopping 722bhp.

    Limited to 305km/h in stock form, this big wagon ran to 329.8 km/h (204.93mph) on day one, and 330.12km/h (205.1mph) on day two. Incidentally, the stock RS6 runs out of puff at 189.1mph.


    “The tuned twin-turbo V8 delivers real pin-you-to your-seat levels of thrust”

    All the tuners provided specifications and performance numbers for their cars, and one of the things we noted was how close the cars got to their claimed top speeds, despite tyre scrub on the banking. The banking at Nardo is designed so that there is no lateral force up to 240km/h. However, over that speed, the onset of lateral g-force adds to the stress on the suspension, wheels and tyres.

    On a car capable of 300km/h, you can normally factor in around 10km/h for tyre scrub. As the participants had all established their top speed claims based on runs on a flat autobahn, the fact that many of the cars came very close to their published top speeds on the banking was all the more creditable and highly impressive.

    If you give a big, heavy car like the MTM RS6 R enough power and torque, as long as it has tall enough gearing and a decent drag coefficient, a high top speed is a given. On a flat stretch of autobahn, the MTM RS6 R has been clocked at 340km/h or 211.26mph, which makes it faster than the #Ferrari-458-Italia , #Lamborghini-Huracán , #McLaren 650S and #Porsche Turbo S!

    As impressive a performance as this is, it is actually the raw acceleration of the MTM car that is so remarkable considering that it weights between 400 and 600kg more than the above mentioned supercars.

    Thus, while its top speed number was already something to write home about, our collective eyebrows went up even further when we did the acceleration tests. Against the stopwatch, quattro 4WD and the massive slug of turbocharged torque help the MTM wagon to grab the tarmac with all fours, devouring the 0-100km/h (0-62mph) sprint in a sensational 3.38sec.

    Fully hooked up out of the starting blocks, it passes 200km/h (124mph) in just 10.98sec, rocketing on to 250km/h (155mph) in 18.72sec. To put that in perspective, it was not that long ago when a car was considered quick if it could get to 160km/h (100mph) in less than 20 seconds.

    Being an empirical event where raw numbers count more than anything else, the Nardo top speed shootout was a surreal abstraction from what most enthusiasts would consider owning such a car is about. Thus, my second meeting with the MTM RS6 R on its home ground in Germany a month later for a road drive in everyday conditions was the flipside of the coin. After all, if a car goes really fast on a test track but is a complete misery to drive in normal traffic, then the whole point of tuning it has been missed.

    The fact that the current #Audi-A6-C7 iteration of the #RS6-C7 is issued only in #Avant form, speaks volumes for how Audi and its clientele view the original RS6 concept of a big load-lugger with supercar performance. To purists, the Avant is the defining version of the RS6 formula, and the saloon version of the previous #Audi-A6-#C6 generation was an aberration and a short-lived departure from the path of righteousness.

    Thanks to its classic Ur-quattro inspired arch flares, the current #Audi-RS6-Avant looks muscular out of the box. MTM underline this tough image by filling the big wheel arches to the brim with their 10x21-inch Bimoto style alloys. Wrapped in sticky 295/30ZR21 #Michelin Pilot Supersport rubber, these forged wheels are much lighter than the optional 21-inch cast alloy factory wheels. This is strange, as the factory stock RS6 comes on 20-inch lightweight forged wheels.

    The nine spokes of these big wheels allow plenty of air to circulate around the huge MTM/Brembo brake kit that replaces the factory stoppers on the front axle. Measuring 405x36mm, these massive front discs, clamped by six-pot calipers, are the biggest anchors MTM have in their inventory, and are required to rein in the big horses under the bonnet, which easily overpower the stock 390mm brakes. The factory option of 420mm ceramic brakes is even more expensive, albeit lighter.

    The key to this engine’s inherent alacrity is a configuration that places the exhaust manifold and turbos in the Vee between the cylinder banks. This makes the exhaust path as short as it can possibly be, eliminating pumping losses and maintaining full boost pressure in the system.

