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  • De Tomaso Deauville
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    De-Tomaso-Deauville 1971-1985 The De Tomaso Deauville was a large four-door sedan first exhibited at Turin Motor Show 1970. The car was powered by the same 351 in³ (5763 cc) Ford Cleveland V8 as the De Tomaso Pantera, rated at 300 hp. The car had a top speed of 230 km/h (143 mph) and featured styling similar to that of the Jaguar XJ.

    ... The Deauville had an independent rear suspension very similar to that used by Jaguar, and ventilated discs in all four wheels. It shares its chassis with the Maserati Quattroporte III.

    A total of 244[1] Deauvilles were produced.[3] There were three Deauville variants: the early series 1 (1970-1974: serial number 10##, 11## and 12##), late series 1 (1975-1977: serial numbers 14##) and the series 2 (1978-1985: serial numbers 20## and 21##).

    One Deauville station wagon was made for Mr. De Tomaso's wife.[1] There were also two armoured Deauvilles produced, one for the Belgian Royal Family and the other for the Italian government. The latter is on display in the Museo delle Auto della Polizia di Stato in Rome.
    Roel Pollen Tuesday, August 01 2017
  • De Tomaso Pantera
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    The brilliancy of Italian coachwork is known and recognized the world over. Among the great Italian coachbuilders, Ghia Studios of Turin stands unsurpassed. In all its 50 years Ghia has never displayed more superb styling or meticulous detailing than in the de Tomaso Pantera. Here is feline grace captured in tautly smooth steel, an exciting marriag...e of form and function, with body and frame welded as a single structure to make this a singularly light yet most rigid car of high performance.

    Pantera’s soundproofed and air-conditioned cockpit is elegantly appointed and richly designed. The emphasis is on luxurious comfort, an avoidance of the Spartan austerity usually associated with sports car interiors. Space-age technology' is reflected in the instilment layout and the central command console, angled to provide optimum visibility for the driver and easy access to the bank of rocker-type switches. The steering wheel and dash pad, of course, are handsomely padded. Uncompromising care is evident in every detail of the interior, from the body-contoured bucket seats to the curved glass of the side windows.

    Pantera is Italian for panther. Under Pantera's sleek skin is a high-performance automobile as you might expect. The midship engine is placed to provide well-balanced weight distribution and excellent road-holding. The magnesium wheels were especially created for the Pantera. Each wheel is independently suspended and provided with its own power-assisted disc brake, internally vented for cooling, giving Pantera superb braking ability. The 351 CID 4V Ford V8 delivers its power to the rear wheels through a five-speed gearbox, fully synchronized in all forward gears.

    In Italy, people still build cars with passion. One of them is Alejandro de Tomaso. And this is his car Pantera. Conceived without compromise. A car so carefully built (it is virtually handmade) there will only be 2,500 made the first year. Mid-engined like a racing car. An ultra-high-performance sports coupe that stands a little higher than the average man's belt buckle, it scats two (and only two) and it’s priced in the neighbourhood of $10,000.

    Obviously, Pantera is for the few who demand something extraordinary. The body is the inspired work of Ghia, the renowned coachbuilder. It is Italian craftsmanship at its finest. Monocoque construction fuses the steel skin and frame into an incredibly strong and rigid structure.

    The engine is a 351 CID, 4-barrel V8 placed just ahead of the rear axle, which gives Pantera some huge advantages over conventional sports cars. Better vision forward. Less power-Ioss. Better weight distribution. And the tightest, most satisfying handling characteristics you’ve ever experienced.

    With five forward speeds fully synchronized, independent suspension of all four wheels (die-cast magnesium wheels are optional), rack and pinion steering, power-boosted disc brakes-even an ingenious sys-tem to prevent you from inadvertently selecting the wrong gear while shifting, the de Tomaso Pantera has to be one of the most impressive vehicles ever offered here at any price.
    Greg Parton Friday, October 02 2015