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UK’s fastest BMW M5 F10 - ultimate 5-Series 1000bhp and 214mph
Monday, 10th Dec 2018
The ultimate 5-Series M5 BMW F10 214MPH, 1000 HP. Record breaking beast will blow your mind! With 1000hp on tap and a top speed of 214mph this mighty, supercar-slaying, record-breaking F10 M5 is the UK’s fastest BMW… Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos
Tuned 620whp Imola Red BMW M5 F10
Sunday, 14th Oct 2018
Packing 620whp, this absolutely awesome Individual Imola M5 is a full-on powerhouse… and a sensible daily – our sort of car for sure. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Viktor Benyi.
Tuned 650hp BMW M5 F10
Friday, 17th Aug 2018
For the bold 650hp F10 M5. With acres of stunning Sakhir paintwork and a selection of seriously muscular mods, this fierce F10 M5 makes a big impression wherever it goes. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Matt Richardson.
Market Watch BMW M5 F10
Saturday, 7th Jul 2018
Superseded by the current F90 model, BMW’s previous-generation F10 M5 provides stunning performance with cutting-edge tech and, as Guy Baker explains, prices start at just £22,000.
The planet’s most powerful 1076whp BMW M5 F10
Saturday, 23rd Jun 2018
With a monster engine making over 1000whp, this is the planet’s most powerful F10 M5. Brace yourself… Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Viktor Benyi.