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Group Title: E31 drivers and fun club - BMW 8-series only
Group Description: E31 drivers and fun club - BMW 8-series only

BMW 8-Series E31 1989-1999 // £4000-£20,000

This big coupe is arguably one of BMW’s most elegant productions. It’s low, wide and looks almost timeless. Although V12 M70/M73 models are more powerful and tempting, the V8 M60/M62 makes a lot more sense.


If you fancy a modern classic with all the benefits (and pitfalls), then BMW’s glutinous E31 8 Series of the 1990s is for you. A glorious GT that comes as a V8 but is never better than in magnificent V12 form, you can pick both up for buttons. And that’s the problem – because many were and run on a shoestring by 3 Series owners with ideas above their station! There’s lots of expensive electronics to go wrong, and they usually will due to previous neglect. Top buy is the 850CSi but most owners know their worth.


Like its German relation the mighty Porsche 928, BMW’s super suave 8 Series never really received the plaudits it genuinely deserved when launched over 20 years ago. Initially it was M70 V12-powered before an equally good 286bhp V8 M60/M62 (840i) came and joined the range. Like the 928, this German is most at home when long distance touring but the 380bhp, 5.6-litre CSi is as good as many established super cars. The Beemer’s complexity means maintenance and repairs can easily outweigh the car’s real world value because you can pick one up for as little as a few grand even though you’d be mad to!

Shortly after eight BMW 8-series E31

It was one of the stars of the IAA 1989: the BMW 8-Series Coupé. Based on the 7 Series (E 32) made especially the courageous design of the 4.78-meter-long luxury liner that fans of the brand. The flat silhouette, the spectacular pop-up headlights and the many body details were competitors Mercedes-Benz W126 Coupé and Jaguar XJS seem like from another planet. The design revolution continued in the interior: A shapely, clear lined dashboard surrounded the passengers who made themselves comfortable on new integral seats. That the giant was built for two, had no appreciable trunk and was unreadable, the customers of the first hour did not bother - it already likely that the first built twelve-cylinder had his trouble with the two-ton BMW out of the 7-Series E32. However, the performance was not bad. The later model with 326hp and five-speed automatic could rather convincing. It was only with the 5.6-liter of the CSI and the six-speed manual entered the 8 into the circle of the sports car. Today these distinctions hardly play a role. Especially the imaginary as entry-level engine V8 models (4.0 and 4.4 liters) have a special charm, but they have more than the classic exhaust note, while the twelve-cylinder rather confident with refinement. But the budget determines the model. Inexpensive are still 4.0 times liter 840i and 850i. For the rare CSi, the 326hp 850C or the 4.6-liter V8 car is already too late. They have already started their pricing soaring.

Model: BMW 8 Series (E 31)
Power: 4.0-5.6-litres gasoline engines; 286-380 hp
Construction period: 5 / 1989-5 / 1999
No. of items: 30,621
Recommendation: If the shape in the foreground represents, is served i well with the standard 850.
Techies take the CSI with all-wheel steering.
Both V8 are suitable for everyday use.
Do not: Buy Worn basic models and try to restore. Also of CSI should stay away, unless they are cheap.
Repair Reserve: EUR 5,000 should have at
His start. Because parts are expensive and repairs sometimes.
Value forecast: CSi and the two late.
Twelve cylinders are already expensive, but continue to grow, 840i and 850i expected something need until a measurable rise in prices recorded can be.