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Homebuilt Hero: 1979 Ford Capri 2.0S Early Mk3 that’s now a sorted screen star
Tuesday, 16th Jul 2019
You never forget your first Ford, but it took a midlife crisis for Darren Hawksley to remember his — and rebuild this early 2.0S as a tribute. Words Simon Woolley. Photos Adrian Brannan.
Life Cycle 1972 Ford Capri Special MkI
Sunday, 26th Aug 2018
Life Cycle The life story of a Ford Capri Special This rare Capri MkI Special made an impression on everyone who owned it – from the original Ford dealer who couldn’t stop driving it to the man who bought and restored it twice. Words Nigel Boothman.
Buying Guide Ford Capri MkII and MkIII
Tuesday, 1st May 2018
Six steps to buying a Ford Capri MkII/III Buying a Ford Capri in a world of mint restorations and big price tags. Soaring values have dramatically changed the buying landscape for this iconic coupé. Words Sam Dawson. Photography Julian Sandiford.