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    The story of how some lucky, and you do not have / #Porsche-356 / #Porsche / #2015

    As many as 15 consecutive years in #Portugal was itself abandoned mansion, and nobody was interested in them. The heirs of a dusty manor decided to anything to fuck with him and sold the property. I get for pennies a new home owner wandered through its territory and noticed an old barn, locked on a rusty but strong castle. He hacked and found it (no, he, of course, first rubbed his eyes, pinched myself hand) a warehouse of vintage cars!

    In total there were 180 machines found in perfect condition, the cost of which still can not be assessed.

    Most interestingly, the former owner of the estate just hid all this treasure, and so he died, no one shared his secret.

    Summarize: Why so many cool cars, if you do no one could envy.

    PS I ask all who knew the make and model of the car to sign them. ‏ — at Portugal
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    A Modern DB
    A fresh take on an iconic shape /// Words by Eli Solomon /// Photos from #David-Brown-Automotive / #David-Brown-Automotive-Speedback-GT / #Aston-Martin / #Aston-Martin-Speedback-GT / #Aston-Martin-Replica / #Aston-Martin-DB-Replica / #2015 /

    Rarely will you find a car where the phrase classic meets modern can be applied. The David Brown Speedback GT is one of them.

    At this year’s The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering, I did a double take when I walked past an attractive silver birch GT. Instant recognition, an apparition, a distant memory of something I’d seen before. Monty Norman’s #James-Bond theme song, synonymous with every Bond movie since #Dr-No , resonated in my head. Was it a vision from the Bond movies Goldfinger and Thunderball?

    The signage above the pavilion read David Brown Automotive. A triangle Union Jack provided a backdrop to the name. I’d read about this car previously, but I was still caught by surprise. The man who gifted the DB moniker to post-war Aston Martins (having bailed out the company in 1947) had passed on in 1993. Could the two David Browns be related?

    David McKirdy, our intrepid editor from Hong Kong, was beside me. He’d been a navigator in the very car in The Quail Rally that week. “Jaguar underpinnings,” my friend remarked. It’s not often I pay attention to modern machinery and there were enough new cars on display to drive the average motoring journalist berserk. Here, however, was a rare opportunity to appreciate a very distinct design. David Brown stepped forward and introduced himself. No PR ring fencing.

    There is an uncanny similarity between the David Brown I am talking to and Sir David Brown of the Aston Martin fame. Sir David Brown (1904-1993) was the legendary tractor manufacturer and gearbox maker who rescued Aston Martin in 1947. The DB cars that emerged from Newport Pagnell bore his initials – the DBR race cars, DB2, DB2/4, DB3S (one famously won the Macau Grand Prix in 1958 and the Singapore Grand Prix in 1961), DB4, 5 and 6…evocative Superleggera designs. When Ian Fleming’s indomitable Royal Navy Commander James Bond, CMG, RNVR, was gifted a silver birch DB5 in the movie #Goldfinger ( #1964 ), the brand appeal was forever cast in stone.

    The younger Brown, builder and marketer of the Speedback GT in question, has had a career in making construction equipment. He’s also had some exposure to rallying and building rally cars. “So I thought, building a car’s easy. And it is, providing you know what you want to do,” Brown told me. The “emotional values” and skill set so readily available in England allowed Brown to sink his teeth into the monumental undertaking of creating a marque of his own. There, the similarities to the Aston Martin name end. Brown is very hands-on, and remains so. Given the firm’s location in Coventry, the industrial heart of Britain, production was easily subcontracted out, leaving his company as a design and marketing house. It keeps his payroll manageable, he says, but it must be a monumental task ensuring quality is maintained.

    It takes the firm around four to five months to put together a car from the point the donor chassis, a Jaguar XKR the company purchases complete, comes in the door. The underpinnings may come from Jaguar, but from the outside, there’s nothing that suggests an even remote connection.

