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Drag machine 1400hp RB26-engined 4WD BMW Z4 E85
Thursday, 21st Mar 2019
Where the wild things are 1400hp RB26 4WD Z4 E85. With 4WD and 1400hp from a massively modified RB26, this utterly insane, custom wide-body Z4 drag car is quite unlike anything we’ve ever featured… Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Patrik Karlsson.
Market watch BMW Z4 M Coupé E86
Saturday, 24th Nov 2018
Fast and charismatic, BMW’s rare E86 Z4 M Coupé is both a comfortable sports tourer and an enjoyable track-day car. But, as Guy Baker reveals, you need to buy now before the prices shoot up!
Buying Guide: the sublime BMW Z4 3.0Si Coupé E86
Thursday, 3rd Nov 2016
  It might not have the fire-breathing powertrain of the Z4 M Coupé but the 3.0Si version still has good looks, excellent performance and reasonable running costs – it’s a great used buy! Words: Bob Harper and Andrew Everett Photography: Dom Fra
Survival Guide BMW Z4 E85 / E86
Sunday, 24th Jan 2016
Survival Guide. Find low-cost deals Ian Cushway searches out new and used parts prices  BMW Z4 E85 / E86. The talented German roadster still looks good, and if you shop around for parts it’s a viable alternative to less posh two-seaters.
Custom BMW Z4 E85
Wednesday, 23rd Jul 2014
  World war Z. Serial slammer, Niall O’Dowd, kills it yet again with this super stanced and rather dapper BMW Z4 E85... You may be looking at these pages thinking this dude and his number plate look familiar, and you would be right. Yes, Niall O