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    Me and my car - Paul Howse BMW 2002 Touring

    Posted in Cars on Tuesday, 02 April 2019

    2002 Touring treat Grand design. When it comes to affairs of the heart, logic and rationality take a back seat. Paul Howse may design McLarens for a living but, as Dan Bevis discovers, there’s nowhere he’d rather be than in an old BMW… Photos: Alex Lawrence.

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    Robb Pritchard
    Robb Pritchard posted a new blog post, Wide-arch BMW 2002

    Wide-arch BMW 2002

    Posted in Cars on Tuesday, 26 March 2019

    While there are plenty of very nicely modded 2002s on the scene, few are quite as in-your-face and proud about it as this feisty little wide-body build. Words and photos: Robb Pritchard.

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    Retro Rocket Turbo 500bhp M20B27-engined BMW 2002

    Posted in Cars on Monday, 10 December 2018

    Retro Rocket Turbo M20 2002. Under the pristine Chamonix white paintwork of this stunning 2002 sits a turbocharged 2.7 M20 that has turned it into a proper performance classic. Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos: Viktor Benyi.

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    Elizabeth de Latour

    Awesome S14-swapped BMW 2002

    Posted in Cars on Monday, 12 November 2018

    Mighty S14 2002 Fully-restored classic packing M Power muscle. 14 years in the making, this S14-powered 2002 is the result of one man’s enduring vision and incredible patience, and the awesome end result was more than worth the incredible wait. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Ade Brannan.

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    Elizabeth de Latour

    322whp M10B18 turbo BMW 1602

    Posted in Cars on Thursday, 26 July 2018

    Orange Rush 322whp turbo 1602. With irresistible classic charm and turbo power, this gorgeous 1602 is practically perfect in every way. Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos: Patrik Karlsson.

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    BMW 2002 The engine and axles are in, but springs have proved a pain

    / #BMW-2002 / #BMW

    Moving the 2002 to a more suitable location – a workshop rather than a conservatory – has meant that it’s been possible to carry out some real mechanical work on it. But before I could fit any major components, such as the engine and axles, I had to remake all of the hard brake lines that run through the engine bay and down the length of the car.

    It was a job I really wasn’t looking forward to, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to bend each pipe to the perfect angles to match my ludicrously high standards. And I was right. But I did manage to make them look neater than I ever thought I would, even if achieving this took me around six weeks of working on them every weekend.
    As well as making new brake lines I had to incorporate a new restrictor valve. OK, I didn’t have to – as I’ll be fitting the same rear drums I used before I could have just reinstalled the original unit that limited the pressure to the back axle at a fixed rate. But I wanted to install a variable one so that if, one day in the future, I decide to put disc brakes on the back, I can tone down their effectiveness.

    So while the braking system was apart it seemed silly not to include the valve, plus I’d also get the opportunity to tweak and fettle the brake bias. But where to put it? I bought it months ago, but only recently decided that just to the left of the handbrake was the ideal place for access and neatness of brake lines.

    After all that, the back axle was ready to go on. I refurbished the driveshafts with new gaiters and a lick of paint, and tidied up the diff casing with plenty of smooth black Hammerite – I think 50 per cent of the car’s final weight will be made up of smooth black Hammerite…

    The Gripper limited-slip differential will remain as before, with its same low 4.11:1 final-drive ratio and hilariously aggressive locking action. Next was the front axle and engine. For this I needed as many hands and eyes as possible to install it in without anything colliding with the immaculate bodywork. With the motor and gearbox on the front subframe, my dad, brother and I suspended the lot from a hoist through the bonnet. We then lowered the car on the ramp while raising the engine and front subframe, doing both at a glacial pace, until it all lined up. It was tense, but with many hands and reams of blue 3M masking tape, the blue paint remained blemish-free and my sanity intact.

