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    Jarkle posted a new blog post, Retro Ride Renault 5 Turbo

    Retro Ride Renault 5 Turbo

    Posted in Cars on Saturday, February 18 2017

    ‘80s rare R5 le car turbo French Slick. The engineers at Renault we’re once keen to slap a turbo on every one of their models in the 1980s. This little Le Car though, must be one of the rarest blown hatches ever… it could even be a sole survivor! British R5 Le Car 2 Turbo This has to be one of the rarest sights ever seen in Retro Cars. We’ll eat our berets if you can show us another that’s still on the road.Retro Ride Renault 5 Turbo. Words: Jarkle. Photos: Davy Lewis.

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    Ross gets the blues for Les Bleus. Ross’s Renault let him down before the London Classic Car Show, so he borrowed this one from 4 Star Classics.

    YEAR #1981
    CAR #Renault-5-Turbo-1 / #Renault-5-Turbo / #Renault-5 / #Renault /
    Owned by Ross Alkureishi and Richard Head
    Time owned Four months
    Costs £2000
    Miles this month 127
    Previously Windscreen repaired, but it’s clear that more work is needed to get it back to its best

    Gearing up for the Six Nations Event at the 2016 London Classic Car Show, John Law at Wapping-based JL Engineering went into overdrive to get the R5T ready in time. He flushed and bled the cooling system, fitted a new thermostat, and repaired and reinstalled the odometer. The speedometer wasn’t ready in time for the show and nor were the De Carbon dampers, so he fitted a spare set of Konis.

    A special French package arrived soon after via the underground Alpine network – Daniel in Le Bourget-du-Lac, to Ricard in Reims, to Pascal in Calais. And contained within was some Renault 5 gold dust: a Turbo 1 steering wheel and gearknob, Turbo bodywork decals – missing on ours following its respray – and an original Gotti space-saver spare wheel. The price? Let’s move on swiftly in case one of our respective partners reads this report.

    It was all coming together beautifully. The plan was for co-owner Richard to collect me from Stansted Airport in the Turbo and then we’d drive from there to the Excel Centre venue. But there was no sign of him or the car when I landed. A subsequent text revealed that the car had overheated so I caught a train to Berkshire, where we worked on the car well into the small hours.

    Alas, we barely made it a mile the following morning. Pulling into a petrol station, we re-bled the system and set off again. No good – we got another 100 metres before the temperature gauge needle assumed its by now familiar position deep in the rouge. Clearly, this was terminal.

    Ensconced in the cabin of a breakdown truck an hour later, we settled into a shared melancholy – it looked like Team France would be a member down.

    Then I had an epiphany. I whipped out my mobile phone and rudely interrupted the breakfast of James Mann at 4 Star Classics. ‘Still got that blue Turbo 1 for sale?’ I asked. Then, ‘Can I borrow it?’ My next call was to LCCS event director Bas Bungish. ‘Can you collect a car for me?’ And finally Marcus Atkinson at Hagerty Insurance. ‘Any chance of adding a car to our policy?’ Broken down at 6am, recovered at 7am, replacement car sourced at 7.30am, insured by 8am – not bad, even if I do say so myself.

    The R5T arrived in time for rehearsals and performed beautifully along the show’s Grand Avenue. Mine was a fleeting one-day visit so Richard assumed driving duties for the rest of the weekend and smiled for both the French TV cameras and Classic Cars snapper Jonathan Jacob. Typical – I save the day and he gets all the glory!

    As for Team France, we got knocked out in the quarter-finals, finishing fifth. C’est la vie – it’s the taking part that counts.

    Thanks to: 4 Star Classics (4starclassics.com) / Hagerty Insurance (hagertyinsurance.co.uk)

    Yet more overheating relegated the Alkureishi/ Head R5 to the subs’ bench.
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    Turbo charges into Stoneleigh

    1981 RENAULT 5 TURBO

    The #Renault-5-Turbo that crashed out of the #1983-Monte-Carlo-Rally in mysterious circumstances has returned to a rally stage for the first time since the Eighties.

    ‘It probably won more rallies than any other 5 Turbo,’ said restorer Kevin Jones of GTO Engineering. ‘It was the first 5 Turbo imported into the UK and the first to be rallied by a British driver. John Price easily won the Motoring News British Rally Championship with it in 1982, so he targeted a number of European events – including the Monte Carlo rally – the following year.

    ‘He was sponsored by a Renault dealership and had works backing, but as a privateer was seeded 60th. Unexpectedly, he overshadowed the works Renault drivers by putting in some incredible times and was gaining on the leaders when he suddenly shot off the road and down a ravine. ‘When he got the car back to the UK he found a bullet hole in one of the tyres. He never found out who fired it – it could have been a disgruntled local or even a rival team.

    ‘He sold it in 1987 to a guy who dismantled it but didn’t do anything to it. We bought it eight years ago and restored it but we’ve only just got the engine running – all 320bhp of it.’

    This Renault-5-Turbo was taken out of the #1983 #Monte-Carlo-Rally by a sniper’s bullet. / #Renault-5 / #Renault /
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