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    Wesley Wren
    Wesley Wren posted a new blog post, Ownership 1976 Lada 2101

    Ownership 1976 Lada 2101

    Posted in Cars on Saturday, February 16 2019

    A GM engineer adds a second piece of Eastern Bloc machinery to his Michigan garage. Story by Wesley Wren. Photos by Steven Pham.

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    1991 Lada Riva / VAZ 2105 with custom air-ride system

    Posted in Cars on Friday, February 17 2017

    Retro Ride Lada Riva ‘90s Lush Lada Riva. WORDS: Daniel Bevis. PHOTOGRAPHY: Ade Brannan. AIR BRICK A Lada on air-ride, with copious VW styling cuesand more than a hint of modern Fiat? Oh, such Western decadence… Euro Mix Lada Riva. These have been the butt of many a joke over the years but they were certainly popular on the ‘Bloc’. Then again, we’re guessing the Soviets didn’t have much of a choice - it’s the Lada or the gulag! Still, at least this one is awesome.

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    Lada Riva Estate 400bhp Nissan CA18DET engined Drift Car

    Posted in Cars on Friday, February 03 2017

    Super Sleeper Looks standard, but has over ten times the original power? Hold on tight, it’s Lada time... Wild Card Lada Riva Estate. No we haven’t gone mad, but the owner of this super-fast Lada sure has! Riva Dance: 400bhp Drifting Lada wild card: Lada Riva. Words Stav. Photography Matt Richardson.

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    The Lady And The Lada VAZ 2103

    A Model In Stasi car The Lada-lady from East Berlin. Katja works in Berlin as a photographer and model. When it comes to cars, it is on wrinkled types. Your Lada 1500 they would give anything in the world. This is her story.

    TECHNICAL DATA Zhiguli #VAZ-2103 / #Lada-1500 / #Lada / #VAZ / #Fiat-124 / #1976
    Engine four-cylinder
    Bore x stroke 76 x 80 mm
    Displacement 1451 cm3
    Power 55 kW (75 hp) at 5600rpm
    max Torque 106 Nm at 3500rpm
    Max-speed 150 kmh
    0-62MPH 15.0 seconds
    Drive Rear-wheel drive / four-speed transmission
    Fuel tank capacity 39 litres
    L / W / H 4115/1640/1430 mm
    Trunk 385 litres
    Curb weight 1030 kg
    Fuel Consumption (work) 8.5-9.5 l / 100 km
    Factory price (1976) 9500 Mark

    Green is not. But the Blue no longer wants. Katja pulls her eyebrows together, frowns and knautscht her lips. She takes her delicate fingers from the steering wheel rim, bends over and fingers after the lever that releases the bonnet to allow the engine to cool down a bit: ". My Kleenen has overheated" No wonder Berlin groans that day under the sweltering heat.

    It's a different climate than in Siberia. Back when her parents dream of exactly that car, with which the 30 year old photographer today curving through Berlin. At that time it was cold. Goddamn cold. The white Katja yet.

    Otherwise, their memories of that January 22, 1991 is blurred. She was four years old, in the winter before the Moscow August coup. Overnight the Soviet empire confiscated the savings of its citizens - supposedly in the fight against counterfeits. In fact, because it otherwise could think of nothing better to counteract the shortage of goods. It was the last monetary reform of the Soviet Union, driven by the then Finance Minister Valentin Pavlov.


    "What exactly was going on, I did not understand, I was too young," says Katja. "I only know that Papa has bought at once instead of a car this weird cassette recorder. And for mum a fur coat. "

    Actually Katjas parents had then 10,000 rubles for a Zhiguli VAZ- saved 2103rd The dream car of all Russians. But suddenly the future was uncertain, and the money seemed to coat and recorder better invested.

    Nobody knew what the money was worth tomorrow when the East Bloc disintegrate into its component parts. About 25 years later, Berlin: short organ concert, the engine wakes up again. Katja smiles. As the petite woman behind the wheel of the Russian Old-timers perched that fits like a matryoshka doll in the other. She surveys the many faux wood veneer of the dashboard and the Cyrillic lettered Watches collection. Emphatically she pushes the lever by the scenery and overcomes switching paths, which appear to be longer than the oil routes of Siberia. When the car is presented in 1966 in Italy, it is called Fiat 124. Italy is then quasi socialist, and so it happens that the Turin of the Soviet Union to help build their state automobile factory AvtoVAZ. On April 22, 1970, Lenin's 100th birthday, rolled the first Zhiguli 2101 Fiat license in Tolyatti from tape. The Russians not only obstruct another engine, but also thicker sheets.

