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Buying guide BMW M5 E60 Saloon
Friday, 13th Mar 2020
E60 M5 Powerhouse Buying BMW's super saloon. Fifteen years after it went on sale in the UK, BMW’s E60 M5 saloon remains a tempting prospect. But, with huge bills a very real possibility, what do you need to know in order to buy a good one? Words: Sim
Tuned 542bhp Dinan Stage 3 BMW M5 E60
Thursday, 30th Jan 2020
Resplendent in Atlantis blue, this M5 demonstrates how the E60 is still a rising force on the tuning scene. Power, luxury, agility, poise, this California dream has got the lot… Words: Daniel Bevis Photos: Patrick Lauder.
Tuned 702hp supercharged, meth-injected BMW M5 E60
Saturday, 15th Sep 2018
With a supercharger and meth injection on board, this ferocious E60 M5 is on another level when it comes to performance. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Matt Richardson.
Buying guide: BMW 530i Touring E61
Tuesday, 18th Jul 2017
Buying guide: BMW 530i Touring E61. Bag yourself a stylish and oh-so-effective load-lugger, now available at affordable prices. Estate management. The third generation of the 5 Series Touring, the E61, is something of a bargain these days, and Bob Ha
Wide-body BMW M5 E60
Saturday, 6th May 2017
Modern family. The traditional model of kids crammed into litter-strewn Volvo estates has been comprehensively blown out of the water. Welcome to the 2017 family ride, Vegas-style. Words: Daniel Bevis. Photos: Steve Hall.