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2.4-litre 240bhp S14-swapped BMW E36 Coupe from Japan
Saturday, 1st Feb 2020
The Japanese consider the E36 318iS to be the German AE86, due to its great handling and low power, so does fitting a race-bred S14 engine into this one make it the equivalent of Takumi’s tofu delivery sledge? Words and photos: Chris Nicholls.
965bhp tuned Turbo wide-body BMW M3 Coupe E36
Friday, 6th Dec 2019
965bhp M3 Wild wide-body turbo E36 Coupe. Saved from abandonment, enhanced with some serious old-school wide-body vibes, and then endowed with an insane dose of turbo power, this stunning E36 M3 is a build of epic proportions. Words: Elizabeth de Lat
Styled and tuned BMW 328i Coupe E36/2
Saturday, 9th Nov 2019
This car should have been a sensible daily driver. That was Stacy Brown’s original plan for it, merely a replacement for the old daily. But when you accidentally bid on a retro purple sports car, ‘sensible’ goes out of the window…Words: Daniel Bevis.
BTCC-winning 1992-spec BMW 318iS E36
Tuesday, 17th Sep 2019
World (in) famous in New Zealand. Warren Good’s ex-Tim Harvey BTCC-winning BMW 318iS. Words: Ross MacKay. Photos: Richard Dimmock, Geoff Ridder.
Supercharged 362whp BMW M3 Convertible E36/2CS + AC Schnitzer look
Sunday, 24th Mar 2019
Earning your stripes. Supercharged E36 M3 Cab AC Schnitzer-clad retro cab The iconic AC Schnitzer pinstripes are a clear sign of a BMW that’s a cut above. But there’s far more to this M3’s story than those decals alone… Words: Daniel Bevis. Photos: V