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BMW N47 engine warning
Tuesday, 2nd Jul 2019
The N47 has now been in production for 11 years, and I include the B47 from 2015 in with this unit as, really, it’s much about the same. If, however, you’re in need of a used engine to replace yours, you need to be aware that the N47 D20A and D20C do
Late BMW 3-Series E90 LCI or early F30/F31 3-Series?
Tuesday, 2nd Jul 2019
I was surprised to see that F30s are now down to under £6,000 on AutoTrader. co.uk, and I’ve been told that £4,500 will buy an early one in the auctions, albeit with a few miles on the clock (a 12-plate, solid black 318d with 150,000 miles and basic
Wild Japanese BMW M3 E92
Tuesday, 26th Mar 2019
Wild Japanese E92 M3 The Japanese owner of this E92 isn’t really one to seek the spotlight. As you’ll see, he prefers to let his car do the talking. Words and photos: Chris Nicholls.
Supercharged 525whp BMW M3 E92
Saturday, 23rd Mar 2019
Thunder from down under. Full-on hardcore track-monster. Want more grunt from your S65 but don’t want to tread the same path as everyone else? Australia’s Harrop Engineering has the answer. Words and photos: Chris Nicholls.
700hp supercharged, wide-body BMW M3 E93
Sunday, 6th Jan 2019
Sun seeker 700hp supercharged, wide-body E93 M3 is the ultimate winter warmer! Outrageous, outlandish and completely over-the-top, this wild, wide-body, supercharged E93 M3 is the kind of insane build we love to see. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photo