    The “demo” GT that did its rounds at The Quail has chalked up over 18,000 miles of driving. “It is a very, very comfortable car to drive,” Brown said. He’s taken the car through its paces with an exhaustive run from Geneva to his home in Yorkshire via Stuttgart in a day without feeling the strain. It suggests he may have hit upon a real gem of a design – a true Gran Turismo in the style of the older Maseratis and Lagonda.

    The Speedback’s rolled aluminium styling is the work of Alan Mobberley, formerly of Land Rover. The first renderings on a piece of paper to the launch of the Speedback took a year, supremely quick by any standard. “We knew what we wanted,” Brown assures me. “It was something we wanted to create. When we went into the design studio, we put some pictures of Sophia Loren on the wall, and some Riva speedboats, and we played rock music… and got into the zone,” he explained.

    To date, Brown has sold six cars in Europe following the launch of the Speedback GT in Monaco in April this year. Given its Saville Row status and a high level of interest from The Quail’s guests, I expect there would have been more deals done in the United States during Monterey’s Car Week. A production target of 100 cars is envisioned and 10 are in production. “Even if there was great demand, we wouldn’t build more than a hundred,” he emphasised before our conversation shifted to his expedition of driving his classic AC from Singapore to Myanmar last year. The first lucky owner of the car should receive his Speedback in September this year.

    Former Land Rover desiger Alan Mobberley (left) styled the Speedback for David Brown (right).
    The Speedback’s unique pull-out picnic seat on display at The Quail in August.

    ENGINE (Manufacturer’s Estimates) / PERFORMANCE (Manufacturer’s Estimates)
    Acceleration 0-60mph (0-100km/h) seconds: 4.6 (4.8)
    Top speed mph (km/h): 155 limited (250)
    FUEL CONSUMPTION Urban mpg (l/100km): 14.9 (18.9)
    Extra urban mpg (l/100km): 33.0 (8.6)
    Combined mpg (l/100km): 23.0 (12.3)
    Carbon dioxide emissions (g/km): 292
    Tank capacity (litres approx.): 15.5 (70.6)
    5.0 V8 510 Supercharged Coupé
    Cylinders/valves per cylinder: 8/4
    Bore/stroke (mm): 92.3/93
    Capacity (cc): 5,000
    Maximum power EEC-PS (kW): 510 (375) @ rev/min: 6,000-6,500
    Maximum torque EEC-Nm (lb.ft.): 625 (461) @ rev/min: 2,500-5,000
    Compression ratio: 9:5:1
    Transmission: 6-speed automatic
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    Drive-My design consultant Chris Hrabalek discusses the finer points of automotive design. Torino Design ATS Wild Twelve Concept.

    At a time when the who-iswho of the motoring world focused all its attention on innovation competing neck-on-neck at the 24h of Le Mans race, Torino Design and Automobili Turismo e Sport (ATS) used a much smaller venue, the Parco Valentino Salone & Gran Premio in Turin, to unveil their Torino Design ATS Wild Twelve Concept. The new car is based on the carbon chassis of an early ’90s Bugatti, 'wild' indeed.

    ATS was a small Italian manufacturer of sports and racecars, based in Poneccio Marconi, near Bologna. Famed for its creation following a ‘palace revolution’ in 1962 by the former Ferrari employees #Giotto-Bizzarrini, Carlo Chiti, Fausto Galassi, Girolamo Gardini, Enzo Selmi, and Romolo Tavoni, ATS remained active for only a very brief two years. Perfectly coordinated with the marque’s founding 50th anniversary, ATS once again re-opened its gates – even acquiring and disposing of the rights to the De Tomaso brand, along the way – to try and re-launch new products. Prior to an unfortunate management dispute between its owners, which had the company re-locate to the Canary Islands, of all places, ATS briefly promoted an ATS Sport 1000, an ATS 300 Leggera Roadster and a retro 2500 GT as their core line-up.

