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V6 3.6-litre FSI engined Volkswagen Vento/Jetta Mk 3/A3 Typ 1H
Wednesday, 4th Apr 2018
Mike Pitman says he likes to build his cars fast, and he likes to build ‘em custom, too. His VW Jetta here is the latest in a long line of out-the-box builds that has earned the title of a Pitman car. Words: David Kennedy. Photos: Viktor Benyi.
Most colourful VW Golf VR6 MkIII Harlequin
Wednesday, 14th Mar 2018
Harlequin Right-hand drive VR6 homage to the most colourful Golf… If you thought the Golf Harlequin was an oddball creation then we can’t imagine what you’re going to make of Lee Docherty’s one-off homage. There’s daring to be different and then ther