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  •   Chris G reacted to this post about 11 months ago
    New Limited Edition 6 series / #BMW-650i-Coupé-F13 / #BMW-650i-F13 / #BMW-650i / #BMW-F13 / #BMW / #BMW-6-Series-Gran-Coupé-F06 / #BMW-6-Series-Gran-Coupé / #BMW-F06 / #BMW-6-Series-F06 / #BMW-6-Series-Gran-Coupé / #BMW-6-Series-Cabrio-F12 / #BMW-6-Series-Cabrio / #BMW-6-Series-F12 / #BMW-F12 / #BMW-Sonic-Speed-Blue / #M-Sport-Limited-Edition / #BMW-6-Series-M-Sport-Limited-Edition / #2017

    The all-new M Sport Limited Edition 6 Series features a Sonic-Speed-Blue metallic exterior paint finish and includes newly designed 20-inch M light alloy wheels in Bicolour finish with M specific double-spoke design and mixed run-flat tyres. The styling of the 6 Series Coupé and Gran Coupé is additionally emphasised by exterior mirror caps in carbon fibre.

    Inside you’ll find exclusive comfort seats with Individual fine-grain Merino full leather trim in Black/Fjord Blue and these are complemented with floor mats featuring contrasting piping in Fjord Blue. The cabin ambience is rounded off with interior trim finishers in carbon fibre, a gear selector lever with carbon fibre applications and door sill cover strips coloured blue and bearing the inscription ‘M Sport Limited Edition’.

    The new models are well equipped too, with Variable Damper Control, Adaptive LED Headlights, Soft-close doors, Reversing Assist Camera, Ceramic Finish for controls, Electric glass sunroof, Sun protection glass, harman/kardon loudspeaker system, Head-up display and Speed limit display being added to the Sixes’ already impressive spec list.

    On-the-road prices for the 6 Series Coupé and Gran Coupé M Sport Limited Edition are £83,580 and £84,080 respectively. Both models are available to order now.
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  •   Chris G reacted to this post about 11 months ago
    Dramatic podium / #BMW-M6-GT3 / #BMW-M6 / #BMW / #2017 / #BMW-M6-F13 / #BMW-F13 / #BMW-6-Series-F13 / #BMW-6-Series / #BMW-M6-GT3-F13 /

    A dramatic and rain-soaked finale, soaring summer temperatures and 205,000 thrilled spectators ensured quite a spectacle at the recent 24-hour race, held at the famous Nürburgring, known to many as the Green Hell!

    But the event proved anything but hellish for BMW, because Alexander Sims (GBR), Markus Palttala (FIN), Nick Catsburg (NED) and Richard Westbrook (GBR) completed 158 laps in the number 98 #ROWE Racing M6 GT3, and finished in second place. What’s more, the final podium places were only decided during a thrilling last lap.

    A heavy downpour about half an hour before the end of the race led to chaotic scenes all around the Nordschleife. But Catsburg kept a cool head as the final driver of the 98 car, and improved by one place on wet-weather tyres before celebrating a second-place finish with his team-mates. This is the best result recorded yet by #ROWE-Racing at the 24-hour race.

    After the heroic performance, British driver Alexander Sims said: “I’m ecstatic. It’s absolutely awesome. It’s my fourth time coming here and, just like the victory at Spa last year, I didn’t expect it. We didn’t put a foot wrong the whole race; everyone did a superb job.

    “I feel like we capitalised on every opportunity we had, so the team deserved to be on the podium. It was a really exciting final stint, and Nick did a fantastic job. I’m really pleased to be on the podium.”

    The 24-hour race at Nürburgring is one of the most challenging, so congratulations to ROWE Racing’s BMW M6 GT3 for its fine podium finish.
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  •   Elizabeth reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    The big Beemer’s oil consumption is worrying editor Trott / #BMW-M6-Gran-Coupe / #BMW-M6 / #BMW / BMW-M6 / #BMW-M6-Gran-Coupé-F06 / #BMW-M6-F06 / #BMW-6-Series / #BMW-6-Series-F06 / #BMW-F06 / #2013 /

    Oil is on my mind this month. The BMW M6 Gran Coupe has asked me, politely but firmly, to pour another litre into the engine – bringing the total to three litres in 3365 miles. There’s no sign of smoke or anything else that indicates excessive oil burning, and the car certainly isn’t leaving a puddle of oil underneath, so I’ve asked BMW to take a closer look. It may be me being paranoid, or it may be that the car is still burning a little extra due to its relative lack of miles, but neither of my previous long termers, the McLaren 12C and the Mercedes-Benz C63, drank this much oil in 10,559 and 18,004 miles respectively.

    The third month of ownership is always a crucial time in relation to the bond you develop with a car. The first couple of months are filled with the big issues: in terms of the M6 these were the eye-widening pace, the sheer size oft he thing and the divisive looks. But now attention turns to the smaller details, both positive and negative.

