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    Sharper new BMW set to give big-selling compact exec a fresh-look this autumn, and it hides new platform and raft of tech.

    Saloon to get plug-in hybrid power before EV joins the range / #BMW-i4

    New platform and motors; evolutionary look inside and out

    Switch to #BMW-CLAR platform will allow for more space in cabin, as well as the boot. Our exclusive images preview the BMW-3-Series ’ updated front end.

    / #BMW-3-Series / #2019-BMW-3-Series / #BMW-3-Series-i4 / #BMW / #2019 / #BMW-3-Series-Mk7
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    V12 LMR / #Jenny-Holzer / #BMW-Art-Cars / #1999 / #BMW-V12-LMR / #BMW-S70/3 / #BMW-S70 / #BMW-V12 / #BMW-V12-LMR-Jenny-Holzer / #BMW-Art-Car / #Art-Cars / #Art-Car / #BMW / #BMW-V12-LMR-Art-Car /

    After a break of four years since David Hockey’s 850CSi BMW returned to its roots with the 15th Art Car – it was going racing again! Art Cars The 15th machine in the series: Jenny Holzer’s V12 LMR.

    As BMW’s Art Car project started with racing cars one could argue that over the ensuing years it’s used far too many road cars, and even when it did choose to adorn its racing cars they were never used in anger on track – witness the two E30 M3s and the E36 Touring Car that never went near a circuit. The first four cars all took part in the #Le-Mans 24-Hour and 1999 saw a return with Jenny Holzer’s V12 LMR.

    The work of Jenny Holzer, who was born in Ohio, USA, in 1950, cannot be put into conventional categories. Since the late seventies, she has rejected traditional forms of expression such as representational painting, working with words instead of pictures. Messages in the form of LED lettering are arranged together with carved plaques, benches or sarcophaguses made of stone to make up complete installations. It is this interplay of language, objects and context as equal elements that render her work so unique and makes her one of the most consistently exhibited artists worldwide. The Art Car designed by the American concept artist was adorned with messages which she said, “Will probably never become void”. Bold statements in capitals such as ‘Protect me from what I want’ and ‘What urge will save us now that sex wont?’ were emblazoned on the car.

    Her concept is based on traditional colours and materials used in motor racing. To allow the characteristic blue and white BMW colours to remain visible during the 24-hour race at Le Mans, she used reflecting chrome letters and phosphorescent colours. During the day the sky is reflected in the letters, during the night the foil is desorbing the saved daylight in blue. Except that the car never raced at Le Mans, although it was one of three V12 LMRs that was used for the preliminary qualification in May, for the actual race BMW elected to use the more traditionally liveried cars. It would have been disappointing had BMW left it at that, but fortunately the car did compete in its Holzer livery in a round of the American Le Mans Series in 2000 at Road Atlanta for the Petit Le Mans. Sadly by this time the LMRs were no longer competitive and had to play second fiddle to the Audis with the Holzer car coming in a distant fourth place.
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    Concept Congratulations / #BMW-X2 / #BMW-X2-Concept / #BMW-Concept / #2016 /

    As I normally contribute to BMW Car by way of providing classic/historic BMWs, occasionally through Mike Taylor and others in the distant past, I sincerely hope that you will not mind my commenting on your article related to the Paris show launch of the Concept X2.

    The vehicle on show firmly revives what the 2 Series BMW of the late ‘60s/early ‘70s really was – a sporting saloon – whereas the first recent revival of the 2 Series was a people carrier for mums on the school run. So very well done indeed to BMW designers, it’s a winner!

