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C123 celebration Pillarless perfection Mercedes-Benz 123-series Coupe
Monday, 20th Jan 2020
With a pair of 280CE models to concentrate on, we’re celebrating the simplicity of the 123-series underpinnings with that incredibly stylish coupe body… Words Kyle Molyneux. Images Terry Oborne.
1983 Mercedes-Benz 230E Automatic W123 Labrador Blau
Tuesday, 20th Nov 2018
W123 230E small-engined beautiful Benz. When less is more. Piers Richings is enjoying the poke of his immaculate W123’s 2.3-litre lump after the many years he spent driving V8s. Words Dan Furr. Photography Dan Sherwood.
Zender’s work with the Mercedes-Benz 123-series range
Wednesday, 21st Mar 2018
Modded Mercs Sam Skelton explores Zender’s work with the W123 range. Words: Sam Skelton. Pics: Zender. In the 1980s, tuning was rife – and there were several companies which would be happy to give your motor a Miami Vice makeover. Some, such as Carat
Mercedes-Benz W123/S123/C123 Survivor’s Guide
Wednesday, 6th Sep 2017
Mercedes-Benz W123. Survivor’s guide Stuttgart battleship. The ultimate expression of what a classic Mercedes is all about, the W123 has a reputation for being indestructible. However, that’s not quite the case, so here’s how to keep one running on f
1983 Mercedes-Benz C123 M117 V8
Friday, 1st Aug 2014
Starting life with a five-cylinder turbodiesel engine, this 123-series coupe soon found itself on the receiving end of a five-litre M117 V8 conversion. The 123-series Mercedes-Benz arguably represents the pinnacle of Mercedes' over-engineering, and b