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Awesome tuned BMW 328i Coupe E36/2
Sunday, 26th Apr 2020
Awesome BMW 328i Coupe E36/2 Styled and tuned Santorini beauty. It’s not often we have someone writing about their own car for us, but who better to really get into all those little details? And with such a magnificently modded E36 328i Coupe, Graham
605whp turbo BMW M3 Coupe E36
Saturday, 25th Apr 2020
Dripping with raw aggression and with a massively modded turbocharged S52 pushing out a monster 605whp, this full-on E36 M3 is an absolute beast. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Daniel Piker.
Wide Arched BMW 328i Coupe E36
Tuesday, 31st Mar 2020
When we buy our first cars, we all dream about building something that’s cool enough to bag a magazine feature someday. But for Korrakot Buachan, simply dreaming wasn’t quite enough… Words Daniel Bevis. Photography SerialOne.
BMW E36 step-by-step – replacement of the ABS sensor
Thursday, 12th Mar 2020
This time out we show you how to tackle a common issue on the E36 step-by-step – replacement of the ABS sensor.... Words & Photography: Andrew Everett.
2.4-litre 240bhp S14-swapped BMW E36 Coupe from Japan
Saturday, 1st Feb 2020
The Japanese consider the E36 318iS to be the German AE86, due to its great handling and low power, so does fitting a race-bred S14 engine into this one make it the equivalent of Takumi’s tofu delivery sledge? Words and photos: Chris Nicholls.