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Air-ride BMW 120d E82
Tuesday, 26th Mar 2019
Stunning 1-Series Coupe. Dripping with stunning carbon fibre and outrageously wide Work Equip wheels, Harvey Howe’s aggressive E82 brings a unique US flavour to UK shores. Words: Aron Norris. Photos: Andy Tipping.
Insane 750whp single-turbo BMW 135i E82 track car
Saturday, 10th Nov 2018
Beyond the limit. With an incredible 750whp from its single-turbo-equipped N54, this full-on, hardcore, track-prepped 135i is an astonishing machine. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Cris Guamanzara.
550bhp 2009 BMW 135i E82 Single-turbo monster
Sunday, 16th Sep 2018
Single-Minded 550hp single-turbo 135i This RamAir-equipped 135i may look innocent enough on the outside, but lift the bonnet and you’ll find a mighty, 550hp single-turbo conversion…Words and photos: Davy Lewis.
Trouble-shooter down-to-earth advice on buying an early BMW 1 Series E87, E81, E82 and E88 diesel N47
Saturday, 22nd Jul 2017
BMW 1 Series diesel. Andrew Everett offers his essential, Top 10 buying tips for those searching the classifieds for a first-generation 1 Series diesel.
Track-focussed BMW 135i E82 470hp
Friday, 5th May 2017
Fast, furious and fully focused 470HP BMW E82 135i. Blue Steel Track-focussed 135i E82. From the chilly wilds of Canada comes this searing vision blue; a track-honed, maximum-attack 135i built for driver thrills, staring you down with its steely