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    When we sold the house that put the money in the bank that allowed us to buy the 993, everyone thought we were nuts. I’ll admit that looking at the estate agent’s pictures had me wondering what we were doing, but I’ve honestly no regrets on the move, particularly as it allowed me four years of 993 ownership.

    Kyle Fortune
    Warwickshire, UK
    Model: #Porsche-911-Carrera-2-993 / #Porsche-911-Carrera-2 / #Porsche-911-Carrera / #Porsche-911-Carrera-993 / #Porsche-911-993 / #Porsche-911 / #Porsche-993 / #Porsche / #1994-Porsche-911-Carrera-2-993
    Year #1994
    Acquired December 2014

    I seem to be having much the same discussions around the 993, with everyone saying I’m mad to sell it. For us it’s the right time to do so. There was a bit of a wobble when I popped into Sports Purpose and it was being detailed by Richard Tipper of Perfection Valet. Richard is a bit of a legend in our little car world, his clients trusting him with some of the most ridiculously exotic super, sports, road, race and rally cars.

    He’s detailed more £1m+ cars than imaginable, the word ‘Tippered’ entering many motoring enthusiasts’ lexicon to describe his work. To say it was transformational on the 993 is to do the job he did on it a disservice – it really did look like a new car. Inside and out, the 993 looks sensational, Tipper spending an entire day to get it looking so good.

    Now it’s looking perfect there are a couple of small jobs that need doing to have it completely ready for sale. The rear chassis legs are getting some attention as we speak, and a new set of discs are going on the front. Like the house we sold that allowed its purchase, the 993 will never have looked, or felt better when I eventually relinquish the keys to it. I even went through the service history and tidied it all up in date order in a new folder.

    All I can hope is that it goes to someone who’ll enjoy it as much as I have; it really is a lovely example. Yes, I know, I would say that, but then I do get to drive a lot of them. That’s partly why parting with it won’t be too heart-wrenching, as I’m lucky enough to drive all manner of 911s and write about them on these pages – as well as other cars elsewhere. With a new baby arriving in a few weeks I’ll be too exhausted to miss the 993. At least that’s what I keep telling myself while everyone else continues to say I’m mad…
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    Untold tales The time #Performance-Car upset Ferrari with a #smokin ' Ferrari-456GT Words John Barker

    / #Ferrari-456GT / #Ferrari-456 / #Ferrari / #1994 / #Performance-Car / #1994-Ferrari-456GT /

    I was delighted that we'd managed to bag a big beast to re-launch the Performance Car magazine road test.

    The handsome 456 would produce some arresting numbers at Millbrook and look great on the cover. Best of all, I'd broached the subject of tyre wear with Tony Willis, our contact at Maranello Concessionaires, and was delighted when he said that he was planning to replace the whole set when it came back from the loan anyhow. Very much game on, then.

    At the track we suckered our Datron Correvit test gear to the rump of the 456, wound up its 5.5-litre V12 and side-stepped the clutch. The results were impressive and right on the money: 0-60mph in 5.1sec (the factory claim was 0-100km/h or 62mph in 5.2) and 100mph in 11.2sec. We tried to verify the claimed 186.5mph (300km/h) top speed but on the banked Millbrook bowl (hands-off speed 100mph), the big Ferrari faltered at about 180mph, possibly due to fuel surge, so we didn't push our luck.

    No matter; we got a superb set of photos, including a lovely sequence of oversteer shots at my favourite corner on the B660. For the cover, art director Gill Lockhart and photographer Michael Bailie had come up with a plan that involved a cherry-picker and a standing start with plenty of tyre smoke. With Bailie and his camera poised high up behind the 456,

    I wound the V12 right up and let it go. It felt ludicrous, the rear tyres immediately letting go and only after a few moments finding traction and sending the Ferrari howling down the mile straight.

    'It looks great,' said Lockhart, 'but there's not enough smoke.' Hmm. I tried a different technique, which involved side-stepping the clutch and moving that.

    ‘The editor got a letter from Ferrari UK. The gist was that we’d abused the car and made it unsaleable’ foot immediately to the brake. It worked a treat, the front brakes stopping the car on the spot while the rear tyres spun.