    On the positive side, the engine is loosening up nicely: it feels like a couple of kilos have been skimmed from the flywheel. You notice this most in M Dynamic mode, when the rears spin and the engine hits the red line in what seems like a micro second.

    And I have to admit the rears have been spinning rather a lot recently thanks in part to the greasy roads, cooler temperatures and my growing confidence in M Dynamic. As I write this, I’m looking at winter tyre options. Also on the positive side, the M6’s hi-fi is exceptional – and it’s one of the few standard-fit items on the car, rather than being the £3750 Bang & Olufsen optional upgrade. Continuing the interior trend, the 10.2in screen gets a thumbs-up for its clarity and effective infographics, but the low roof line at the rear makes inserting child seats and the kids that fill said seats a back-breaking exercise. I am, however, warming to the light beige BMW individual Merino leather – I t helps lift an otherwise drab interior even though it does seem to be absorbing the indigo dye from my jeans. Can anyone recommend a decent leather cleaner?

    The problem at the moment is that No matter how much the M6 Gran Coupe impresses me – an d overall it’s certainly doing that – I can’t get the price of the thing out of my head. £118,050 is a not insubstantial amount Of money. Not only that, but as I write there are three M6 GCs available on the #BMW-Approved-Used used programme – all highly specced and with very Few miles on the clock – for between £75,000 and £78,000…

    Driver’s log
    Date acquired Sept 2013
    Total mileage 5200
    Mileage this month 943
    Costs this month £16
    Mpg this month 18.5
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  •   Johann Venter reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    Big is Beautiful / #BMW-M6-GT3 / #BMW-M6 / #BMW / #BMW-M6-F13 / #BMW-F13 / #2016 / #BMW-6-Series-F13 / #BMW-6-Series / #BMW-M6-GT3-F13 /

    Newly minted this season as BMW’s only Asian factory GT3 team, we take a closer look at Japan’s BMW Team Studie and its sexy new BMW-M6-GT3. Words and photography: Chris Nicholls.

    Big is Beautiful We go behind the scenes with Japan’s BMW Team Studie and its sexy new M6 GT3 race car.

    “For all the BMW GT3 teams this year, 2016 is the first year with the car”

    “When I first heard they were going to use the M6 as a [GT3] base instead of the M4, I was worried. More than anything else, I thought it was too big,” says Yasuaki ‘Bob’ Suzuki. The head of both Japan’s largest BMW tuning chain, #Studie-AG , and the #BMW-Team-Studie-GT300 squad is talking about his experiences with the car to date. After five years of running the much smaller Z4 in Super GT competition (three as a privateer team and two as a BMW Japan-backed Sports Trophy outfit), you can see why he might have been anxious before he got his big new toy. Yes, Japan has large, fast circuits like Fuji or Suzuka that inherently suit such a car, but the majority of its tracks are quite small, with some, like Autopolis or Okayama, pretty tight and technical. So you can imagine Bob’s relief when his team first took possession of the car and ace drivers Jörg Müller and Seiji Ara found, despite its 2900mm-plus wheelbase and near five-metre length, that it flew around Okayama during the pre-season shakedown. “We were shocked. It really turned,” he says. “Proof once again of BMW’s engineering skills”.

    The M6’s first full-race performance at the same circuit for Round One of the 2016 championship proved Team Studie’s first impressions were not mistaken, either. Despite being the largest car in the field by some margin, the M6 qualified third and stayed there until the end. For a first race in a completely new and unproven car, this was a huge result, and showed great promise for the future.

    Sadly, the team has been bedevilled by mechanical issues during the rest of the season to date, but when it’s had clean runs, it’s been fighting for the lead every step of the way (often with the only other M6 GT3 in the field, the Team ARTA entry), proving the car’s speed. And while it’s massively frustrating to Bob and his team to see the car sidelined due to these teething troubles, he knew to expect them.

    “For all the BMW GT3 teams this year, 2016 is the first year with the car, so of course there are always going to be niggling problems. However, there are 20 M6 GT3s currently in use worldwide, and the teams using them all exchange information in terms of what bolts are likely to work themselves loose or what needs to be strengthened or replaced early because it’s likely to break etc. So by exchanging this information, we all work together to help improve the M6 GT3. If nothing breaks, the car itself is plenty fast enough, so by figuring out the problems that only arise when racing wheel-to-wheel, all us M6 GT3 owners will make the car a winner.”

