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Jaw-dropping, show-stopping 650bhp BMW M3 F80
Sunday, 2nd Feb 2020
When we first featured Philipp Maas’s F80 M3 back in 2018 it blew us away and now it’s back, having been totally transformed and taken to the next level, and the end result is simply spectacular. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Evolutionized Phot
Styled and tuned 500bhp BMW M3 F80
Thursday, 28th Mar 2019
With its dazzling Atlantis blue bodywork and a host of seriously sexy mods, this awesome F80 M3 is a stunning machine. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Lukasz Nowacki.
Slick air-ride BMW M3 F80
Monday, 10th Dec 2018
Desert Storm. Low and wide – a simple but effective mission statement for Parm Panesar’s latest M3. Resplendent in desert chic and motorsport vibes, this thing’s brewing up some heavy weather… Words: Daniel Bevis. Photos: Si Gray.
Gorgeous carbon-clad tuned 550bhp BMW M3 F80
Saturday, 13th Oct 2018
Combining perfect stance with carbon fibre-enhanced aggression, this striking and supremely sexy F80 M3 makes a big, bold impression. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Patrick Lauder…
550hp track car BMW M3 F80
Friday, 27th Jul 2018
What began as a fun family-oriented project for Jeff De Lucia has morphed into a combination of track toy and promotional tool. Ladies and gentlemen, charge your glasses… Words: Daniel Bevis. Photos: Matt Petrie.