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Alun Parry and his 1982 BMW E21 Alpina B6 2.8
Wednesday, 11th Sep 2019
Alun Parry and his Alpina B6 2.8 A man with an Alpina addiction shares the story behind his immaculate 1982 B6. Words by Antony Ingram.
John looks back to his father’s first BMW and how it led to his own fascination with the brand...
Monday, 22nd Jul 2019
Father's Day 2019 coincided with Bloomsday, my wedding anniversary and the fortieth anniversary of the release of Joy Division's album, Unknown Pleasures. It also coincided with my eldest daughter rolling one of my cars through a hedge and youngest d
Stunning Epic BMW E21 M50-Swapped
Friday, 12th Oct 2018
Sensational M50-swapped E21 Built over six years with absolute passion, this gorgeous, M50-swapped E21 is the very definition of classic perfection. Words: Aron Norris. Photos: Si Gray.
Buying Guide BMW E21 3 Series
Tuesday, 10th Apr 2018
Chris Graham spotlights the BMW E21 3 Series; a model that spawned tremendous success for BMW and a new class of car for the popular motoring world. Buy yourself a slice of history using our full guide E21 3-Series.