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Riley Motor

Riley Motor

  • Riley One-Point-Five
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    Riley One-Point-Five
    Malcolm McKay Monday, September 25 2017
  • Riley Two-Point-Six
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    The Two-Point-Six replaced the Riley Pathfinder as Riley's top-line automobile when it was announced on 23 August 1957. While its predecessor retained the renowned Riley 4 cylinder twin cam, cross flow engine, Riley suspension and gearbox with its almost unique right hand gear lever, the Two-Point-Six was virtually identical to the Wolseley Six-Nin...ety Series III. It featured both monotone and duotone paintwork, as did the last of the Pathfinders.

    Externally the most obvious differences from the Pathfinder were the bonnet arrangement – while the Pathfinder's grille lifted with the bonnet, the Two-Point-Six, in common with the 6/90, had a fixed grille – and the wheel arches having a raised edge.

    It used the BMC C-Series straight-6, an engine that produced 101 hp (75 kW). This was actually less than the 2½ Litre Riley "Big Four" straight-4 engine it replaced. The Two-Point-Six was a commercial failure and was withdrawn from the market in May 1959, the last large Riley.


    2.6 L (2639 cc) C-Series straight-6, 97 hp (72 kW)
    Martin Buckley Thursday, August 10 2017