    You incorrectly state roundels on those C pillars are not a design element that BMW has ever used on a production car, when in fact they were used on the Bertone 3200CS of 1956, the 2000CS in 1965, the E9 Coupés to 1975 – in all a total of almost 20 years. So to see BMW picking up on previous design features in its DNA is very refreshing. However, I thought the colour used for the concept was too close to an Alfa Romeo hue – wouldn’t it have been great if BMW had gone for something like Granada red from the ‘60s? That would have made a classic statement.
    • We, like you, were pretty taken by the X2 Concept that made its debut in Paris Graham, but would you not say that the current 2 Series Coupé is currenWe, like you, were pretty taken by the X2 Concept that made its debut in Paris Graham, but would you not say that the current 2 Series Coupé is currently carrying on the mantle of the old ’02 series cars? BMW has certainly muddied the waters somewhat by calling its people carriers ‘2 Series’ as we were just getting used to even numbers for Saloons and Tourings and odd numbers for Coupés and Convertibles! On your point about the BMW roundel on the C pillars, we are obviously aware of it being located there on some of its most iconic designs, but in those applications it was delicately placed right by the Hofmeister kink at the base of a slim pillar. On the X2 Concept we felt it was somewhat randomly plonked in the middle of a rather slabshaped C pillar!  More ...
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    Finally brave again! The next 3-series and all new to 2021. The future of #BMW-G20 / #2018-BMW-3-Series
    Come #2018 TRIPLE Striking kidney and headlights with OLED - and laser technology. Genuine design jump
    The i-offensive? In the exit. Design jumps? No longer really recognizable. If BMW as out of step? Not at all. Why the next three, a new era begins.

    What would you do if you were BMW boss? Since you have a successful design language, are technically anywhere at eye level, and its sales people tell you constantly: "Just do not change, we sell great." Would you actually continue surfing on the wave? The head says spontaneously Yes, wants to play it safe. On the other hand you know that every wave hits even on the beach. And before that happens, you need to ride again on the next wave. The problem? Given by model cycles of approximately six years, it is difficult to estimate as to when the wave rolls. At BMW they believe the current wave of success would last a few more years, because the new fives, which goes on sale early 2017, a noticeable design change is made. But do not worry: The new era, it comes with the next three. This starts with the design. From the outside, the genes of the three are indeed still clearly visible, but the larger, downward-drawn three-dimensional kidney changed the face of the car considerably. These slotted new headlights come with a combination of OLED technology and laser light. OLED? These are organic light-emitting diodes, which can illuminate homogeneous unlike traditional LED large areas. This thin-film elements, which are also used in modern screens are used, are not only flat, but also flexible. They enable entirely new lighting designs. BMW combined with the laser beam light used in sevens. First Curved Display Unlike Mercedes for the E-Class, BMW also the next three-he on a freely on the fittings board positioned, optional large display. It will be first bent toward the driver. Also extra charge: a digital instrument cluster. How should we imagine all this, BMW showed the study i Vision Future at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. "As already put a lot from the next three in there," says a BMW insider. But the end of the head-up display is not in sight: Until the display of information in the entire windscreen it will take a generation of vehicles. The basic triple receives analog instruments and a small touch screen in the middle. Service? As BMW is the chosen with the sevens path. The number of fixed buttons is reduced, voice and gesture control expanded. Do not worry, dear BMW fans who do not want or chatting in the car can continue on the iDrive system, the known rotary-push button, draw. While the cockpit design is revolutionary, changes to the exterior dimensions virtually nothing. "The threesome has the perfect format," says BMW. The wheelbase is however down somewhat, and the car is slimming around 80 kilos. This should help to improve the handling of the three again.

    More choices

    In future, the BMW Dreier owners influence the interpretation of his car more than ever already in the configuration. So BMW offers the somewhat more comfortable standard and a sports seat in the future to a comfort chair. The spread of the adaptive chassis is considerably larger. Target: more comfort on long motorway journeys, more agility for fun in fast corners. the other hand, nothing fundamental will change to the engine range of the three. Although by then especially the six-cylinder engines are again thoroughly revised, but the levels remain from a few hp equal. Likewise, BMW is sticking to the eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. For basic engines, there are also after 2018 a six-speed manual-switch. The top model BMW M3 will not make-the horsepower arms race and to remain well below 500 hp. Instead, the BMW M GmbH on lightweight construction and an electric boost function. The next M3 gets more parts made of carbon and magnesium and an electric motor between the engine and transmission, which provides in particular driving situations extra power. For those functions he needs the 48-volt electrical system, which is to keep the latest 2016mit the facelift in 2021 when he three-catchment. It allows the intermediate storage of energy. Thus, the three can then autonomously parallel parking and electrically, among other things and save fuel.