    After about five seconds the car was engulfed. Job done. The rear Bridgestones were hot but remarkably unscathed. In fact, it was the track that had suffered; each tyre had dug a groove in the asphalt. Oops. We cleaned the car up and delivered it back, explaining to Mr Willis how well everything had gone.

    A few days after the magazine hit the newsstand, the editor got a letter A long and very detailed letter from someone else at Maranello, listing everything that was wrong with the car It started with the tyres and went on to catalogue everything we might possibly be culpable for, including minor paint defects, light scuffs on the leather and even a slight smell in the glovebox. (OK, I made up that last bit but you get the idea.) The gist was that we'd abused the car and, because people would know it from the article, made it virtually unsaleable. I thought we'd just shown what a brilliant car the 456 was, both dynamically and in performance. terms. Happily, Mr Willis agreed. A few months later, all was amicable again.

    Left and below In 1994, Performance-Car re-launched its road test with a cover story showing what was involved in obtaining a full set of performance figures. Staged pics of smoking 456 didn’t go down well with Ferrari
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    AUDI V8: For Audi to compete with flagship BMW and Mercedes-Benz models, it needed a V8-engined range-topper. The end result was the appropriately named #Audi #V8 , launched in 1988 and featuring an all-new 3.6-litre (later increased to a 4.2) powerplant. The newcomer’s styling was fairly predictable (resembling an enlarged Audi 100), but it was a technical masterpiece thanks to that super-smooth 32-valve DOHC V8, Quattro permanent all-wheel drive and on-board electronic trickery. The V8 lasted until #1994 (replaced by the new A8), and nowadays can be picked up in good order for just £2-3000.

    / #1988 / #Audi-V8-Quattro / #1991 / #Audi-V8 / #Quattro / #Audi-V8-Typ-4C / #Audi-V8-Typ-4C / #Audi-Typ-4C / #Audi-V8-Quattro-Typ-4C / #Audi-V8-Quattro-Typ-4C
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    V8 E36 6.2-litre LS3-powered Saloon. Subtle on the outside, brutal on the inside, this super-clean M3 packs a 500whp V8 punch. Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos: Jordan Unternaher

    STREET FIGHTER 6.2-litre #GM-LS3 / #V8-swapped / #BMW-E36 /

    It would seem that if you wish to insert a large, American V8 into a BMW then the E36 is the vehicle of choice. While BMW never put anything bigger than a straight-six into that capacious engine bay, Alpina squeezed eight cylinders under the bonnet for its B8 4.6 way back in #1994 , showing everyone that not only could it be done but that it was definitely a good idea.

    We must have featured more LS-swapped E36s than any other model of BMW that has undergone the heart transplant but we’re certainly not complaining. And how could you when you’re being stared down by an LS3 E36 M3 that’s as clean and downright sexy as Brian Cain’s example? The exterior exudes nothing but subtlety while the engine bay is clean enough to eat your dinner off. And the interior drives the point home that this E36 ain’t nothing to mess with…

    That Brian’s ended up with a hunk of American muscle in his E36’s engine bay is less of a surprise when you learn that his first car was a 1987 Pontiac Trans Am and that he currently owns no less than nine BMWs. This car is the perfect blend of home-grown V8 from his youth and the Bavarian marque that stole his heart ten years ago. “I was always fascinated by the engineering and the history of BMWs,” he tells us. “But I was never able to afford one while I was growing up. I love the history of automobiles and how they came to be. #BMW has always kept its roundel logo, the kidney grille design and the signature Hofmesiter kink on the rear quarter glass. Small details like that just speak to me.

    “My first BMW was actually this M3. As I was growing up, I remember the E36 M3 being released. It was such a great looking car. I had model cars of it and posters but I always thought it would be out of my reach. When I was finally able to afford one, I had to jump on it. I was searching for an E36 M3 Saloon. It had to be a Saloon. I wanted either Hell red or Dakar yellow and I found this red car in Las Vegas, about 2000 miles from where I live.” But when a car is good it’s worth travelling for, and this M3 was very good indeed. “It was a one-owner, low-mileage, flawless example,” Brian grins. “The next thing I knew, I’d booked a plane ticket and flew out to get the car. I drove it home over a three-day span, collecting a couple speeding tickets along the way!”

