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Epic Restoration 1990 BMW 325i Sport Coupe E30
Friday, 27th Dec 2019
‘The advice was blunt – start again and get another car’ Epic Restoration How a £3250, 133k-mile BMW E30 325i Sport is now as good as new after a runaway £50k rebuild. It may be a 325i Sport rather than the usual M3 but that didn’t divert a determine
1988 BMW E30 Alpina C2 2.7
Friday, 13th Dec 2019
Keeping it in the family. The story of an Alpina C2 that returned home for a meticulous restoration. Restored by the same team that built it in period, this fabulous Alpina C2 2.7 has made the transition from unloved garage find to family heirloom. W
6.0-litre V8 LS3 GM-engined 500bhp wide-body BMW E30 Coupe
Wednesday, 11th Dec 2019
The best E30 ever built? We think so, but do you? Make your mind up here… BMW E30 This balls-to-the-wall E30 is a psychedelic freak-out of cinematic proportions. And you can stop rubbing your eyes – this is no CGI dream, this badass BMW actually exis
Superb tuned 1989 BMW 328i Coupe Automatic E30 M52-engined
Friday, 6th Dec 2019
Express Yourself 2.8 M52-swapped E30 ‘Don’t go for second best, baby.’ That’s what Madonna told us back in 1989 – and thanks to a smart M52 swap and some clever personal touches, she might as well have been singing about this very car… Words: Daniel
1991 BMW 325i Sport E30
Monday, 2nd Dec 2019
Is this 6000-mile E30 the UK's best surviving example? With just 6800-miles on its clock, could this immaculate 1991 BMW 325i Sport E30 be the fi nest surviving example on UK roads? Words: Simon Jackson. Photography: Rich Pearce.