    Apart from improved throttle response, the other main advantage of this design is a significantly smaller and lighter engine package compared to one with the exhausts and turbochargers on the outside. This EA824 V8 engine family motor uses a pair of IHI twin-scroll turbochargers running at a peak boost pressure of 2.3 bars. Maintaining full power in high ambient temperature conditions is another issue, and this is where the intercooling capacity and choice of materials come in. There are also numerous oil coolers for the engine and gearbox to keep heat in check in there too. Handy, considering the power it makes. Factory fresh, the RS6’s 4.0 TFSI bi-turbo engine makes 552bhp and 700Nm. As MTM’s target of over 720bhp and 900Nm of torque was quite clearly outside the realms of an ECU remap, the two turbochargers were internally modified with new impeller wheels and larger scrolls carefully designed to flow more air at the top end without sacrificing the low speed response.

    The standard intake was adequate for inhaling the copious amount of ram air required by the tuned engine. But at the other end of the motor, a completely new turbo-back stainless steel exhaust system with larger diameter tubing and 200-cell free-flow metal catalytic convertors, had to be designed and built to help reduce backpressure and expel all the burnt gases more quickly.

    Containing throttle valves, the new system ends with twin-pipes on each side, and its lower back-pressure has the added advantage of reducing the thermal load on the engine, all else being equal. Of course all else is not equal, and the significantly greater power and torque outputs can only be achieved by putting a lot more air and fuel through the engine. That means a lot more heat is generated and MTM thus augments the standard water and oil coolers with extra units of their own.

    The final part of the equation is the MTM M-Cantronic ECU, which remaps the fuel, ignition, valve timing and boost curves to make full use of the uprated mechanicals. When all is said and done, the output of the twin-turbo V8 shoots up to 722bhp at 5,950rpm, underpinned with 915Nm of torque from 1,700 to 5,500rpm. Another Cantronic ECU module improves the speed and response of the gearbox software, which works in a closed loop with the engine ECU and other sensors.

    Around town, the progressive throttle response will meter out the power just like the bog standard car, but when you need to overtake a line of cars on a country road or join the motorway from a slip road, then the MTM modified twin-turbo V8 will deliver real pin-you-to-your-seat levels of thrust. As the deep V8 bellow reaches our ears and tickles your enthusiast senses, the eight-speed automatic seamlessly swaps ratios in the background, giving the impression of one long, solid blast of acceleration. It is an addictive feeling, bolstered by the fact that the quattro AWD enables you to make full use of the massive power and torque all of the time sans the wheel spinning histrionics of rear-wheel drivers of similar power.

    Across two generations, starting in 2002 and 2008 respectively, the #Audi-RS6-Avant carved out a legend for itself that has assured its place in performance car annuls. The formula of roomy estate car with a massively powerful engine, permanent four-wheel drive and unimpeachable build quality is appealing on many levels. It is thus amazing that rival companies have taken over a decade to wake up and smell the roses.

    The MTM RS6 R takes this redoubtable formula not just to the next level, but more likely two levels up. The fact that it has the sheer straight-line performance to not just beat, but actually annihilate most of the junior league supercars from rest to beyond their top speeds is the icing on an already very rich cake.


    MTM #Audi-A6 RS6 R

    4.0 TFSI twin-turbo V8, MTM M-Cantronic ECU, full MTM exhaust system including downpipes with 200 cell sports cats, and throttle valves, internally modified turbos with uprated impeller wheels and larger scrolls, additional water and oil coolers, carbon engine cover.

    Power - 722bhp (claimed)
    Torque - 915Nm (claimed)

    0-62mph - 3.38sec (claimed)
    Top speed - 211.26mph (claimed)

    V-Cantronic gearbox software upgrade for faster shifts of the 8-speed Tiptronic gearbox.

    MTM / #Brembo 405mm discs with 6-pot calipers.

    MTM F-Cantronic (Gen 2) for air suspension, which lowers up to 25mm.

    Wheels & Tyres:
    10x21-inch #Bimoto alloys with 295/30ZR21 Michelin Pilot Supersport tyres.

    MTM mats and various logos

    MTM mirror caps and R badges front and rear, carbon diffuser, Nardo graphics
    Tuning contacts - MTM www. mtm. Com QS Tuning (UK) www. qstuning. Com


    The #Audi-C7-RS6 is a mighty car straight out of the factory, but with some relatively simple tuning it can be transformed into an absolute missile! To put its performance into perspective, here are some supercars that would all be left wanting in a top speed shootout against the 400-600kg heavier, 211mph #MTM-RS6-R

    Car #Lamborghini #Huracan – 202mph
    Car #Ferrari-458-Italia – 202mph
    Car #Porsche-991-Turbo-S-991 – 198mph
    Car #McLaren-650S – 207mph
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