    Initially, the M3 served as Brian’s daily driver but, having grown up around hot rods, having owned a Trans Am, and having modified a selection of Hondas, the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place – although Brian never anticipated taking things quite this far. “I knew I was going to do coilovers, the exhaust, the wheels and other basic things,” Brian says. “And I drove the car as a daily driver for almost six years. It was always kept in amazing condition but after putting nearly 100k miles on it I wanted to redo it. I have always been into hot rods and V8 cars, so I knew I wanted to do an LS swap. This was still when LS swaps were relatively uncommon on these cars. I started to doing research on what I would need and how I would set everything up. I had a general plan on paper before I even started. I went to a local wrecking yard where I sourced an LS3 engine from a wrecked Corvette. I took it home and immediately stripped it back to a bare block.”

    Clearly the best time to add stuff that’s going to make even more power is while the engine is out of the car and no corners were cut when it came to slathering it in go-faster bits, as Brian explains: “Items I added included: Katech rod bolts; a high volume oil pump; CNC-ported heads; a custom grind cam; Comp push rods and rockers; LS7 lifters and seven-layer head gaskets; a ported intake manifold; a FAST 92mm throttle body and fuel rails; and 60lb injectors with Aeromotive Stealth fuel pump handle fuelling. The Vorshlag engine mounts are the only swapped parts used.

    Everything else was custom fabricated in-house at the shop Brian owns, MWorks Garage. The 4” intake was custom-made in-house and American Racing headers are mated to our custom dual three-inch exhaust. The cooling system utilises a Zionsville radiator with heat shrink hose clamps for a clean look and I made the entire engine harness from scratch; I wanted it clean looking to complement the shaved engine bay but still serviceable so the engine runs on a completely separate fuse box and control from the rest of the car. Everything under the hood is powdercoated by Killer Koatings in Covington, Kentucky. The transmission is a T56 from a 2002 Camaro SS which has been completely rebuilt as well. Pretty much anything you could do to strengthen the transmission has been done, and gears are changed through a custom MGW shifter. Mike at Proxses Tuning in Dayton, Ohio tuned the car and currently it produces 496whp and 477lb ft.” Brian says this with the sort of casual understatement you would not expect from someone with a V8-powered E36 putting out somewhere in the region of 550hp.

    Of course, putting together an engine that powerful is one thing but building a car that can handle it is another matter altogether, and no stone has been left unturned, no component left unmodified when it came to ensuring the chassis was up to the task. “The suspension has been completely overhauled,” says Brian, “with a combination of both stock and aftermarket parts.

    The coilovers are all completely custom and have been built using Ground Control custom valved double adjustable dampers and custom spring rate Eibach springs. We made the adjustable control arms in-house while camber is controlled through Vorshlag camber plates up front.” While the transmission had been suitably beefed-up to handle all that power and torque, Brian still had to ensure that it would actually reach the rear wheels without obliterating any components along the way, so the drivetrain has undergone some heavy modifications. Power is sent along a custom-made three-inch aluminium propshaft with 1350 U-joints to a Ford Mustang Cobra 8.8 IRS diff using a Detroit TrueTrac LSD with 4.10 gears and onto the wheels via DriveShaft Shop axles. “I went with the Ford differential after going through two 188mm BMW diffs and completely twisting up a subframe after the second differential broke apart,” says Brian.

    “Needless to say, it took some creative design, planning, and geometry to get everything working correctly together but it should be good for the 1000hp range.” This should provide ample future-proofing for whatever further mods Brian might have up his sleeve.

    With masses of power on tap, the importance of stopping cannot be overlooked and while this E36 hasn’t been fitted with a BBK, the brakes have been suitably uprated and are now more than up to the job. Brembo discs have been fitted along with Performance Friction pads and Bimmer World braided hoses. The ABS has been deleted and Brian has added a Tilton proportioning valve to adjust the brake bias.

    As far as the styling is concerned, Brian has opted to keep things subtle but, while at first glance this E36 might appear almost completely standard on the outside, there’s more going on here than meets the eye; there are lots of subtle modifications that are easy to miss. Up front, the foglights have been shaved to give the bumper a much cleaner, unique look and an AC Schnitzer front lip has been added to make the car look even lower. Euro headlights have been fitted and smoked indicators, markers and rear lights have been added. At the rear the boot spoiler has also been shaved.

