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Škoda cars

  • Škoda Octavia 5E
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    Škoda Octavia-5E
    Aston Parrott Monday, January 16 2017
  • Škoda 420
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    The rare Škoda 420 was made from 1933 to 1938. The stylish body with its luxury fittings harmonizes with the ingenious design of the chassis. The well sprung seats and back cushions are upholstered either with high-class fabric or real or artificial leather. Front seats are readily adjustable and ensure a maximum of comfort for both driver and pass...enger. Equipment de luxe. The doors are provided with side pockets. Wind screen of safety glass.

    The Škoda well thought-out arrangement of the gear and brake levers, the small turning circle of the car, as also the clear view in all directions make for easy steering under all conditions of traffic. The tastefully arranged instrument board includes two cubby holes, combined clock and speedometer, fuel level and oil pressure gauges. Twin screen wipers. Direction indicators. Rear view mirror. Rear blind operated from driver's seat.

    The patent folding roof of the cabriolet can be folded back or closed in a few seconds. Good ventilation inside the body is provided for by three adjustable openings, one over the wind screen and one each side below the direction indicators. In order to secure adequate ventilation in tropical countries the car may be provided with a hinged wind screen and hinged rear window (for the Škoda 420 Tudor and Sedan models) or with a roof, the rear pare of which can be folded back (for the Cabriolet and Roadster models). The spacious luggage locker is accessible from the outside and is closed by a close fitting locked cover, the whole modelled to harmonize with the smart lines of the body. Tools and spare wheel are accommodated inside the body below the floor of the lugged space. Stop lamp and rear light are placed above the number plate. For the painting there is a plentiful choice of colours in up to-date shades.
    Flid Chepushilo Friday, July 10 2015