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    David Lee is back with this famous Group B homologation car--the predecessor to the Ferrari F40 the #Ferrari-288-GTO ! / 1985-Ferrari-288-GTO / #1985 #Ferrari-288 / #Ferrari / #Ferrari-288GTO
    • Nice 288GTO - but power like modern BMW 340i
      1 year ago
    • Ferrari felony triggers Maranello memory The recent daylight theft of a Ferrari 288GTO in Dusseldorf elicited anger but reminded me of a trip to MaranFerrari felony triggers Maranello memory
      The recent daylight theft of a Ferrari 288GTO in Dusseldorf elicited anger but reminded me of a trip to Maranello in summer 1987, where I was surprised to see one. With only the hope that the Lottery gods will provide me with one, I’m always thankful to companies like Ferrari for giving us such magnificent icons to enjoy.
        More ...
      1 year ago
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    CAR: #BMW-M535i-E28 / #1985-BMW-M535i-E28 / #BMW-E28 / #BMW / #BMW-5-Series-E28 / #BMW-5-Series

    Year of manufacture #1985
    Recorded mileage 115,973
    Asking price £15,995
    Vendor Old Colonel Cars, Herts; 07407 477843;

    Price £17,950
    Max power 218bhp
    Max torque 229lb ft
    0-60mph 7 secs
    Top speed 143mph
    Mpg 28

    This ‘analogue M5’ was stored for 10 years, and lots of fettling has been carried out since it came into the current ownership four years ago. Sadly there’s no service book, but there are bills to support a cylinder-head rebuild, new engine mounts, anti-roll bar rubbers, track-rod ends and a recent water pump, thermostat, viscous coupling and fuel tank, plus rebuilt front brake calipers. It’s been partially repainted, with new coachlines and badges, but there’s no serious rot. A couple of spots, each near the strut-top mounts, want cleaning off, de-rusting and painting, but they’re not as bad as they first look. Inside, the owner has sourced better seat material from another E28, which shows only light wear to the velour. The driver’s door card has suffered from a little shrinkage, which may be put right before sale but is an easy fix, and the dash plastics are good, with only almost imperceptible cracks starting. The very ’80s stalk-mounted Blaupunkt remote graphic equaliser control still works, as do the electric windows and sunroof.

    The engine sports a new header tank (they deteriorate with age) and the old one is in the boot, along with other removed parts. The coolant is a clear blue, the oil clean (only 300 miles old). Also in the boot is a full set of tools and the original spare wheel with 390mm Avon Turbospeed, but the car sits on a slightly larger set of 15in E34 alloys to make tyre choice easier (and cheaper): it wears 2017-dated 225/60 Kumho Ecstas, and the original wheels are included.

    Turn on the ignition, press the ‘check’ button in the roof console diagnostic display and all the LEDs light, and the brake warning correctly goes out when you press the pedal. It fires easily, the deep #BMW-M30 burble sharpened by a newish Powerflow exhaust – hence the extra soundproofing in the boot floor. It drives sweetly, with that very mechanical feel of a proper 5 Series. There’s plenty of torque, but it likes to rev, too. The gearchange is good, it doesn’t wander and the brakes pull up well, with a typically weighty pedal. Temperature didn’t rise above a third on the gauge. A sorted car for grown-up hooligans, with MoT until May.

    EXTERIOR Unscuffed; some new paint
    INTERIOR About as good as used ones get, with new seat fabric
    MECHANICALS In rude health
    VALUE 8/10
    For Fine old-school bruiser
    Against A couple of rust spots need catching on the inner wings

    Not a full-blown M5, but needs nothing major, great to drive, and all for less money than a nice 2002 or E30 325i Sport
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    Wilhelm Lutjeharms
    Wilhelm Lutjeharms Citroen CX owners and fan Club
    CITROËN CX GTI TURBO ( #1985 - #1989 ) / #Citroen-CX-GTI-Turbo / #Citroen-CX-GTi-Turbo / #Citroen-CX25-GTi-Turbo / #Citroen-CX-GTi-Turbo-Series-1 / #Citroen-CX / #Citroen

    Citroën owners are passionate ones. They get the brand; all its pitfalls suddenly become attractive characteristics that make the brand stand out. The Citroën CX GTI is certainly amongst Citroën’s quirkiest models, and the CX itself is often regarded as the last proper Citroën before its takeover by Peugeot.

