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1973 Citroën DS 23 EFI Pallas Epic Restoration
Friday, 4th Jan 2019
French dressing fully restored Citroën DS is so Le Chic - Citoen DS23 This lovingly revived French fancy never fails to turn heads wherever it goes. The DS may be a complex car, but that didn’t put this talented owner off buying and restoring one. Wo
Buying Guide Citroën DS / ID
Thursday, 22nd Jun 2017
Citroën DS buying made easy. Snare yourself a Goddess of the finest calibre using a new-found mechanical confidence. Buying Guide How to assess a Citroën DS and snare a Goddess. Words Paul Hardiman. Photography John Colley.
1968 Citroën DS Presidential General De Gaulle Limousine
Sunday, 29th Jan 2017
French Dressing Presidential Citroën. At the Élysée Palace with De Gaulle’s DS. This rather special Citroën DS was commissioned for General de Gaulle at great expense. So why was it rarely used? Words Jon Pressnell. Photography Daniel Denis. Archive
Goddess in the details 1972 Citroen DS21 driven
Monday, 7th Mar 2016
Goddess in the details Citroen DS21 driven - epic cars brought back from the brink and made perfect. Driving a DS is one of motoring’s great experiences. And this one’s up for sale. It’s 2016. So, isn't it amazing that a fourseater saloon introduced