    The #BMW-i5 is a crossover

    And as it goes on with the i-models? The i8 also gets a new stage like the i3. The term "facelift" does not fit in this context, because it is less about the look than to the improvement of the electric drive. The i3 is changed from previously 64 ampere-hours on 93 and is therefore likely to increase in everyday life its reach to more than 200 km (currently around 120 km). Discussion There are still around the i5, a more spacious electric car. Until mid-2015 the board the idea of a coupe-like four-door sedan was at a premium. That has changed. In December 2015 BMW boss Harald Krüger and his fellow board members surveyed three designs. One went towards a triple GT, it was quickly rejected. Top candidate has postponed an attractive crossover model, in which the battery technology can be integrated better. Currently launch: beginning #2021 earlier is now the Urban Cross come a roughly four-meter City-SUV based on the front-wheel drive platform. The design is adopted, it should end 2017 to go on sale. Problems are naming as the terms "urban" and "Cross" were protected in some markets in the world by other companies. "X2" is still available, but is not, because the car is less than the X1.

    In the same year will also start selling the #BMW-Z4 successor jointly developed with Toyota. The Japanese put a closed sports car, BMW a Roadster with soft top. For enhanced driving dynamics, the axes of the current M3 and a further weight reduction to make. Also, the four-door two is a done deal, the rear-wheel drive for this car but off the table. "That should not cheaper three opponents are," says BMW. He's driving dynamics still top, is discussed to provide him with all-wheel drive.

    The niche strategy of BMW remains smart and efficient, but the music plays in the volume-oriented segments. In other words: The new three must arrive, the rest is just the freestyle.

    The BMW i5 Could also be called #BMW-i6 . That there is a crossover at the next i-model, is becoming more likely

    What has made Mercedes with the CLA, BMW is now trying with the four-door two
    The series takes on the art of three. Strong focus on driving dynamics

    BMW X7 The Americans should exchange their Cadillac Escalade against a #BMW-X7 planned even with twelve-cylinder engine / #BMW-X7-V12

    Expressive Drawn City SUV with front and all-wheel drive. #BMW responds to Audi Q2
    Z4 Without assistance system-frills, but with M3-axis: a classic roadster soft top

    BMW celebrates on March 7, 2016, a ceremony to be 100-Yea existence. Recently, the trade fairs and vehicle performances felt but often so on, as will once well-known brand has often standards in connectivity try other manufacturers like Audi, BMW rank last brave again!

    Once well-known sold as new. With the next three BMW is again noticeably innovative in the future. And this is important: set the auto industry. This has made them so strong and attractive. Attention: Operation and expire. And the i5 comes after the E-cars from Audi and Porsche.


    BMW is working on the Internet of Things

    The trend in the use BMW has always been. In future, the driver indicates menus that are shown on tiles, and confirm the selection by touch pad on the steering wheel. The topic of "Internet of Things" is promoted: The next evolutionary stage of ConnectedDrive includes the "Open Mobility Cloud", connecting through to home and car together. So the mirror could report home on the Real Time Traffic Information in dressing room, that on the previously entered in the navigation system's route congestion. The planned route is displayed with the traffic delays. The other way around can be checked out of the car shutters or the hobs.

    More wheelbase, but proportions and space remain similar

    The combination follows a half year after the sedan. So much space as before

    Still Future music: information projected onto the windshield
    Fewer buttons, more control by gestures and language
    Large, curved towards the driver display yet

    Revolution in the interior: curved screen and digital instrument cluster, hardly buttons BMW
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    You can always count on Essen to bring out the best and the boldest of the modified #BMW scene…

    Words: Elizabeth de Latour
    Photos: Jape Tiitinen

    It’s fair to say that the annual offerings from Essen can often be of questionable taste, but 2015’s massive event was not only home to a veritable sea of BMWs, it also happened to round up some seriously sensational cars. Not content with wowing the crowds at SEMA , Rusty Slammington had been shipped over to its birthplace and promptly set about blowing the minds of the locals, positioned on the #H&R stand behind some yellow crime scene tape for good measure. The mbDESIGN 6 Series, which we’ve spotted at a few other shows last year, was also on show and its threepiece, two-tone Twoface wheels looked as mental as ever. We were loving a bagged E92 M3 on stunning and ridiculously shiny deep-dish VIP Modular VX110 18” wheels with Dubai gold centres and we were equally enamoured with an #BMW-E23 / #BMW-728i on air and rocking a set of lush 17” Epsilon three-piece splits.

