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AccuAir SwitchSpeed 1991 BMW 730i Automatic E32
Tuesday, 1st Jan 2019
With effortless elegance and overflowing with old-school luxury, this stunningly simple air-ride E32 730i is classic modding at its best. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Mike Crawat.
Buying Guide BMW E32 7 Series
Friday, 21st Dec 2018
Simple luxury. Chris Graham spotlights one of the less frequently talked about BMW models, the E32 7 Series, which he believes deserves its moment in the sun.
Engine in focus BMW M60/M62 V8
Saturday, 7th Jul 2018
Engine in focus We spotlight the M60/M62 V8s. BMW M60-62 V8 Technical expert Andrew Everett lifts the lid on the V8 engines BMW produced between 1992 and 2003, with varying degrees of success. The  V8 was used to power the E53 X5 4.6iS, and was