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Supercharged 700bhp BMW M6 E63
Friday, 6th Dec 2019
Force of nature 700hp supercharged E63 M6 Finished in a stunning matt wrap, covered in carbon and with a phenomenal supercharged V10 under its bonnet, this E63 M6 is pure modified BMW perfection. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Rich Pearce.
AirREX air-ride Superslick BMW M6 E63
Tuesday, 11th Dec 2018
Superslick E63 M6. With its blend of show-stopping style and full-on M car menace, this carbon-clad air-ride M6 is an awesome build. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Matt Dear.
Trouble-shooter BMW E63/E64 6-Series
Wednesday, 9th May 2018
Trouble-shooter The BMW E63 6 Series: Bargain buy or mechanical nightmare?
Buying Guide 6-Series E63/E64
Wednesday, 9th May 2018
Bargain Cruiser E63 6 Series: full buying guide… Buying guide: E63 6 Series If you’re after a stylish and capable BMW coupé or convertible, then we think this affordable, luxury GT is worth serious consideration. Six appeal! If you’re after a st