    The CX took over the big saloon gauntlet from the DS within the Citroen family. It was praised for its free-revving, long legged performance even before the GTI model arrived. The addition of the turbocharger in the 2.5-litre CX boosted power to a healthy 168bhp and top speed reached 135mph. While the speed aspect isn’t something to shout home about, it’s enough to help the CX along the way. Besides, its good looks are enough to woo you anyway.

    Today, finding a CX GTI is difficult enough, let alone one in RHD. We found just one example for sale, which resided in sunny Spain; a left-hand drive, automatic example which had covered almost 90,000 miles priced at just under £14,000.
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    CHASING CARS Quentin Willson’s hot tips

    Jaguar XJ-S / XJS leaves the bargain basement E-type replacement finally unlocks the wallets of a new generation of Jaguar lovers

    / #Jaguar-XJ-S / #Jaguar-XJS / #Jaguar / #1985-Jaguar-XJ-SC-V12-Cabriolet / #1985 / #1977

    VALUE 2010 UK £6250

    VALUE NOW 2018 UK £13k

    Finally, after years of false dawns and flat values things are looking up for Jaguar’s XJ-S. There’s clear evidence that a new demand is moving prices higher and anything low mileage, rare or special has comfortably broken the £20k threshold. Maybe a new generation of Jaguar fanciers has come of age or we’ve just all suddenly realised that Coventry’s slinky GT has been too cheap for too long, but a fresh sentiment is definitely stirring out there. In Anglia’s May sale a 1989 5.3 convertible with 54,000 miles and eight stamps in the book made £18,550 and a ’1992 facelift 4.0 coupé with 62,000 and 15 dealer stamps made a solid £18,020. Slades Garage in Buckinghamshire has a rare ’ 1985-Jaguar-XJ-S-V12-SC-Cabriolet with just 14,000 miles for £39,950 while UK Sports and Prestige in Harrogate has a ’1995 4.0 litre Celebration coupé with 70k for £29,900. These figures are all significantly up on last year.

    Compared to Italian supercars such prices look bargain basement and perhaps that’s the reason for this renaissance – a light bulb moment where enthusiasts recognise a new value and desirability in low-mileage cosseted examples.

    But while the general market catches up with this shift there will be opportunities such as the red ’1977 V12 coupé with 59,000 miles that slipped under the radar in Barons’ May sale, knocked down for a very cheap £5610. And it’s the pre-HE cars that I reckon have the greatest long-term potential. Launch year ’1975s are the purest and rarest with their Kent alloys, Seventies colours and unadorned bodies. Find an ultra-rare V12 manual (only 300-odd were built) and you’ll have a Jag coupé that’s actually more exclusive than a 1961 flat-floor outside bonnet lock E-type. And remember those first cars starred in TV series such as Return of The Saint and The New Avengers, so there’s a great retro Seventies heritage bubbling away too.

    Already I’m seeing signs that early cars are attracting strong attention and selling quickly, so don’t hang about – the 1975-1977 XJ-S is definitely one to buy right now.

    ‘Coventry’s slinky GT has been too cheap for too long’
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    BMW ALPINA B10 / #Alpina-B10-3.5 / #Alpina-B10 / #Alpina-B10-E28 / #BMW-E28 / #Alpina / #BMW / #BMW-5-Series / #BMW-5-Series-E28 / #BMW-E28-Alpina / #M106 / #BMW-M106 / #M30B34MAE / #M30 / #BMW-M30 /

    Year of manufacture #1985
    Recorded mileage 98,282
    Asking price £38,000
    Vendor Frazer Williams, Suffolk Sports Cars, near Woodbridge; tel: 07967 339424; www. suffolksportscars. com

    Price £32,995
    Max power 261bhp
    Max torque 256lb ft
    0-60mph 6.4 secs
    Top speed 155mph
    Mpg 18

    This is number 4 of 25 Sytner-built Alpinas (one right-hand-drive car was also done at Buchloe) based on a 535i SE (chrome-edged bumpers, rear window blind). The 3430cc M106 ‘six’ was unchanged in capacity, but, thanks to higher compression and different cam, plus reprogrammed Motronic management, power was increased by about 40bhp and torque by 30lb ft or so. The suspension was reworked, 16in Alpina ‘turbine’ alloys fitted and the dash changed, along with the trademark stripes added.