    As we’ve seen at the Spa 24-Hours and other races, that’s already happening, so hopefully it’s only a matter of time before the Team Studie car joins the likes of Turner Motorsport, Team ROWE and Team ARTA (who took a pole-to-flag win at round four) on the top step of the podium. At least thanks to Super GT’s unique rules, the bad luck will make things easier for the team in the last few races of the season, as unlike regular GT3 series worldwide, Super GT adds its ‘success ballast’ in a much more aggressive way – teams can be penalised not just for winning, but also fast lap times mid-race and high qualifying positions. This means, while it’s not an advantage it’d like to have, Team Studie’s M6 currently weighs less than any of its rivals’ cars.

    For those not familiar with the current Super GT landscape, those rivals are many and varied, too. In the GT300 class (there’s a GT500 class above for factory-supported DTM-style silhouette racers), you don’t just have the usual Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes and Lamborghini GT3 competitors, but also vehicles like the Subaru BRZ GT300 (a BRZ GT3 by any other name), the Toyota Prius GT300 (complete with hybrid RWD driveline) and home-grown oddities like the va rious MC, or Mother Chassis cars. Most commonly shrouded by a GT86/BRZ-style body and set up in an FR configuration with Nissan V8s, these silhouette carbon tubs are built by Dome and are designed to offer a lower-cost entry path to GT3-level competition. And while they’re usually run as GT86s, one team puts a Lotus Evora body on its car, complete with mid-engined Nissan V8 driveline. Indeed, such is the MC’s flexibility, you can put a pure EV system in there if you want. Either way, these cars are fast, and regularly compete at the front of the field. It’s this variety, and a unique rule set that helps maintain parity better than other GT3 series, that makes Super GT so exciting to watch.

    Of course, even if you’re just interested in BMWs, the new M6 GT3 provides much to look at and enjoy by itself. The result of heavy development by BMW Motorsport to address both the biggest known weakness of its Z4 predecessor – mid-range torque – and provide a cheaper, easier-to-run package for its customer and factory teams worldwide, the M6 GT3 is a masterpiece. In keeping with the lower cost philosophy, the engine is now a production unit based on the standard M6’s S63 twin-turbo V8, with only the dry sump system, intercooling (now air-to-air), exhaust system, management and sundry motorsport-spec connectors changed from the regular road-going motor. Even the turbos are stock, albeit with restrictors fitted to keep the engine to 585hp or less than the road-going Competition Pack model.

    Given the race car is only 1295kg though, that’s not an issue. Unsurprisingly, the driveline is less related to the regular M6, boasting a Ricardo transaxle with a four-plate clutch inside and the generator and A/C compressor bolted to the casing, but then road car gearboxes don’t like competition stresses much.

    Thanks to the latest GT3 rules, BMW has also switched suspension to be double wishbones allround, and there’s also cockpit-adjustable anti-roll bars to work with the Öhlins dampers. Braking, meanwhile, is via AP Racing six-piston front and fourpiston rear callipers and Dixcel pads (Dixcel is a Studie supplier), with BBS 13x18-inch centre-locks carrying Team Studie’s chosen Yokohama rubber. Interestingly, despite everything above, the biggest changes from the road car are actually to the chassis.

    Obviously there’s an FIA-spec cage in there and everything’s been stripped, but that’s just standard for any serious racer. The major changes lie in the crash structure, with carbon fibre front and CFRP rear sections designed to absorb the huge energy loads the car will see in a major impact. In fact, if you watch the Motorsport YouTube channel’s development video, you’ll see the whole front end of the car comes off in one piece, engine and all, which not only facilitates easier maintenance, but should also mean greater safety, as the whole front end can come away in a severe-enough crash, absorbing the energy and leaving the safety cell intact. The rest of the body-related alterations lie in the move to all carbon panels and funky access ports to all necessary fluid reservoirs, filters and data connection points, as well as the fitment of the requisite air jacks and drybreak fuelling system. Wrapped in Studie’s unique take on the traditional M stripes livery, it’s a stunner.

    Perhaps oddly, given that beautiful exterior and the engineering that’s gone into the rest of the car, Bob’s own favourite part is the interior. However, one look shows why that may be: the austere, almost Zen-like black-on-white aesthetic, complete with stunning carbon dash, door trims, control box and foot rest, is perfect, while the obligatory tiny, control-festooned carbon ‘wheel’, ventilated safety seat and AP Racing pedal box all help complete the look. In the case of Studie’s car, the Schroth harnesses have been replaced by OMP ones (again, as per supplier agreements), but the rest is untouched. Maybe you can now see why, when Bob first saw it, he says it gave him goosebumps. His other favourite part of the car, in case you’re wondering, is the engine. Not just because its mid-range torque finally allows his drivers to overtake when they want to, but from a pure engineering perspective, because it’s so low. Drysumped and buried as far down in the front clip as possible, it is an impressive piece of packaging work.

    “You have trouble actually seeing the motor when looking down from above,” he says.

