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  •   Richard Dredge reacted to this post about 6 months ago
    1997 #Bentley-Mulsanne Turbo RT £18,750. The RT was the last, rarest and most powerful of the Bentley Turbo series. Richard Gunn tries one out.

    The Bentley Turbo RT is a tale of two characters. On the one hand, it’s a blunt, uncompromising instrument of breezeblock styling and immense power. But it’s also a luxurious and pampering sophisticate with considerable charisma.

    This example, handsomely finished in Royal Blue, could almost be called subtle, with a minimum of exterior brightwork, the muted metallic hue helping subdue its bulkiness. With just over 55,000 miles on its clock (verified by a comprehensive service history), it isn’t a surprise to find little to fault with the outside of this RT. The nose has some stonechips - which could easily be mistaken for flakes in the metallic paint - and there are a couple of minute scratches on the bootlid, plus some tiny bubbles under the nearside rear side window. The front bumper is unmarked, but there is a minor crack on the nearside rear from a parking knock.

    The tyres are matching Avon Turbospeeds with plenty of life left, enveloping hefty alloys that exhibit the occasional patch of corrosion around their inner edges and spokes. All the panel gaps are straight and there’s comprehensive undersealing.
    The interior is practically like new. The Cotswold Cream upholstery with French Navy piping looks hardly sat in, and the carpets are in excellent order. There’s no cracking or lifting of the walnut veneer anywhere. Everything electrical works as it should, including the steering wheel.

    Parking sensors have been retrofitted and there’s also a period cassette player behind the swivelling central panel.
    Underneath the bonnet it’s very clean, although so much is shrouded in black plastic that it’s difficult to see much beyond the top of the engine and the row of fluid reservoirs down the left-hand side.

    In action, this RT is both pussycat and tiger. It’s content to waft around with a low burble, but all it takes is a press of the ‘S’ button on top of the four-speed automatic gear selector to unleash its more animalistic nature. With Sport engaged there’s enormous acceleration despite the equally substantial weight. The instant enthusiasm denotes an engine and transmission in fine health. Although the tweaks to the suspension are noticeable, with sharper handling than previous Rolls-Royce-based Bentleys, this still isn’t a car you’d want to throw around too many corners as its sheer size means some wallow is unavoidable.

    The power steering and brakes all behave as they should; the former being nicely weighted, the latter being very sharp and bringing this Bentley to a quick halt.

    At £18,750, this is a lot of car for the money, and that summary includes its condition and driving experience - as well as its leviathan proportions.

    ► The Mulsanne is launched in 1980 as the badge-engineered Bentley compliment to the #Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. As part of the plan to revive the Bentley brand and distinguish it as more sporting, a turbocharged version appears in 1982, giving the traditional 6.75-litre pushrod V8 engine a 50 per cent power boost.

    ► The #Mulsanne name is dropped for 1985’s turbocharged #Bentley , which is now known simply as the Turbo R (for ‘Roadholding’ to denote its reworked, more performance-orientated suspension with a 50 per cent increase in roll stiffness). Power is around the 296bhp mark. Twin round headlamps replace the previous rectangular items during 1988.

    ► At the end of #1991 the ageing three-speed #GM automatic gearbox was replaced by their new four-speed 4L80-E unit.

    ► The #1997 swansong for the Mulsanne-shaped Turbos is the twin-turbocharged RT, of which just 252 are made. With 400bhp on tap, they externally stand out with mesh grilles, sports wheels and colour-coded bumpers. The #Olympian and #Mulliner are limited edition variants. Production ends in #1998 , when the #Arnage is unveiled.

    Price £18,750
    Contact Hanwells Bentley and Rolls-Royce,
    Hanwell, London (020 8567 9729,
    Engine 6750cc, V8, ohv, twin turbochargers
    Power 400bhp @ 4100rpm
    Torque 619lb ft @ 2150rpm
    Top speed 150mph (limited);
    0-60mph: 5.8sec
    Fuel consumption: 12-14mpg
    Length 5395mm
    Width 2110mm
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  •   Daniel 1982 reacted to this post about 11 months ago
    2005 Bentley Continental GT £27,495 Modern Classics For Sale Sampled

    Having covered little more than 6000 miles per year, this Bentley is in fine fettle and ready to conquer motorways. Nathan Chadwick.

    SPECIFICATIONS #2005 #Bentley-Continental-GT / #Bentley-Continental / #Bentley / #Bentley-Continental-GT-MkI /
    Engine 5998cc/ #W12 /DOHC
    Power [email protected]
    Torque 479lb [email protected]
    Maximum speed 199mph
    0-60mph 4.7sec
    Mileage 61,000
    Transmission AWD, six-speed auto #ZF6HP / #ZF / #ZF-6HP26A /
    On sale at ASM Performance

    The Bentley Continental GT sits in the either/or camp, in a similar fashion to more obscure oddities such as the Alfa Romeo SZ – you either love or hate 'em. Unlike the Italian stallion, for everyone who hates the Bentley there are probably two who love them, which means that Bentley have sold a shedload. As a consequence, not every car is as well loved as Bentleys of old have been.

