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    Man & Machine - Guy Davis and his 1964 Alfa-Romeo Giulia SS

    Posted in Cars on Friday, March 27 2020

    Man & Machine A very Speciale Alfa. Guy Davis found this 1964 Alfa-Romeo Giulia SS irresistible for its history and originality, but he isn’t afraid to use it. Words and photography Paul Hardiman.

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    Life Cycle 1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 101-Series Coupe from Libya to London

    Posted in Cars on Sunday, March 25 2018

    Life Cycle A Giulietta from Libya to London. Paris, Libya, Italy, London – the extraordinary life of a well-travelled Alfa Giulietta Sprint. The life story of an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint After 50 years playing globetrotter’s sidekick, this Giulietta Sprint embarked on a poignant Jubilee trip-of-a-lifetime with its first owner. Words Sam Dawson. Photography Charlie Magee.

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    Year of manufacture #1961
    Recorded mileage 35.444km
    Asking price £43.000
    Vendor Southwood Car Company, Caterham, Surrey; tel: 01883 344226; southwoodcarcompany. co. uk

    Price £2013
    Max power 80bhp
    Max torque 83lb ft
    0-62mph 13.2 secs
    Top speed 103mph
    Mpg 25-35

    This #Alfa-Romeo #101-series coupe has only just arrived in the UK, having spent its life in Rome or nearby. The vendor describes it as "truly immaculate" the car having been restored about five years ago. As well as likely factory floors, sills and spotwelds, the Alfa Rosso respray is almost flawless. The paint is thick in the bonnet shut, there's a little orange-peel on the door inners and a tiny run on the top of the drivers door, but this is to nitpick.

    The redone chrome is all very bright, with a few polish marks just visible under the plating to the bumpers, headlight rims and grille. Pleasingly, the side window trims are not quite mint but nicer to see than new repros, while the rear glass retains its factory dimples near the top edges and the screen still sports its running-in sticker. The car has almost unused Vredestein Sprint tyres, with a well-treaded XZX on the spare.

    The cabin has been retrimmed in all original-type materials, with new carpets. The only flaw is a small crack in the left steering-wheel spoke, only relevant because this car is so near concours.

    The #Alfa retains its original engine and four-speed gearbox, the motor clean, tidy and almost leak-free with a new rad cap. but to be detailed. There’s a recent £1630 bill from DTR for a full service and brake rebuild, plus respraying the bulkhead and black-painted parts, and exhaust repairs including welding the manifold. The coolant is visible in the top tank as a nice strong green mix, while the oil is clean and just on the maximum mark.

    The 1290cc twin-cam starts easily, running with no untoward mechanical noises. Neither oil nor water temperature gauges worked on our test drive, but the oil pressure remained constant at 60psi warm when on the move, with no nasty smells. All the synchros are good, the steering has a delicious, light yet precise feel and the drum brakes work well #Alfa-Romeo-Giulietta-Sprint-Veloce .

    There's little paperwork apart from Italian transfer documents, but it has just been UK registered, and the MoT runs until 11 August #2015 .


    • Absolutely straight and lovely.

    • Re-upholstered to factory spec.

    • Drives sweetly; good oil pressure.

    VALUE ★★★★★★★★☆☆

    For Gorgeous; it will seduce you.
    Against Gauges need investigating.

    If you've been lusting (and saving) all your life for a 101 coupe, they're not getting any cheaper. Worth a very serious look, given that there's a similar car for sale at £55,000 with a London dealer.
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    Martin99 created a new group Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 101-SERIES Coupe Club
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