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Styled and tuned BMW 328i Coupe E36/2
Saturday, 9th Nov 2019
This car should have been a sensible daily driver. That was Stacy Brown’s original plan for it, merely a replacement for the old daily. But when you accidentally bid on a retro purple sports car, ‘sensible’ goes out of the window…Words: Daniel Bevis.
BTCC-winning 1992-spec BMW 318iS E36
Tuesday, 17th Sep 2019
World (in) famous in New Zealand. Warren Good’s ex-Tim Harvey BTCC-winning BMW 318iS. Words: Ross MacKay. Photos: Richard Dimmock, Geoff Ridder.
Supercharged 362whp BMW M3 Convertible E36/2CS + AC Schnitzer look
Sunday, 24th Mar 2019
Earning your stripes. Supercharged E36 M3 Cab AC Schnitzer-clad retro cab The iconic AC Schnitzer pinstripes are a clear sign of a BMW that’s a cut above. But there’s far more to this M3’s story than those decals alone… Words: Daniel Bevis. Photos: V
Carbon wide-body turbo drift BMW M3 E36
Sunday, 24th Mar 2019
Carbon wide-body turbo BMW M3 E36 outrageous E36 drift build. Wrapped in an incredible carbon wide-body, this wild-looking turbo E36 M3 is one hell of a drift machine. Words: Daniel Bevis. Photos: GK Production.
M50 1014whp BMW 3-Series Coupe E36
Thursday, 21st Mar 2019
1014whp twincharged E36 Equipped with both a supercharger and turbo and developing an astonishing 1014whp, this wild E36 really is something else. Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos: Patrik Karlsson.