    However, the most involved exterior modification, which also happens to be Brian’s favourite mod on the entire car, was a direct result of his wheel choice. “I have always been a fan of CCW wheels,” he says. “And I wanted a wheel that had my exact specifications and finish: 9x17” fronts and 10.5x17” rears. Killer Koatings of Covington, Kentucky did the powdercoating and I did this when black wheels were almost taboo, everyone was still running polished wheels. Now you see almost every company offering this look of gloss lips with matt faces. When we were fitting the wheels, we didn’t want excessive camber, so we cut the rear quarter panels under the rear bumper and pulled them out by almost an inch on each side. The result is factory-looking car (most people would never notice the wider rear arches) whilst still being able to fit an aggressive wheel with less than one degree of camber.” Once you know what he’s done here you know, but from anything other than the right viewing angle those pumped-up rear arches disappear completely, blending into that blindingly brilliant red bodywork. Even gazing down the car’s flanks you still need to know what you’re looking for to actually notice the subtle swelling.

    While the exterior is a picture of subtlety, the interior definitely means business and there are some choice mods in here. The original grey interior was swapped for an all-black one and Brian retrimmed the headlining and pillar panels in black suede. A pair of red and black Recaro Wildcat seats were added, along with red Scroth Racing harnesses, and there’s also a Nardi steering wheel and Euro M3 gauge cluster. The finishing touches are custom gear and handbrake gaiters made by Brian’s girlfriend Kaitlin, who runs StitchBoots and does custom automotive interior work.

    In case you couldn’t tell, we are big, big fans of Brian’s E36. The engine swap is awesome but it’s all the other performance upgrades that take this car to the next level. It’s the level of dedication that has been applied to every aspect of the build that makes it so special. A lot of work has been poured into this build and you can see it everywhere you look, it’s the sort of build you aspire to. There’s more to come, too, as Brian explains: “The car was recently sponsored by Vortech Superchargers who sent me a V3 setup. I hope to have it on soon, set in the 22-26lbs of boost range. It should make for a pretty wild ride.” Considering how wild this E36 already is, we can’t wait to see it.

    DATA FILE BMW #BMW-LS3 / #V8 / #BMW-E36 / #BMW-M3 / #BMW-M3-E36 / #BMW-M3-LS3-E36 / #BMW-M3-LS3 / #BMW-3-Series / #BMW-3-Series-E36 /

    ENGINE 6.2-litre V8 / #GM-LS3 / #Corvette-engine , #Katech rod bolts, Telling high volume oil pump, LS1 oil pan, LS1 accessory drive, SLP crank damper, CNC-ported heads, custom grind #Comp-Cams camshaft, Comp Cams pushrods, rockers and timing chain, #LS7 lifters, LS7 seven-layer head gaskets, #ARP head bolts, ported LS3 intake manifold, FAST 92mm throttle body, #FAST fuel rails, #DeatschWorks 60lb injectors, #Aeromotive-Stealth 340gph fuel pump, AN-6 fuel lines, Vorschlag engine mounts, MWorks Garage wiring harness, MWorks Garage throttle bracket, MWorks Garage full V-Band exhaust, American Racing Headers exhaust manifolds, Zionsvile radiator, #MWorks-Garage expansion tank, MWorks Garage four-inch intake

    TRANSMISSION 2002 #GM-Camaro-SS-T56 six-speed manual gearbox, #MGW shifter, steel shift forks, bronze shift pads, hardened steel bearing spacers and sleeves, #McLeod-RXT twin-disc clutch, Cincinnati Driveline propshaft, Ford 8.8 rear differential, Detroit TrueTrac LSD, 4.10 Ford Racing ring and pinion gear set

    CHASSIS 9x17” ET20 (front) and 10.5x17” ET20 (rear) #CCW-LM20 wheels with matt black centres and gloss black lips, 235/45 (front) and 255/40 (rear) Falken tyres, #Ground-Control double adjustable coilovers, #Eibach custom rate springs, Vorshlag camber plates, Ground Control rear upper shock mounts, MWorks Garage rear lower control arms, Treehouse Racing front LCA bushings, MWorks Garage LSx power steering setup, Tin Soldier Race Cars modified subframe, Performance Friction brake pads, #Brembo discs, Bimmer World braided brake hoses, ABS delete, Tilton proportioning valve, MWorks Garage ABS delete hardlines

