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Tuned 450bhp 1989 Audi 200 Turbo 20v Quattro C3
Tuesday, 7th Jan 2020
Rhythm and Stealth - Box-Fresh 200 20V Quattro. Audi’s five-cylinder engines have always been celebrated for making fabulous noises. And when you crank a 20v turbo up to 450bhp and hide it inside a stealthy black cruiser, that’s just about the perfec
1986 Audi 100 C3 2.0 Automatic fully custom
Saturday, 21st Jul 2018
With plenty of no-expense-spared touches along the way, Chris Scragg’s successfully reliving his childhood memories with this C3 100 that’s oozing old-skool ‘80s goodness from its smooth flanks… Words Sam Preston. Photography Adam Walker.
Hannu Mikkola’s safari rally 1987 Audi 200 Quattro C3 Group A in Kenya
Tuesday, 13th Feb 2018
Maasai Warrior Hannu Mikkola’s safari rally. It’s three decades since Hannu Mikkola last won a World Championship rally. Glen Waddington joins him in Kenya – with the very same Audi 200 Quattro.