    The 2015 #Torino-Design ATS Wild Twelve Concept is yet another direction that ATS could potentially take. Created to highlight design studio Torino Design’s 10 year anniversary of activity, this ATS is technically speaking a lot more ambitious than the aforementioned iterations. Powered by a hybrid power-train, based around a V12 engine with two turbo-chargers powering the rear wheels, and two electric motors powering the front wheels, the Wild Twelve claims a combined system power of 860PS with a maximum torque of 918Nm and a top speed of 390km/h.

    Impressive figures. Looking at the styling of the ATS Wild Twelve, a certain proportional familiarity becomes apparent when the creators mentioned that the car is to be manufactured in Campogalliano, Italy. Campogalliano? Carbon chassis? V12? As the plot thickens, it becomes apparent that the ATS Wild Twelve is the latest reincarnation of chassis and engine bits, originally engineered for the early 1990s Bugatti EB110 – only to be later reassembled in the form of the mid-’90s Dauer 110 and 2000s B-Engineering Edonis – it seems the #Bugatti EB110 has more lives than a cat...

    In its latest reincarnation, the design of the ATS Wild Twelve is certainly more bland than the Edonis; hopefully creating less dislike with regard to its styling from potential prospects. Unfortunately, as the Wild Twelve seemingly lacks 'Brand DNA', the styling of the concept is very brandinterchangeable; neither iconic nor charismatic. It looks like one of those rushed student-projects that get shown on a university exhibition stand. On the outside of a motorshow.

    Unfortunately, the styling of the #Torino-Design-ATS-Wild-Twelve-Concept ultimately lacks desirability and with #Bugatti-EB110 prices going through the roof in recent months, one wonders if it would not make more economical sense to sell the NOS (new old stock) EB110 parts as spares, rather than base a 'new' hypercar on them. Any new hypercar featuring a quarter of a century aged carbon and resin bits, surely can not be considered a real threat to a #Ferrari-LaFerrari , #McLaren-P1 or #Porsche-918 . / #2015
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    Women of #Lugandon / #Lugansk #2015 / #UAZ / #UAZ-Patriot

    "That whore, #New-Russia / #Ukraine ": Half-naked "opolchenki" posing with weapons on the ruins of the Lugansk airport.

    Terrorists "LC" staged a photo shoot with half-naked girls on the ruins of the Lugansk airport, where a year ago, fierce fighting and dying people.

    Photoshoot published one of the separatist websites, calling the girls pictured bold. As we know today battles near Lugansk airport are not kept, reports.

    However, even many supporters of terrorists from among commentators expressed his bewilderment in this photo essay.

    "Never mind! The next (photo session - Ed.), Arrange the cemetery," - he wrote one commentator.

    "This is so because during the Second World War left women with bare ass and with machine guns on the ruins of FOTA, idiots, and some scary figures," - said Oksana (Ksyunya).

    "I agree, warriors mad. But look Read the full sludge and moral idiocy" - echoes another supporter of terrorists.

    "The one who gave the provocation low, you need to send to the front lines to dig trenches" - offers the user under the name Helmut Werten.

    "Courage can not see. I see depravity and stupidity. I know just take a picture of the ruins, but photographed on a background of ruins in a bikini is already talking about mental underdevelopment", - said Kirill Chernov.

    Some people call this a separatist website photoshoot dancing on the bones and remove the call for publication.

    "Well, and why it is cheaper Donbass fuck? What will he? If the money, and to assist them in the Donbass list, is another matter ...". - Writes another blogger sympathetic to the separatists.

    "And do not you think the authorities LC, which is too early to show half-naked women in the destroyed airport ... first restore at least something else, but at least the same airport and assholes Activities.

    Or longer than, and if life is beautiful and everything started Okay, then #GUMKONVOI not ask.... "- says Alexey Lokhanov.

    Site users terrorists have also noticed that the car near where the girls were photographed, Russian numbers, and they themselves "heroines" photo shoot new machines.

    "This issue of the Russian..... ...in the hands of the girls casts new Kalash (and try to prove that the plaster casts)," - says one commentator.

    "Typical local slut, which the rich guys in the paddock rosiyskie taken," - with skill says by Fyodor Sergeyev.