    The car was restored about 10 years ago by an Alpina parts specialist, windows-out repainted and fitted with new bumpers. The result is superb, and even the Alpina wheels have been correctly finished with a 5mm overlap on the black centres. Fastened by two different types of security bolt, they are shod with well-treaded Kumho Ecstas, with a matching spare. The jack and wheelbrace are still present. Plus, the bootlid tray still has the full tool and bulb kit and – a detail to please ardent E28 fanciers – even the little plastic widget for winding the windows closed should the electrics fail. They all work, by the way, as you’d expect. Inside, the dashboard, headlining and glass sunroof were all replaced, as were the front door cards, and the rears recovered. The Alpina-striped seat upholstery shows no wear, just a little bagginess.

    It’s like new under the bonnet, with various items powder-coated and fresh stickers to the airbox, strut tower and a mint fusebox. The fluids are clean, to the right levels. Even the washer bottle and plumbing look new. It starts instantly with no smoke or tappety noises, feeling lively and free-revving. The ride, on Powerflex bushes and Bilsteins, is on the firm side of taut, plus it has lovely direct steering. The switchable auto responds correctly to E, Sport (in which it holds the gears longer and gives snappier changes) and intermediate slots for ice, snow or general hooning. It is as good as a Porsche Tiptronic and more intuitive to use. Coolant temperature is steady just under the middle of the gauge, the econometer works and the test button illuminates all the check lights on the service computer. It will come with a fresh MoT, and the registration number B10 ALP.


    EXTERIOR Superbly repainted, and set off with the signature Alpina decals.
    INTERIOR Excellent: quite a lot of it is new; a little stretch to the cloth trim.
    MECHANICALS Feel super-fit, and sorted.
    VALUE ★★★★★★★★✩✩

    For Rare, cool and fast
    Against Dare we say the automatic gearbox? It’s pretty good though

    Almost like a new one and so very drivable – addictively so. It might bring out your inner hooligan.
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    The V8-hammer: 5.6-liter, 279bhp, from 7500 euro in fair condition #Mercedes-Benz 560SEC C126. The SEC front section is massive and stylish. King lettering on Alu-Haube, forged Fuchs wheels in channel cover design. Functional instruments, not to exceed are lavishly equipped center console with #Becker-Mexico . The enormous pulling powerful 5.6-liter V8 developed 279 hp.

    Before the debut of the 500E was the 560SEC the overhaul Ammer of Mercedes. The outside and inside stresses discreet luxury coupe, thanks to rich displacement is both relaxed cruising and brachial bite.

    Lunch is soon, but the high fog has still not fully cleared. At a dismal failure street in the east of "Warzburg" park in the 560SEC with the engine running, small white exhaust circles around the dual exhaust pipe give it away. The eight-cylinder engine is running with a 600 rpm, we must make an effort to listen to. We are in Auto lean on a rendezvous with the top model of the SEC series agreed. Two men in the large circle work trousers coupe, a cleans the washers, and the other takes on the chrome parts the last drops of the washer. Almandinrot acts in this asphalt tristesse as dark as Barolo in the bottle, later it is the sun light.

    Instead of instructions there is confidence: With an affirmative "know" if the vehicle registration through the open frame enough. The extra wide door is filled into the castle of the driving belt feeders, servile the wide black band. Even if the engine is not at temperature, on the way to the gas station he shakes the condensation water from the exhaust, the tachometer displays 281 322 kilometers.

    It is by no means a Concours car, this large, elegant coupe in the rare color, but you can feel and sense that it once as a new car was a charming beauty. The Mercedes designers Bruno Sacco and Joseph Galli places villages brought it was already the end of the 1970s in its timeless form, ten years it was built from 1981 to 1991, the 560he came first with the gentle 85er-face-lift, a few playful smoothed.

    The deep black leather has the body heat is not admitted, IT CREAKS with every movement, the oil pressure is okay, the reserve indicator lights. Of at least 10.5 : 1 gets compressed V8 100-octane petrol provided that he was the evil spirits flee. Point 12.09 pm the sun breaks and the SEC loses its to maturity. Now he dumpelt out of town with 1500/min stoic.

