PORSCHE 928 BEST BARGAIN GT! It was designed to replace the 911 and move Porsche into new markets, but history record...

It was designed to replace the 911 and move Porsche into new markets, but history records that the V8-powered Porsche 928 did nothing of the sort despite being hailed as the World’s best GT in the 1970s. Unlike 911s, the 928 remains incredibly cheap to buy (if not own), and can be great value if you find a solid, honest service-historied car. Just don’t run away with the idea that it’s an alternative to a 911 because the portly, front-engined (invariably automatic) 928 isn’t that sort of sports car.
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    CAR #Porsche-928-S4 / #Porsche-928S4 / #Porsche / #Porsche-928S4-Automatic / #1990-Porsche-928-S4 / #Porsche-928 / #Porsche

    Year #1990
    Mileage 112 480
    Asking price £14,250
    Vendor The Motor Shed, Bicester Heritage; Oxon; tel: 01869 249999;

    Price £48,900 (’1988)
    Max power 316bhp
    Max torque 317lb ft
    0-60mph 6.3 secs
    Top speed 165mph
    Mpg 21

    This S4 received a quick respray on its Caramel Beige to appear in the BBC series Shetland, but there’s a decent car under the blowover. The evenly applied paint is an attractive colour, but there’s a little overspray on some rubbers and the door shuts were done by hand – stickers and all. Its body imperfections are limited to a tiny bit of bubbling at the upper rear corner of the nearside front wing, a smaller one under the offside rear side glass, a slight ding above the left rear arch and a couple of bruises on the roof.

    The alloys are lightly kerbed or bubbling 996 Turbo Twists, with Hankook and Nokian tyres of indeterminate ages, but the discs look fairly recent and it’s been well maintained. There are six stamps in the service book from Glenvarigill in Glasgow, followed by 10 more from independents, the latest in June 2010, less than 5000 miles ago. Since then it’s had a cambelt, recon radiator and new water pump – there are three stamps for brake fluid and coolant changes, the last at 111,652 miles in September 2015, and it then had a cambelt at 112,030, following the first swap at 67,173. It also recently had the transmission fluid and filter changed, a stainless tank cradle fitted and new #ABS sensors at the rear.

    It’s mostly wearing well inside, with cracking to the leather and heavier wear on the driver’s bolster piping. Door trims, dash and headlining are all good, and there’s an almost full toolkit. The tidy #V8 has no leaks and intact air trunking. Its fluids are obviously not very old, and to the right levels.

    Fire it up and there’s a deep-chested crackle, but the exhaust doesn’t look that aftermarket. It feels rock solid, in typical 928 fashion; weighty steering from a firm footprint and a mighty, relentless shove once it gets into its stride. Gearchanges are smooth and so are the brakes, with oil pressure 4bar at any revs and 2bar at warm tickover. Temperature is steady just under 90ºC. So, all the important bits work including the pop-up lights and all the instruments (a 928 bugbear), but the left window and electric sunroof don’t operate (yet both mirrors do) and neither does the aircon.

    To be sold with a new MoT and the sense that, even as 928s continue to rise in value, sensible offers under the asking price might be entertained.

    ● Solid; straight-ish; cheap respray
    ● Typical for a 928 of this age
    ● Feels strong; full service history
    VALUE ★★★★★★★✩✩✩

    For Properly looked after, with plenty of bills and drives well
    Against Those hand-painted door shuts; hide needs a little TLC

    If you’re not too bothered about cosmetics (it’s not bad from five paces), this is much better than you first think. Worth a serious look
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    Hidden 928 looks for new home

    LOST & FOUND #1984-Porsche-928-S2 / #Porsche-928-S2 / #Porsche-928 / #Porsche / #1984

    Lancashire-based dealer Chris McPheat has a knack of finding unusual cars. His latest is a 1984 Porsche 928 S2 with a manual ’box that has covered just 31,000 miles. In ’1986 the Porsche was not re-taxed and it has remained unused since, a recent MoT test being the first it had ever been through.

    McPheat has been unable to find out why the car was taken off the road, but a fault with the ignition ECU discovered when it was started may have been the cause.