    "be, for it is people giving their lives? Pictures of prostitutes? It Novorossia be?, - resents another supporter of terrorists" DNI / LC ".
    ‏ — at Luhansk, Luhans'ka oblast, Ukraine
    • Really cool girls and cars.... but all other not good(
    • Girls are small, or cars very big?
    • My GOD/// Devel answer for World!
    • The chicken lives in a chicken coop. Each morning, the farmer comes and pours her grain. Chicken trying to predict the development of the situation inThe chicken lives in a chicken coop. Each morning, the farmer comes and pours her grain. Chicken trying to predict the development of the situation in the next 2-3 years, is building a trend line, and it turns out that according to available information, the farmer she will continue to come and fill the grain. But one day, the farmer comes and cuts off the chicken's head.

      Hen could not predict the onset of the event. Previous experience and knowledge often just confusing.
      Perhaps we are more aware than chicken. However, it is our knowledge and false expectations do not allow us to develop Russia. Continuing the trend of the negatives, we do not consider that good always triumphs over evil, and the level of education in Russia is high and will inevitably lead to the fact that the state will become more effective. The main reason that the process sbychi dream is going rather slowly, is our distrust of each other and feeling that will continue to be bad. Changing expectations for a positive result in a change of reality.
        More ...
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    The #Jem-Marsh#1930 - #2015 Marcos instigator Jeremy George Weston ‘Jem’ Marsh died on March 2. He was 84. Richard Heseltine, who interviewed him several times, remembers him...

    Jem Marsh, the notoriously selfdirected motor mogul, left an indelible mark on the British specialist sports car industry, and for a variety of reasons. Arguably his greatest gifts were his tenacity and high tolerance for suffering, Marcos history being a story of peaks and troughs.

    Like Colin Chapman and Eric Broadley, Marsh was a product of the 750 Motor Club finishing school, the Westcountryman joining kit car pioneer Dante Engineering in 1955 on leaving the Royal Navy. Concluding that he could do better, Marsh left to form Speedex Castings & Accessories two years later. By the end of the decade, he had established himself as the UK’s premier supplier of Austin Seven gofaster parts along with a range of aluminium and glassfibre ’shells.

    Nevertheless, Marsh wanted more, a chance meeting with aerodynamicist/designer Frank Costin leading to what became the first Marcos (the tag being a contraction of the two principals’ surnames). In early 1959, the pair conceived an ultralightweight ‘Clubmans’ car, and one that would employ a plywood monocoque.

    The resultant device wasn’t remotely pretty, but it could hit 110mph with only a mildly-tuned 1172cc Ford sidevalve ‘four’. The first car was sold in May #1960 to Bill Moss, the former #ERA pilot winning nine races from ten starts. Costin vacated the scene in early 1961, having been at odds with Marsh over the marque’s future direction. The car which earned the marque legendary status – the time-defying 1800 – arrived in #1964 , its outline remaining broadly a constant for the next 40 years. Remarkably, it was conceived as a stopgap until a three-seater, midengined car came online. It never did.

    Rather less aspirational was the Mini Marcos which, like the closely-related Mini Jem, was rooted in the one-off #DART ‘special’. While it wasn’t the prettiest of cars, it was cheap and sold in huge numbers following its launch in 1965. One example was the first British car home in the ’66 Le Mans 24 Hours, although a ‘works’ attack on the endurance classic a year later – with Marsh being joined by Chris Lawrence – ended after just four hours of racing.

    Arguably Marsh’s greatest gift was his ability to attract backers into sharing his vision. Nevertheless, the original Marcos Cars concern crashed in 1972. Marsh moved next door and continued to offer the Mini Marcos prior to selling the rights in 1974, along with spares for the ‘big’ cars. He revived the classic Marcos outline in 1981 in kit form, although he loathed the term ‘kit car’ and would waste little time in telling you so. Despite serial ownership into the following decade, Marcos continued to attract custom with Marsh being very much the public face of the marque.