    He now knows that I do well with him my that length from the penetrating power of his 279 hp wants nothing to do with. I ride him like a 230 CE, he thanked me with soft, yes the imperceptible switching process gen. The more power of 27 hp compared with the 500he he has a new crankshaft with significantly more stroke due to what 5.6 liters result.

    S-Class coupe with SL face the tachometer jerks not violent, it weighs gently. Faster than Tempo 80 goes just didn't. I wish that my own counter up to the beautiful line of the Coupé in the slide past to enjoy. But I look forward toward the horizon, where the vineyards, start on the long, ruby red shiny hood.

    At its end is not a star in sight because the SL-style in oversize on the radiator grill logo. With its instruments has signalled to me the SEC wellness mode, the tank is half full, the needle drops hardly, how should you then roles. The Becker Mexico remains switched off. The engine murmurs quietly in the background, a dense carpet of sound, the luxury cars and heavy sounds, but by no means a sound that you stirring. Remain the emotions on the 560 SEC on Form and feel limited?

    It is conveniently located in the large cars, is positioned at the front man baronial, the center armrest unfolded, the right arm was based. Only a few tiny corrections to the ingenious seat silhouette on the door trim and the location is perfect. Surrend quietly moves the head restraint is something that the backrest slides a piece. The cruise control and speed limiter clicks clean, I put it to 110, which are just 1800 rpm. When 1990 incredible 160 000DM top-SEC is he as standard, as air conditioning, rear head restraints and the tone-setting headlight wipers. An exact parallel to the six point nine, the over- #Mercedes in the 70s. Without cat had the 560 SEC 300 HP, only then would the coupe an assassin. The vines back closer to the streets are narrow, winding uphill and downhill. It is amazing how agile the heavy coupé in the closed curve angel touch. The steering feels good, it has hardly any game. But the suspension is showing its age, especially the level of regulated rear axle filters the ground waves only moderately.

    But even as new cars rolled off the 560 SEC according to auto motor and sport-test considerably shorter than its more docile brothers 380, 420 and 500, tribute to the high-performance. We had him, the S-Class model, urgently the superior room-link axle must treat. Nice for a W201 190D Operator not on the four times as expensive coupe may levy. In the middle of the dense vines gespinst shocks me on a mile-long two-lane straight, a dead branch, cut off from the ring road. From the dead, as called, now I want to know it.

    60 in the fourth level adopts the SEC, I then the accelerator pedal slowly. Even without the hard back of the Trigger Kick-downs, rushes the coupe vehemently to the front. Rapidly accelerated the tacho needle marks for 80, 100, 120, 140. Only at 3500 rpm does the V8 angry his staccato voice. In the leading wind ropes hiss post past until the almost right-angled left curve on the horizon the arrogant puts an end to drive. Crackling in the exhaust line rolls of 560. It pleased him to be nurtured, now we go sit back.

    Servile belt feeders, nappa soft leather seats, the center console as a bar: the coupe is a wellness lounge

    conclusion so far I thought, a 380 SEC suffice to make stylish and sophisticated V8 continue to enjoy. Finally he also has plenty of performance. But a day with the 560 SEC instructed me a better. The flagship model is still wonderful. Many extras are series, and the time for gentle, time brute engine offers an outrageous desire full power experience.

    Nice atmosphere in burr walnut veneer with black leather handle in and a heaven as in the boudoir.

    The Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC, C 126, year #1990

    FACTS & FIGURES engine type M117, water-cooled 8-cylinder #V8 -engine, a cylinder angle of 90 degrees, the front longitudinal, bore x stroke 96.5 x 94.8, 5547cc displacement, performance 279bhp at 5200 rpm, max. torque. 428 Nm at 3750rpm, compression 10.5 : 1, two valves per combustion chamber, actuated via a chain-driven camshaft per cylinder bank and the towing lever, hydraulics Valve clearance compensation, cylinder heads and engine block made of light metal, five crankshaft bearings, mechanical and electronic. Injection #Bosch KE-Jetronic, map-controlled electronic ignition, closed-loop catalytic converter, Olin holds 8 liters engine power transmission four-speed automatic torque converter transmission, limited-slip differential (ASD), rear-wheel drive chassis and body Cx (Cd) 0.35; self-supporting steel body, hoods made of aluminum, the front double wishbone, coil springs and a stabiliser, hi. Diagonal swing axle, coil springs, hydropneumatic level control, servo recirculating ball steering, disc brakes, forged aluminum rims 7 J x 15, tires 215/65 VR 15

