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2019 Alpina B5 G30 road test
Tuesday, 22nd May 2018
2019 Alpina B5 G30 - M5 and E63 S too vulgar? Then Alpina’s ‘reserved’ 600bhp B5 just may fit the bill...
2018 BMW 540i G30 and M550i G30 AC Schnitzer tuned fully tested
Monday, 19th Feb 2018
AC Schnitzer Treats Latest BMW 540i and M550i fully tested.  We get to grips with the latest from AC Schnitzer. Tried and tested Two, four, six, eight… Two Schnitzer Fives – one with two-wheel drive, the other with four-wheel drive. One with six
The nearly great, all-new 2018 BMW M5 F90
Thursday, 28th Dec 2017
The nearly great, all-new M5 Massive power, speed, traction and capability. If only it steered better Words John Barker. Photography Aston Parrot.
2017 BMW 520d Touring G31 first drive
Thursday, 20th Jul 2017
Ultimate choice? Having sampled the new 5 Series Touring, Kyle Fortune argues that, in practical terms, it’s just about the only car you’ll ever really need. New model test. The stylish new G31 5 Series Touring promises to be all things to all men. C
2017 BMW 530e iPerformance G30 road test
Wednesday, 14th Jun 2017
Look ma, no plugs! Hybrid power on the road BMW 530e G30 hybrid plug-in. BMW’s 530e G30 hybrid is set to dispense with plugs and cables for maximum convenience, as Neil Briscoe explains. Hybrid horsepower. The new BMW 530e G30 plug-in hybrid bristles