    EXTERIOR Rear quarter panels widened one-inch, shaved front foglights, Shadowline grilles, Euro face-lift headlights, smoked corner lights, smoked side markers, smoked taillights, shaved rear spoiler, AC Schnitzer front lip, CQuartz Finest paint coating

    INTERIOR #Recaro-Wildcat seats, MWorks Garage seat brackets, #Nardi steering wheel, Euro M3 gauge cluster, Schroth Racing harnesses, #Bavarian-Sound-Werks speakers, suede headliner, A-, B-, C-pillars and rear deck, black interior conversion, #StitchBoots gear and handbrake gaiters

    THANKS I want to thank my parents first and foremost – they always told me to follow my dreams and supported me 100% in my decisions. Unfortunately, my mother passed away three months before we did this photoshoot. My girlfriend Kaitlin, owner at StitchBoots Automotive Interiors. She is with me every day at the shop, wanting to participate in all our projects. Eddie Wright and Greg Huber at Fast Eddies Auto Salon. Paul Montgomery at Eastside Auto Spa. Mike Pirnia at Proxses Tuning. Kenny Meade and Mike Karwath at Killer Coatings. Everyone at 1310 Motorsports
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    / #1994 / #BMW-E36 / #BMW-M3-3.0 / #BMW-M3-3.0-E36 / #BMW-M3-E36 / #BMW-M3 / #BMW /

    It’s getting harder to find decent E36 M3s but this one looked lovely. An unmolested 3.0 Coupé with just 76k miles and two former keepers. It looked good in Avus blue with a black leather interior and we reckon someone got a bit of a bargain when the hammer fell at £11,440 including premium.

    SOLD FOR: £11,440 / Classic Car Auctions (CCA), September sale
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    Brochure Down Under / #BMW / #BMW-E36

    I have been an avid reader of your magazine from day one, way back in mid- #1994 . Your article in Technical Tips (April 2016) rang alarm bells claiming that no literature was produced on the late model #BMW-318iS-E36 models. Please find attached scan images of the #BMW-318iS-Motorsport brochure that was available in New Zealand. Is it possible in the near future that we’ll have an update to the ‘But Is It Art?’ article in reference to us collectors whom collect BMW sales literature?
    • Wow, that’s great James, thanks for digging it out for us. ‘But is it Art?’ was way back in #1995 we believe – we could probably do another piece onWow, that’s great James, thanks for digging it out for us. ‘But is it Art?’ was way back in #1995 we believe – we could probably do another piece on the subject! Do we have any avid #BMW brochure collectors in the UK who would like their collection photographed?   More ...
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    / #1994 / #Audi-S2-Avant / #Audi-S2 / #Audi-80 / #Audi / #Audi-80-B4 / #Audi-Typ-8C / #Audi-S2-B4 / #Audi-8B / #Audi-S2-8B /

    When Ron Micklich's garage door opens in the Saxony town of Schonheide, the entire insect world in the Erzgebirge knows its helmets on, or better, keep to the self imposed curfew and well away. When we talk to Ron, we hear about a possible 800 + HP at 2.6 bar boost and 900NM of torque... no one knows this S2 Avant as good as Ron, who's been the owner of this Audi since 1999. Around 15,000€ switched wallets back then, a bargain if you compare this with current prices. In the past 17 years, there was no respite on the Audi and we all know a project is never really finished.

    The only thing that deserves to be labelled „Original" to the present day, is the paint job, which remains untreated apart from a few touch-ups. The engine alone enjoyed a bit of wellness each winter. Want examples? PKW deliverted shortened MAHLE forged Pistons to the Erzgebirge, reducing the displacement to 2205cc. Enlarged valves, specifically made long piston rods and a specially designed crankshaft, CNC machined combustion chambers, titanium valve spring retainers, conversion to a diesel block or the mechanical valve train are just a few excerpts from the 3 page long data sheet for the engine, where the main focus is certainly on the turbo, which was finely balanced after assembly. The Audi 90 IMSA GTO delivered the high-pressure compressor wheel and the Audi [S1 / Pikes Peak] a 29er compressor housing.

    This aggregate would barely be operable without any modem technology so Ron used a free programmable ECU by VEMS. Thus, Ron has two sets of data to play with on his drives: road and track, with the streets in the Erzgebirge all somehow reminiscent of the Sachsenring circuit.
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