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  • MG Q-Type
    Open Group MG 1 Member
    MG Q-Type 1934
    Paul Bussey Wednesday, August 08 2018
  • MGA Club
    Open Group MG 5 Members
    MGA Club - Best seats in the house — starring MGA '1600', the fastest, safest, smartest looking sporting machine ever to wear the Octagon. Produced by BMC, world’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of sports cars. Scenario and direction by you, according to your mood for fun or competition. Special effects: A real barnstorming engine, road-...hugging suspension, precise steering, fade-free disc brakes...and an award-winning performance every time you hit the road. Ask your BMC dealer for an audition. You’ll exit smiling, going abroad? Have a BMC car meet.

    Back seat drivers, g’bye! This one is deliberately designed for a carefree twosome to slip into snug bucket seats, take the helm, give it the gun, flash through teeming traffic and head for their favorite wide open spaces. Alone. This is the sports car for a guy and a gal who dare get away with an MG, knowing that everyone’s watching them. Enviously. The MGA 1600 Mk. II is one of four brand new members of the famous BMC family along with the MG Midget, the Austin Healey 3000 Mk. II and the Sprite...mighty fast company all. Drop everything for a getaway test drive today. You’ll find your home-town BMC dealer to be a happy accomplice.

    By sports cars? Wake up and live. Go see your, hometown BMC dealer for the down-to-earth facts on all sports cars. Compare! Compare BMC warranties and parts and service facilities with all other makers.

    Compare prices, models, colors, power and performance as most sports car experts already have. See for yourself why there are more BMC sports cars on the road than those of all other makers combined. Then sell yourself with a test drive. You'll be sold for keeps! Day and night. Night and day.
    Flid Chepushilo Friday, July 10 2015
  • MG Magnette Club
    Open Group MG 2 Members
    MG Magnette
    Martin99 Friday, November 14 2014
  • MG MGB Club
    Open Group MG 9 Members
    MG MGB Club / MGB MkII / MkIII

    With prices of the best MkI MGBs from the model’s earliest years achieving prices of £20,000-plus these days, what’s out there for anyone with a budget half the size? Thankfully there’s plenty of choice, with excellent examples of the 1967-on MkII and 1972-on MkIII (prior to the launch of the ‘black bum...per’ look for 1974) readily available.

    The MGB got off to a flying start upon its debut in 1962, offering extra refinement, a more upmarket feel and a bigger version of the venerable B-series engine compared with the outgoing MGA. The launch of the MkII range five years later brought an array of worthwhile upgrades, including an all-synchromesh gearbox and the option of automatic transmission for the first time. By 1969 the MGB found itself with Rostyle wheels, while 1971 saw a new recessed black front grille introduced, changed to chrome again the following year. By the time the MkIII took a bow in 1972, the MGB featured a redesigned fascia and various other aesthetic upgrades.

    Under the bonnet of any standard-spec MGB roadster you’ll find the familiar 1798cc engine (pushing out roughly 95bhp DIN depending on year), endowing the car with enough performance to make it an entertaining drive. Running costs are aided by the MGB’s simple spec, impressive parts availability and reasonable economy. If you fancy an MGB that benefits from numerous upgrades but was built prior to the still-controversial 1975 model year, a MkII or early MkIII makes real sense – and remains one of the most practical and enjoyable-to-drive classics for the money.
    Martin99 Friday, November 14 2014
  • MG 1100/1300 - BMC ADO16 Club
    Open Group MG 2 Members
    MG 1100/1300 - BMC ADO16 Club
    Aspi-Rant Friday, September 26 2014
  • MG Midget Club
    Open Group MG 3 Members
    MG Midget is a very small two-seater sports car produced by the MG division of the British Motor Corporation from 1961 to 1979. It revived a famous name used on earlier models such as the MG M-type, MG D-type, MG J-type and MG T-type.
    Aspi-Rant Friday, September 26 2014