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Japan - drop-top Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Quattro 8S
Monday, 2nd Mar 2020
Midnight Sun In the neon-lit drama of late-night Tokyo, this Vegas Yellow drop-top TT is shooting out hot rays of solar energy all over the Land of the Rising Sun… Words Bevis-san. Photography Ayesh Seneviratne.
700bhp tuned Audi TT RS 8S
Wednesday, 8th Jan 2020
OEM+ Audi TT RS 8S The Sixth Element - Carbon fibre is something of a theme on Michael Slater’s TT RS. But rest assured, this is no carbon copy build – this is a uniquely crafted 700bhp monster, taking OEM+ to the extreme… Words Dan Bevis. Photograph
Air Lift tuned 503bhp 2018 Audi TTRS Quattro 8S
Sunday, 4th Nov 2018
It might’ve only been launched a matter of months ago, but this hasn’t stopped Steve Fraser from already transforming his spanking third-gen TTRS into a ballistically fast show-stopper. Because life’s too short for dawdling… Words Sam Preston. Photog
2019 Audi TTRS Quattro 8S Revo’s new 2.5 TFSI tune unleashes the beast 493bhp
Saturday, 23rd Jun 2018
Let’s push things forward. With the introduction of Revo’s all-new Performance ECU Software, it’s easier than ever to turn your TTRS into a supercar eater. Naturally, we just had to go and try it for ourselves… Photography Adam Walker.
Audi TT 3rd - is the styling of the new TT 8S 3rd generation what you expected?
Sunday, 13th Nov 2016
  We have always felt that Audi should, as far as is possible, retain the overall shape and character of the TT, something which will ensure that, like the Porsche 911, it becomes a classic which endures over many years.