    No fear here, however – this model's 61,000 miles may seem high for a prestige vehicle but the deep green/grey paintwork is in great overall condition. There are a few stone chips across the Bentley's broad face, with only very minor imperfections elsewhere.

    The of side wheels have a small amount of kerbing damage, but the 275/40 R19 Pirelli P Zeros have a good level of tread left on them.

    The service history, up to October 2013 and 56,420 miles, points to main dealer and specialist care and attention. The Continental will be serviced prior to sale.

    Under the bonnet, the tightly packed engine bay looks clean, with all the fluids at the right level and the oil is a desirable rich brown colour.

    The black leather interior is in fantastic condition, with the only signs of wear to the driver's-side bolster. The wooden inlays are free from scratches, though – and we're really nit-picking here – the start button is missing some of its typography and the circular badge on top of the gearlever came of. Otherwise it's hard to fault this interior, considering the mileage.

    Time to start driving, and with a low, refined waaargh noise the 6.0-litre W12 fires up on the button. The steering feels suitably hefty yet easy to manoeuvre, and on rougher surfaces the suspension performs quietly and efficiently.

    The gearbox was equally well behaved, with no undue hesitation or peculiar sounds when working through the gears. The brakes bring the car to a halt quickly and predictably and the CGT raises and lowers its air suspension without any untoward drama.

    Even if you're one of those who hates the Continental GT it's worth trying one anyway. There's truly epic amounts of traction and eyebrow-squishing acceleration. It's no Lotus Elise but this is much more comfortable, and faster too. For the amount of performance and luxury on offer, the Continental has to represent a bit of a bargain at less than £30k. This one is in great overall condition, and aside from a few minor exterior niggles, could easily be a brand-new car.

    Only minor marks spoil an otherwise excellent place to spend a weekend in Sport mode – and simply hold on.

    PRICE WHEN NEW (2005 UK) £124,805


    Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show in 2003, the CGT is offered with six body colours and eight hide colours. Bentley updates the GT in 2004 with more trim options. Mulliner Driving Specification option from same year includes 20-inch alloy wheels and upgrades to interior. Continental GT goes on a diet in 2007, shedding 35kg. GT Speed model launches the same year increases power to 602bhp and uprated suspension.

    Zagato-bodied special called the GTZ launches in 2008. Series 51 models of 2009 adds a plethora of trim options. Supersports released in 2009. Thanks to 621bhp and 590lb ft of torque, it can hit 204mph and reach 60mph in 3.7 seconds. Gearshifts are 50% quicker than standard GT's.
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  •   Adam Towler reacted to this post about 1 year ago
    Bob BMW created a new group

    Bentley Arnage

    Bentley Arnage 1998-2009
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  •   Jack Grover reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    Track beckons for new Continental GT / #2018 / #Bentley-Continental-GT / #2018-Bentley-Continental-GT / #Bentley / #Bentley-Continental-GT3

    Sub-1300kg, 550bhp, #V8-powered racer revealed hot on the heels of new Bentley road car
    Bentley is taking the Continental GT to the track in #2018

    It took Bentley a decade to get its original Continental GT out of the paddock and onto the track, but a GT3 racing version of the new Conti GT will line up on the grid at Monza in 2018 within a couple of months of the first road cars being delivered. And it has a lot to live up to. The original Continental GT3 race car racked up 528 races, 120 podiums and 45 wins during its short, four-year life. And with GT3 racing becoming evermore competitive, the new Bentley contender can’t afford the smallest confidence lift on its way into the first corner.

    To create their second-generation GT3 racer, Bentley’s motorsport engineers and Malcolm Wilson’s M-Sport – the race team charged with running the cars – started out with the new Conti GT road car. Job one was to shed over 850kg to give a sub-1300kg race-ready weight.

    Ditching the hand-finished interior accounted for most of that mass, but the use of carbonfibre for the non-structural body panels and other body parts (front splitter, rear wing, arch extensions) also contributed to shedding the pounds, as did the loss of the front driveshafts – the racer is rear-wheel drive. Hours in the wind tunnel have dictated its aggressive aero package, which hangs from the road car’s new Porsche Panamera-derived aluminium structure.

    Rather than the road car’s W12 , the racer will feature a development of the 4-litre twin-turbo V8 that served the team so well over the last four seasons. Updates for 2018 include a redesigned dry sump and new inlet and exhaust systems. Bentley claims its unrestricted output is ‘in excess of 550bhp’.

    Drive is delivered via a six-speed sequential gearbox, a carbon propshaft and a limited-slip differential. The suspension is all-new and so, too, are the six- and four-piston (front/rear) #Alcon brake calipers and iron discs.

    For 2018 a pair of Continental GT3s will race in the #Blancpain-GT-Series-Endurance-Cup as well as the four-round Intercontinental GT Challenge. With the driver line-up yet to be confirmed, evo is prepared to throw its Arai into the mix. It’s the least we can do while we wait for the GT3-inspired Continental Supersports road car to arrive.
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