    Nevertheless, he enjoyed baiting journalists and wasn’t above tearing a strip off anyone who dared criticise his products in print. However, if you ‘got’ Marcos, Marsh could be great company and a fund of amusing (and often libelous) stories. He will be missed on many levels.

    Top left: The 1800’s timeless shape remained a #Marcos marque constant. Above: A youthful Jem Marsh, pictured in 1959. Below: En route to winning the 750 Motor Club’s drivers’ title the same year.
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    Funny political stickers on cars #2015 , more and more are gaining popularity in Russia. Amazing and stupid jokes about politicians of Western countries glued to their machines ordinary motorists in large Russian cities. Complete nonsense of the situation is that been established a network of production and dissemination of stickers and logos. Mass Hysteria hatred of all things Western, and ordinary Russian citizens blame their difficulties and total poverty anyone but themselves and their politicians. This sticker ridicules and insults specifically Barack Obama, is taken as a basis for jokes race .. US President followed by a word that can be translated as - "What a freak world has not seen." - But it is a mild form of the expression. The label is made by car #VAZ-2121 #Niva . #VAZ-Niva and #VAZ ‏ — at Pushkino, Moscow Oblast, Russia
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    Critics carp on about France’s economic woes - and indeed they are very real and biting hard - but Paris has never been a smiley upbeat place like, say, Miami or Monterey. No, Paris is brooding and crotchety, grey, cold and brusque - well, certainly in early February.

    The Eurostar was busting with well-dressed British car types in tweed, waxed jackets and brogues heading for the #2015 edition of the famous Salon Retromobile on the outskirts of Paris near Porte de Versailles. Having been ‘off games’ over Christmas, sheltering from the worst of the winter weather, these car types were once again enthusiastic and raring to go. Yes, Retromobile is the kick-start to the season, and everyone is in good cheer and looking forward to getting back into the saddle.


    Now that I’ve figured out the complicated-looking Metro system - it’s actually simple with the help of the www.ratp.fr website - Paris is all yours for just 61.80 a trip. Be smart and buy a booklet of tickets at the Eurostar terminal.
    This year’s show officially opened on Wednesday 4 February, but all the old hands get there a day or two earlier to bag the choice pieces. With no entrance tickets available that early, it’s a case of blagging your way past the
    security guards on the set-up day. Carrying an empty cardboard box and mumbling about it being needed on your stand is one wheeze. Being a gentleman of the press helps, but this being France the process is not simple: you need to get to the Press Office, inside, to sign on. But the security guard won’t let you in because you don’t have a Press Pass. And, of course, you need to get inside to actually get it... pure Inspector Clouseau.

    For 2015 the show was held in the huge Hall 1, with 450 exhibitors on the floor and 500 cars on show. Retro always has a slightly mad exhibit, and this year was no exception. Towering above a display of three large Bugatti Royales was an enormous Royal Tiger tank in full battle camouflage, the only surviving fully working example. It made the Allied tanks look like tin cans, with its 18cm-thick armour, 88mm canmon and 70-tonne kerb weight. Powered by a 23-litre, 12-cylinder 700bhp #Maybach engine, it was impregnable, but it’d overheat and slurped 500 litres every 100km, so the range was limited - thank goodness.

    British firm Fiskens had a wonderfully impressive stand, with the immaculate and unique Bequet Delage - powered by a V8 aero engine from a French WW1 fighter plane - in pride of place. Nearby, JD Classics’ eye-watering display included a superb #Porsche-356 quad-cam Carrera finished in original burnt orange. No wonder it was soon wearing a SOLD tag on the windscreen.

    With #RM and #Bonhams auctions taking place on the Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and sales records achieved with a bit of work (are there now too many auctions going on?), the star event was the Artcurial sale of the Baillon Collection on Friday. The remains of these vintage and classic cars were moodily exhibited in a separate hall. (See full report)

    The jewel was the #1961 #Ferrari-250GT-SWB-California-Spider , which appeared solid and totally original. Should it be restored? No! I hope the owner gets it mechanically perfect but leaves it scruffy, just as Alain Delon did, judging by the archive photos. This collection was our cover feature in the last-but-one issue, but actually seeing what remains of these wrecks in metal makes me sad. I know ‘barn finds’ are all the rage and there is a romance about rescuing a car that’s almost totally disintegrated. But these cars - some of them once great examples - have been badly neglected and allowed to perish almost totally.