    E21s are still enjoying a lot of scene love, as demonstrated by an E21 316 we saw, finished in Fiat Abarth grey, bagged with 17” BBS RSs and rear window louvres. Elsewhere we spotted an E91 330d sporting a set of 18” OZ Breytons and lovers of classics, motorsport, or motorsport classics were spoilt for choice. There was an awesome M1 Procar on display, an epic E21 320i Jägermeister Group 5 racer along side a Jägermeister Group 2 CSL while an epic M4 DTM car brought things bang up-to-date.

    Of course, that’s just scratching the surface of a show on the scale of Essen, but it’s always good to see what modified BMW content the Continent is producing and this is one show that definitely brings out the best.

    Above: E30 M3 racer on BBSs is as iconic as it gets Below: Rusty Slammington is guaranteed to draw a crowd wherever it goes, and Germany was no exception, the American creation wowing showgoers.

    Left, wild-looking Z4 racer; below, nice to see the F13 6 Series getting some love on the modifying scene; gorgeous bagged E23 on three-piece Epsilon wheels.

    Bagged F11 Touring (below) on Work splits looked awesome, as did 1 Series on VIP Modular rims.

    Classic racers, like this stunning Jägermeister CSL, rubbed shoulders with their modern counterparts. ‏ — at Essen, Germany
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    03 Rich Hardesty-DeMenge’s #Air-ride LS1 V8 #BMW-E30-V8 / #BMW

    People love to have a moan about feature cars that have had non-BMW engine swaps carried out, questioning why on earth would you remove the original engine in favour of something ‘inferior’ but when it comes to the crunch you clearly can’t hate them that much, as this LS1- powered E30 takes this year’s bronze medal position. Mind you, there’s no way you couldn’t love such an incredibly well-executed car and from the dash-riding frog plushie to the small matter of 5.7-litres of American muscle nestling under the bonnet, this is an awesome car.

    We all clearly loved the fact that it’s so clean and really gives nothing away about the fact that it’s got almost 400hp to play with, courtesy of that breathed-on V8. Factor in the perfectly polished #BBS 17s and air-ride that combine to deliver the sort of stance and fitment that will have people breaking out the #goals on Instagram and you’ve got yourself one drop-dead gorgeous E30.

    02 Nick Singh Sahota’s #V8 #BMW-E30

    Little more than two fistfuls of votes separated the runner-up spot from this year’s winner and the former is occupied by Nick Sahota and his rather tasty #V8-powered E30 Chromie. Nick took home the (virtual) trophy last year with his orange, S54-powered, air-ride E30 M3 in an equally exciting battle for the top spot, and while this year’s entry from the Sahota stable was a rather more low-key affair, it clearly struck a chord with you guys out there as it quickly established itself in a strong second spot before surging after the eventual leader in the latter stages of voting.

    Another exceedingly clean E30, there is a lot to love about this car, such as the incredibly rare rear window louvres combined with the delightfully retro heckblende panel, the highly-polished 16” Schmidt splits, the immaculately executed interior with its Recaro Highbacks and Nardi steering wheel and gear knob and, of course, the 4.0-litre M60 V8 sitting snugly in the immaculate engine bay. This all adds up to a heady mix of E30 goodness that’s impossible to resist.

    01 Truls Johansen’s 580hp turbo E30 M3

    When we were compiling the shortlist for this year’s Car of the Year, we couldn’t help but speculate which car might be the potential victor this time around, but we could never have predicted this result. It’s as pleasant a surprise as we could have ever imagined. In a sea of spotlight-stealing show cars and insanely intricate big power builds, it was this turbocharged E30 that captured your imagination and you subsequently propelled it into the lead with such force we wondered if anything could possibly catch it. Please don’t think we’re taking anything away from Truls and his E30 M3, we loved it enough to put it on our June cover after all, but when the BMW-loving public is concerned, we never know what the outcome might be.

    So just what is it about this car that made it such a crowd pleaser in this year’s contest? Well, you certainly can’t go wrong with an E30 M3, and this one is arguably the very definition and embodiment of a performance BMW. With minimal styling additions, including some Evo 2 aero accoutrements and some lush Porsche seats, this car is all about power and rather than swapping in a larger engine, Truls chose to stick with the S14, carrying out some seriously extensive internal upgrades before strapping on a fat turbo and hitting 583hp, all with just four cylinders to play with. We love the end result and, clearly so do you. ‏ ‏ — with Shelby Glenn
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