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1989 BMW 525i SE Automatic E34
Thursday, 4th Jul 2019
1989 BMW 525i SE Automatic Bryan Werbinski ‘It rides like you're flying along on a carpet made of marshmallows’
The Substitute ‘if you think your M drives well, then try an Alpina’
Friday, 16th Nov 2018
Keith’s away this month, so Nathan’s here to explain why an Alpina makes more sense than an M.
Me and my car 1990 BMW M5 E34 3.6-litre
Saturday, 7th Jul 2018
M Power of the Sun. The sun’s always shining in Arfan Talib’s world. Why? Because he’s driving the M5 he always dreamed of, as. Dan Bevis discovers. Photos: Chris Frosin.
800hp turbo tuned BMW 540i Touring E34
Friday, 22nd Jun 2018
800HP E34 540i Insane turbo Touring. Putting brawns over beauty, this 800hp turbo E34 540i Touring has been built to go sideways as fast as possible and that’s something it’s very good at. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Patrik Karlsson.
Buying Guide BMW E34 5 Series M20, M21, M30, M40/43, M50/51, M60 an M5 S38-engined 3.5-3.8-litres models
Thursday, 21st Jun 2018
Buying Guide Malcolm McKay steers you towards the best BMW E34 5 Series your money can buy – get one while they’re still good value. Nine steps to buying a BMW E34 5 Series / M5. With good examples dwindling and demand strong, here’s how to bag a fab