    All this new tech does come with its downsides, of course. First year reliability issues aside, the different chassis, engine and aerodynamics mean the team has virtually no data to work with for each circuit, and when they do get to run, modern race ECUs means they’re flooded with almost too much information. “As of right now, we only have five races’ worth of data on the M6. And assimilating and processing that is tough,” says Bob. Not that he’ll let that, or any of the other issues the team has suffered, curb his championship ambitions. While the 2016 trophy may be out of reach, thanks to the bad luck they’ve had, Team Studie will push on to get as high a position as they can, and next year, they’ll go again, knowing they’ve got a brilliant base to build on for the near future. Long term? No one can tell, but Bob’s plans are grand. Aside from remaining the factory BMW GT3 squad in Japan, he also wants to eventually move into GT500, if and when the long-planned merger of the DTM and GT500 rules occurs; something that would allow him to run an M4 DTM alongside the M6. Both have their advantages – GT500 has the speed, glamour and technological advancement only a top-tier silhouette class can bring, while GT300 is more relatable to his Studie tuning shop customers – though running in two different classes brings its own strains and stresses.

    However, Bob is not the kind of person to let that phase him, so keep an eye out on Super GT, as you may see Studie cars competing, and winning, in two of the best tin-top categories the world has to offer.

    “You have trouble actually seeing the motor when looking down from above”

    “By exchanging this information, we all work together to help improve the M6 GT3”
    • Correction / In the November issue of BMW Car we featured Japan’s BMW Team Studie M6 GT3 in a feature titled Big is Beautiful. Unfortunately due toCorrection / In the November issue of BMW Car we featured Japan’s BMW Team Studie M6 GT3 in a feature titled Big is Beautiful. Unfortunately due to some unexpected gremlins in the BMW Car editorial office we attributed the photography to Chris Nicholls who wrote the feature – the stunning images were, in fact, taken by Wataru Tamura. Many apologies to all concerned.   More ...
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  •   Johann Venter reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    19th ART CAR TO RACE AT DAYTONA / #BMW-M6-GTLM / #BMW-M6 / #BMW-M6-GTLM-Art-Car / #BMW-M6-Art-Car / #BMW-6-Series-Art-Car / #John-Baldessari / #BMW-M6-John-Baldessari / #BMW-M6 / #BMW / #BMW-M6-F13 / #BMW-F13 / #BMW-M6-GTLM-Art-Car-by-John-Baldessari-F13 / #BMW-M6-Art-Car-F13 / #2016 / #BMW-6-Series-F13

    The 19th BMW-Art-Car by John Baldessari celebrated its world premiere at the Art Basel exhibition in Miami Beach at the tail end of 2016 where it was announced that it will take part in the Rolex 24 at Daytona at the end of January.

    Ludwig Willisch, President and CEO, BMW of North America said: “It is an honour to add this new masterpiece by John Baldessari to the #BMW-Art-Cars Collection today. As one of the most important contemporary artists working today, John joins an incredible group, from Calder and Hockney to Warhol and Koons, that has contributed to this collection over the past 40 years. He has used his signature aesthetic combining colour, shapes and text to create a visually stunning work which will stand out at both the museum and on the race track in Daytona early next year.”

    “I have done only one work in my life involving a car before, and that was an image of a car,” commented Baldessari. “So for the #BMW-Art-Car project I entered uncharted territory, not just in terms of the subject but also moving from two- to three-dimensional art. A challenge I did enjoy! The ideas all came at once: for instance, the red dot on the roof, so you can see it from above, FAST on one side, and a picture of the car on the other side. I like the ambiguity, having two-dimensions and threedimensions at the same time. Considering the car as an icon of contemporary life, my concept turned out playfully satirical but it also highlights some of the trademark ideas that I use. So you can say the #BMW-Art-Car is definitely a typical Baldessari and the fastest artwork I’ve ever created!”

    Launching its 19th Art Car was a slightly odd move from #BMW as what it is calling its 18th #Art-Cars (which will be designed by Chinese multimedia artist Cao Fei) won’t actually be revealed until the summer of 2017.

    As well as taking part in the Daytona 24-hour race Baldessari’s #Art-Cars , run by #BMW-Team-RLL , will be entered in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship (IWSC). Bill Auberlen, Alexander Sims, Augusto Farfus and Bruno Spengler will share driving duties.
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  •   Johann Venter reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    6 Series upgrades / #BMW-6-Series / #BMW-6-Series-F13 / #BMW-F13 / #BMW / #2017 / #BMW-6-Series-F06 / #BMW-6-Series-F12

    New special equipment features are coming to the BMW-6-Series range in March. These options, available on the Coupé, Convertible #BMW-F12 and Gran Coupé #BMW-F06 , underscore the sporting character of the three models. The choice of body colours will be complemented by the brand-new variant Sonic Speed Blue metallic while #M-Sport models will see new 20-inch, M bicolour light alloy wheels boasting an M-specific double spoke design as well as new Carbon Fibre interior trim.
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