    In addition, the Zhiguli get more ground clearance and rear drum instead of disc brakes. Russians love the rugged types.


    That it exactly today drives that car that could never buy her parents, Katja does not particularly sentimental. She drives the Lada eventually mainly because she likes. "The car is a statement," she says. "I've always in the plate accustomed only in Russia, then here." Here, this is Hellersdorf, the Berlin, which have not yet discovered the hipsters. Plate for Katja home, as well as the yellow light of the street lamps at night.

    The Lada is the automobile fitting it. No Russian car was built more - 4.4 million times. Katja has no scruples when it comes hochzurumpeln a curb for a good photo. "My baby makes dit" says the woman with the broad Berlin accent, which also works as a nude model. Rums! The Lada rumbles onto the sidewalk, up to Thälmann Memorial, a monumental DDR remnants, on top of which stand still hammer and sickle in the Berlin sky. Katja knocks on Lada dashboard: "Haste jut jemacht!"

    When she sits down in his head to buy a classic car, she thinks briefly about a US model for - "but the ick am not". Instead, it should be a VAZ-2103, which is as an export model Lada 1500th With more displacement, power and chromium and, most important, dual headlights.

    In Dresden Katja will find it. They transferred the Dark Blue (a favorite with the Stasi color) on the road to Berlin: "I had been an eternity, a car with manual transmission driven more, but I thought to myself. As you have by now, you're a big girl," Well Katja moves the evening sun. She smiles and tears purely the junctions, with a certainty that can believe that if decay systems in future, Katja and simply continue their Lada.

    The posturing has professional model Katja in blood. But they can also be quite natural - even in absolute Halteverbot.

    "When I showed up with the Lada at Papa, he was completely stunned. We are first time aimlessly down to second through the area. He sat proudly beside me in the passenger seat. "
    Katja, 30, a photographer and model from Berlin.

    Katya Lada is from Czech Republic, Lada 1500 was the VAZ-2103 only in export markets. Interior lighting on the B-pillars cast dim light in the small sedan.

    Katja before GDR movie Soyuz (russ. "Union"). Although the shows long any more films, but Kati is every ride Lada a road movie.

    Lots of wood veneer on the inside: this thin lever and the ignition lock to the left of the steering wheel as thin.

    Instead rubber mats: Katja rather puts her flea market loot from a Runs not with vodka: four-cylinder with 75 PS. More needs no Lady.

    Just Katja wanted him - with dual headlights.
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    Lada inheritance / #Fiat-124 / #Fiat / #VAZ / #Lada / #VAZ-2106 / #Lada-2106 / #1979

    It’s great when classic cars are passed in family from father to son. This #Lada-1600 was bought brand-new by our today hero’s grandfather back in 1979. It was an export version made for Hungary but due to a couple of exterior details missing and after some negotiations have been done, the customs officers took the car off the train.

    Artyom’s grandpa, having sold his black Volga for 45,000 rubles, bought this Lada, as it was called in the USSR, for 25,000 rubles. You could pay five to six grand in a shop for such car but for that you would have to wait several years – the deficit of goods in Soviet Union was an awful thing. Later Artyom’s father would own this car before passing it to his son in 2008.

    The car needed a complete rebuild at that time. And, as it usually happens, Artyom accidentally saw some pictures of low Ladas that inspired him for the future development of his own project.

    These cars have many weak spots, which need reinforcement when you modify the car. Those were A- and B-pillars and front side members and arches. Front quarter panels needed replacement, so Artyom sourced out the panels, which were produced in the USSR and were of better quality. Also, he decided that the car needed a brighter colour and, coincidentally, a fresh paintjob. Chrome parts were also refurbished and polished. Artyom found a rare beige interior that replaced the old one. The steering wheel was bought accidentally and came of a Fiat 124 Spider, while the wooden panels for the dashboard were custom-made from a piece of oak. ‏ — at Odessa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine
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