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    February #2006 / #BMW / #AC-Schnitzer-Tension / #AC-Schnitzer / #AC-Schnitzer-Tension-Concept / #BMW-E63 / #BMW-6-Series / #AC-Schnitzer-Tension-E63

    Plenty of #BMW-M-Power cars to drool over in this issue, and the one that there really was no escaping from was the #AC-Schnitzer-Tension , an orange and black missile that graced our cover. Like most of the company’s wilder creations this was a show car designed to grab headlines but it also made very effective use of its technology and was used by #Schnitzer for a high speed run from the top of Germany to the bottom – 1067km at an average speed of 204km/h (126mph) – impressive given the drivers adhered to all speed limits on non-derestricted sections of motorway. It also clocked a mightily impressive 331.78km/h (a smidgen over 206mph) at the Nardo test track in Italy!

    If tuned V10s were your bag then you’d also have been interested in DMS’s tweaked E60 M5 that hooligan Holtam put through its paces at Bruntingthorpe’s test track. It cracked 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds, hit 100mph from a standstill in 9.89 seconds and hit a GPS verified 180+mph before it ran out of runway. Given a longer stretch of Tarmac we reckoned it should easily crack the 200mph barrier.
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