    Baillon must have known that the California Spider was special, because it was kept in dry storage. But the poor old #Talbot-Lago-T26-Grand-Sport is in a terrible state, yet it sold for £1.3 million! It is just a pile of rust, which is a tragedy. However, classic car collectors are an optimistic bunch, and the word, post-Retromobile, is that the #Delage-D6-11 is going into a full restoration with the intention of showing it at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance next year.

    Apart from Retromobile, classics are seldom seen on Parisian streets. The occasional #2CV or #Renault van is a rare survivor, which is odd because they churned out millions of them. No, the French don’t seem to care for their automotive history - and parking is a contact sport! But the latest news is that, starting this July, older cars will be banned from the centre of Paris. Haven’t they heard: it’s diesels that are the problem, not classics.


    Robert grew up with classic cars, and has owned a Lancia Aurelia B20GT, Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Porsche 356C. He currently uses his properly sorted 1955 Jaguar XK140 as his daily driver, and is a founding editor of this magazine.
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    #1964 #Morris #Mini #Cooper ‘S’
    Price £756
    Max power 75bhp
    Max torque 79lb ft
    0-60mph 9.7 secs
    Top speed 99mph
    Mpg 28-35

    This #Mini was used by Jeremy Coulter in his campaign to win the #FIA European Historic Rally Championship, which he wrapped up in 1991 . He’d bought it as a two-owner car in #1990 and had it prepared by Mighty Minis. In #1992 , it went to Frank Fennell, who won that year’s Circuit of Ireland with it, and it has recently emerged from 18 years in his Dublin museum.

    The shell is rot-free, with some plating in the floors, open drain holes in the sills and the jig brackets under the floors still present, the jacking points welded over. Its subframes are in good shape. It has the usual rally mods, such as all lines and brake servo inside, the washer reservoir in the navigator’s door pocket and a heated windscreen. The seats and belts are new, and lifed until #2018 . There’s a big Lifeline extinguisher in the back, and provision for a hand-held on the co-driver’s floor. The tyres are decently treaded #Yokohama A008s, with two spares in the car because the boot is almost full of foam-filled aluminium fuel tank. There was some play in the steering, but the wheel just needs tightening on its splines.

    Under the bonnet, the 1293cc Bill Richards motor, dynoed at 112bhp, is tidy, with rev limiter and an electric fan with manual over-ride. The oil is cleanish and to the top level, although the water needed a top-up.

    It’s quite civilised to drive for a competition car, with a mild limited-slip diff and a straight-cut Jack Knight gearbox that isn’t much noisier than standard. It doesn’t ‘tug’ in the way that a tightly wound rally Mini can and still has synchromesh. The brakes are firm, the oil pressure when warm is 70psi at any revs, and the coolant temperature under 90ºC.

    The #Cooper ‘S’ will be sold with an MoT current up to 2 June #2015 and #FIA papers valid until #2019 , plus a file of its rally exploits.


    Straight and smart for a rally car.

    Tidy, with new seats and belts.

    Healthy and recently sorted.

    VALUE ★★★★★★★★✩✩

    For A blast to drive, and almost ready for more competition.
    Against Won’t win outright against a Mk2 Escort (but it’s half as much).


    The HRCR would like to see it out again, it’s not greedy money and you can drive it to the shops, too – all at the price of a concours road car.

    Morris Mini Cooper ‘S’
    Year of manufacture 1964
    Chassis No: KA2S4-488619
    Engine No. 9FSAY31031
    Registration No. 487 FDA
    Recorded mileage 11,844
    Asking price £30,000
    Vendor Robert Glover, Bicester Heritage, Oxfordshire; tel: 07779 079827
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