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Beautiful 1986 BMW 635CSi Automatic E24 cherished by the same family for 30 years!
Wednesday, 3rd Jul 2019
Chris Graham meets BMW enthusiast, Kos Loizou, and his E24 635CSi; a car that has been in the family for over 30 years.
Stunning air-ride BMW 635CSi Automatic E24
Friday, 12th Oct 2018
Stunning air-ride BMW E24 635CSi Before Jan-Eric Geugis bought this E24 sharknose, it had only ever had one owner. And now the CSi has lured him down into the murky swells of the deep, Jan-Eric reckons he’ll be hanging on to it for life… Words: Danie
Air-ride 6-Series BMW 635CSi E24
Saturday, 21st Jul 2018
Slick Air-Ride E24 635. This BMW 635CSi E24 has lived a full life, being properly used rather than hidden away. And today, with the help of Alexander Bachmann and LX-Felgen, the beautifully-weathered E24 is opening a new chapter in its varied ex
Battle of the Sixes BMW M635CSi E24 vs. BMW 630i E63
Sunday, 18th Feb 2018
Two of a kind battle of the sixes. Battling Sixes. A couple of tasty 6-Series models go head-to-head to discover whether it’s necessary to spend a fortune for luxury, GT performance. Given the choice, I imagine most enthusiasts would take an E24 M635
BMW E24 Alpina B7 Turbo Coupé vs. BMW E28 Alpina B7 Turbo
Monday, 20th Mar 2017
Sporting subtle upgrades and a keen focus on usability, this pristine pair of 1980s Alpina B7s have certainly earned their stripes Words: Dan Bevis. Photography: Patrik Karlsson.