    The 928 is otherwise virtually perfect, though the paintwork has suffered in storage. McPheat has been through the car mechanically, but is not going to tackle the paint, leaving it for a new owner to do. “The driving experience is as if you are handling a two-year-old car,” he said. “The interior is immaculate, everything works and it all feels new. I took it for a 100-mile run into West Yorkshire and it is a blast to drive.” For details, email [email protected]

    “The driving experience is as if you are handling a two-year-old car, it all feels new”

    It seems this car was abandoned in 1986. The Porsche’s paint might need some TLC, but it’s mechanically sound with a good cabin The rare manual has done a mere 31k miles.
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    / CAR: #1989-Porsche-928-S4 £22,000 / #For-Sale / #Porsche-928-S4 / #Porsche-928 / #Porsche-928S4-Automatic / #Porsche / #1989 / #Porsche-928-S4

    Smooth and sinister in jet black, this later evolution of Porsche’s front-engined GT has a lot going for it, says Nigel Boothman

    The 928 never fulfilled Porsche’s plan for replacing the air-cooled, rear-engined 911, but it carved its own niche as a flagship grand tourer that gave Mercedes, Jaguar and even Ferrari lots to think about. This one is a second generation, launched in 1986 with a five-litre, 32-valve #Porsche-V8 and smoother styling.

    It’s a deep and glossy black, benefitting from a recent professional machine polish that has removed any distinction we could find between original paint and the one or two panels apparently resprayed. The finisher strips above each door sit slightly proud – not uncommon on 928s – but otherwise there are only small scratches and a star-crack on the lower rear nearside quarter, with a tiny paint wrinkle near the offside rear light unit. The rear spoiler is unmarked, as are the 17in Cup 2 alloys from a 928 GTS, a modern but popular upgrade. They’re wrapped in 255/40 R17 Michelin Pilot Sports with almost all tread remaining. There’s a collapsible Vredestein spacesaver under the boot carpet; probably now better regarded as a period novelty than a genuine get-you-home option. The engine bay is rather a let-down after the immaculate exterior but repainting the flakey inlet manifold would improve things a great deal, as would a bit of general detailing and touching up of surface rust on brackets and catches. Oils and coolant levels are all where they should be.

    The black leather seats are piped in red and though in generally good order the driver’s right-hand side bolsters would benefit from a bit of recolouring and feeding. Carpets are smart and the myriad electric assistances all work, including a new Porsche Classic sat-nav/digital radio unit in the stereo slot, which blends well with the look of the dash and cost as much as a tatty 928 did until recently. When we drove the car there was a faulty brake light and the driver’s door card caught on the sill when the door was opened, but we are assured both issues will be remedied.

    The Porsche’s big V8 started promptly and ran perfectly from cold with no howling noises from slipping belts or power steering pumps. On the road it rides more firmly than earlier 928 models but feels unflappable and utterly planted, without any thumps or rattles from the suspension. It gathers pace relentlessly rather than savagely – despite its size, the engine saves a lot of its drama for peak revs and the weighty, insulated feel of the 928 blunts the sensation of speed. The brakes do their job perfectly with no grabbing or deviation even when worked hard.

    This is a very good example that’s clearly been well cared-for. There is a file of history including the original books that supports the 116k miles and the original toolkit is in the boot. There is still room for improvement here and there but even as it is, it should continue to satisfy as a capable weekend GT. And the auto box suits it.


    The 928 is launched in 1977 with an aluminium-block V8 engine of 4.5 litres with one overhead cam per bank and 237bhp. It uses a transaxle between a kind of passive rear-wheel steering arrangement for impressive stability.

    The 928S of 1980 has front and rear spoilers and a larger engine, now 4.7-litres and 297bhp. From 1984 the model is called the 928 S2 for the UK market, bringing a small power hike to 310bhp and a four-speed automatic to replace the previous three-speed.

    The 928 S4 debuts for the 1987 model year with four valves per cylinder, more capacity (five litres) but only 10bhp extra for 90kg of weight gain. Styling is smoothed out.

    1989 brings the manual-only 928 GT, a more sporting variant offering 330bhp, Cup Design alloys and the option of Boge gas dampers. 1992-1995 sees the run-out 928 GTS with 5.4 litres and 345bhp along with wider rear wings, but very few RHD cars make it to the UK.

    1989 Porsche 928 S4

    Price £22,000
    Contact Investor Classics, Edinburgh (0131 510 7131,

    Engine 4957cc #V8 qohc
    Power 320bhp @ 6000rpm
    Torque 317lb ft @ 3000rpm
    Top speed: 161mph;
    0-60mph: 6.2sec
    Fuel consumption 17mpg
    Length 4520mm
    Width 1836mm

    928 GTS but look great. The engine would benefit from tidying. Aside from some bolster wear, all is fine in here.

    Quote £484.68 comprehensive, 5000 miles per year, garaged call: 0333 323 1181
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