    Dimensions and weights Wheelbase 2845 mm, length x width x height 4935 x 1828 x 1402 mm, weight 1750 kg, Fuel tank 90 litres

    PERFORMANCE AND CONSUMPTION Max speed 155MPH, 0-62 in 7.9 seconds, MPG 19

    Construction and pieces all Mercedes C 126 from 1981 to 1991: 74 060, 560 SEC: 28 929 copies of purchase advice

    / #Mercedes-Benz-C126 / #Mercedes-Benz / #Mercedes-Benz-560SEC / #Mercedes-Benz-560SEC-C126 / #M117 / #Mercedes-Benz-M117 /

    Many SEC are strained much driver cars. This is in old age by maintenance jam noticeable. Even the moderate rust protection is a problem.

    ■ The condition of the jacking points, the rear wheel arches and the bottom of the screen frame is representative of the body of the coupé. All three are lots of rust, one should not buy. Also the condition of the interior is important for dark colors like olive or cream there is no substitute more, this is unfortunately also for the cult, but wear joyful pinstripe velour.

    ■ The legendary ruggedness of large Mercedes technology is in old age of their borders. A typical defects of the light-alloy V8 engines M116 and M117 are the fragile plastic runners of the timing chains, which can break, what capitals engine damage. Therefore you should replace it as a precautionary measure, it cost about 1200 Euro. Vulnerable are also idle speed actuator and flow divider of the #Bosch-KE-Jetronic , whose defects by start-up difficulties and irregular running of the engine, but also speak to marodem ignition cable dishes in addition to distribution. The automatic gearbox should the switching points are correct and no slipping of the converter with high switching speed can occur. If the rear axle is hard and feels poltrig, the spring balls of the level control is defective.

    Prices for introduction 9/ #1985 ( Mercedes-Benz 560SEC C126) 133,608DM classic analytics-price 2016 (000/4800 State 2/4) 22.000 Euro

    The location is typical of the brand, engineering parts are fully and rapidly available. But the Mercedes models can on the sub-sector. Coupe-specific equipment and trim parts are very expensive. After production from Hungary or Romania often do not have the same level of quality as the former original parts.

    CLUBS AND specialists in the #Mercedes-Benz-S-Class / #Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-126 / Club e.V., Michael Sterl, old citizens Strasse 29, 04617 Rositz (Thuringia), tel. 98/803 03 44 73 08, Car House Wildermuth, MB-partner, Steinheimer Strasse 1, 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Tel. 071 42/60 34, www.wildermuth.mercedes cult mobile with star, Jens Schiwy, Walter Bertelsmann-Weg 2, 27726 Worpswede in Bremen, Tel. 01 76/ 84 03 08 83, www.cult

    Weak points
    1 fender and standing plates
    2 front wheel arches (Lenkkhebelber.)
    3 front axle photographs
    4 skirts, jacking points
    5 Doors
    6 wheel arches, rear side parts
    7 rear screen frame
    8 timing chains slide
    9 Flow Divider KE-Jetronic
    10 level control
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    / #1985 / E24 M635CSi / NOT SOLD / #BMW-E24 / #BMW-M635CSi / #BMW-M635CSi-E24 / #BMW / #BMW-M6 / #BMW-M6-E24 / #BMW-6-Series / #BMW-6-Series-E24 / #M88 / #BMW-M88 / H&H, Chateau Impney

    It’s a sad fact that in this country we seem to have an obsession over low mileage and we imagine that’s the reason this fine-looking M635CSi failed to sell at H&H’s sale. With 217k miles on the clock it was likely this car was going to struggle despite its excellent provenance – full history and a recent timing chain and brake overhaul. It even had a nigh-on perfect MoT history with the only advisories over the past eight years pointing to light bulbs and a cracked tyre – not a mention of rust from the MoT testers – very rare for an E24! Despite this it failed to sell against a pre-sale estimate of £16,000-£18,000.
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