    With the subframes and suspension arms attached, the Bilstein dampers and Gaz top mounts could go on. And the springs. Oh, what a debacle the springs have been. Bilstein suggested a set that sounded way too stiff, so Eibach helped out by testing the stiffness of my old springs and suggesting options it had available. After consulting with the technicians at Bilstein again, we settled on an 80N/mm main spring with a 20N/mm tender at the front, and progressive rears that are at 72N/ mm when static. The springs are proportionally a little softer at the front than the rear, which is the opposite way round to before, and exactly what I wanted to compensate for the slightly-too-stiff front anti-roll bar. However, overall the springs are 100 per cent stiffer than my old ones…
    Is it going to be too stiff? For most people, probably. For the person (me) who thinks a full roll-cage, harnesses, brake-bias adjustment, a diff that locks up with only the merest hint of any torque and a sprint-like final-drive ratio is acceptable on a road car, probably not.

    Will Beaumont (@ Wil-lBeaumont)
    Date acquired July 2008
    Total mileage 145,050-ish
    Mileage this month 0
    Costs this month £298 brake fittings and lines
    £500.40 springs (plus as much smooth black Hammerite as I can afford)
    Mpg this month n/a

    Above: work on the Beemer has forged ahead now that the 2002 is in the workshop, with engine, gearbox and suspension now all in place. Left: making new brake lines proved time-consuming.
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    Custom M20-engined 170hp BMW 2002 E10

    Posted in Cars on Thursday, 31 May 2018

    Composed completely of custom components styled after a selection of various BMWs, this wild, M20-swapped 2002 is a true one-off.

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    CAR: #BMW-2002tii / #BMW / #BMW-2002
    Run by David Evans
    Owned since May 2000
    Total mileage (2)40,099
    Miles since August
    report 897
    Latest costs c£120


    It was one of those days that was destined not to go according to plan. Every now and again, the aged alternator earth pulls out of its connector at the block end – usually when I catch it as I fit a new oil filter. It popped out at the other end the previous time I changed the oil.

    Which is what I thought had happened when the charging light flickered and then came on with some purpose as I drove back from Dad’s one Sunday evening. I tried to bodge the wire back in, but without any luck and by then the battery was flat so I gave in and called for recovery via my insurer RH.

    Robert Sutton from Dunchurch Motors arrived quicker than the text estimate and gamely set about the manky old wiring with a couple of heavy-duty connectors that I’d scrounged from Nick Ostrowski at Mottingham Auto Spares. LPB was soon running again, without the warning lamp after Sutton noticed more frayed wire – and it stayed off until I must have dislodged the temporary repair as I turned into the raised drive behind our flats. It was at that point I realised I’d left the garage key at Evans senior’s, c200 miles away! Fortunately, my landlord Emmanuel lives nearby so he popped over the next evening.

    My long-suffering Kiwi mate John Hudson diagnosed the root cause: “The engine harmonics had been transmitted into the alternator via the solid, non-original brass bushes. The vibrations had caused the internal mounting-bolt holes to enlarge and elongate, so brass filings had been sucked into the alternator and damaged a bearing.”

    Hudson stripped down the unit, fitted two new sealed bearings and cleaned the armature contact. He reassembled it with original BMW flexible bushes and the factory steel internal locating sleeves – from an alternator kindly donated by Brian Buckett – then put fresh terminals and heatshrink on the earth wire. That’s not quite the end of it.

    The insulation had cracked on all four wires from the loom, so John has wrapped them with tape as a stopgap and will let in a new piece once the engine is out. On the subject of which, he tracked down an oil pump and, by the time you read this, we should have some spanking new pistons as well.

    Suffice to say, there’s a noticeable improvement with the right bushes on. The engine is smoother and quieter – plus it starts with more enthusiasm, so maybe it hasn’t been charging properly for a while.


    Brian Buckett
    John Hudson
    RH:01277206911; www.rhclassicinsurance.co.uk

    Brassed off: solid bushes (top) had ovalled. Sutton sorts broken wires in A14 layby. Inset: brittle earth wasn’t main problem, though.
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    Chris Graham

    Me and my car 1967 BMW 2000CS Typ 120

    Posted in Cars on Wednesday, 09 May 2018

    Me and my car owner’s tale Glorious 2000CS sampled. Shaun Woodward is a product designer with a passion for all things automotive. His unusual classic car collection includes a couple of special BMWs, as Chris Graham discovers.

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