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  •   Kyle Molyneux reacted to this post about 1 year ago
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  •   Axel E Catton reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    CAR: #Mercedes-Benz-500SEC / #Mercedes-Benz / #Mercedes-Benz-500SEC-C126 / #Mercedes-Benz-C126 / #Mercedes-Benz-W126

    Year of manufacture #1989
    Recorded mileage 29,025 (see text)
    Asking price £13,950
    Vendor Edward Hall Classic Mercedes, Worminghall, Bucks; tel: 01844 339666;


    Price £50,250
    Max power 228bhp
    Max torque 299lb ft
    0-60mph 7.9 secs
    Top speed 140mph
    Mpg 18

    This six-owner #Mercedes-Benz-W126-Coupé , with options of traction control (ASR) and heated front seats, has been properly cared for. It has a full service record and several thousand has been spent on fettling over the year that Hall has looked after the car. The factory paint is nice, bar a couple of tiny blemishes in the lacquer, plus the chrome and trim are good and the alloy wheels unkerbed; they’re shod with 2016 Dunlops, with an old Michelin MXV on the spare. The tool-roll and warning triangle are present, plus it’s rust-free underneath and there’s no filler in the rear arch lips.

    Inside, the carpets – protected by M-B overmats – have an only slightly used air, commensurate with the mileage, which is about 91,000 allowing for a speedo change at 62k in 2010. The veneers are all smart with no cracks, the dash top is mint, the hide still supple and only lightly creased… and the original first aid kit remains unopened in its cubby in the rear shelf. There are a couple of small spots of surface corrosion in the engine bay – mainly on pipes and brackets – and the lower windscreen seal looks a little sorry for itself, but the spring towers are perfect. The motor has had the cylinder heads rebuilt and new injectors fitted in the past couple of years, the aircon compressor was replaced and the transmission received new seals. The fluids are all the right colours with levels spot-on, plus the exhaust doesn’t look very old. It’s nice to see an M-B battery, too.

    It starts easily without smoking and drives beautifully, with no creaks, groans or rattles in the suspension, tracking and braking straight handsoff – Hall replaced a rear caliper not long ago. Though it lacks the ultimate stonk of the 560 (300bhp, 335lb ft), it’s 140kg lighter and will hurtle along effortlessly, flattening bumps in the road as it goes, but is very easy to drive. Oil pressure is the typical M-B maximum 3bar deflection at all times, coolant temperature is a steady 82ºC and everything functions. The aircon shows willing and Hall plans to have it regassed. It comes with a new MoT, handbook and two keys, plus it will be serviced when sold.
    SUMMARY EXTERIOR Excellent, bar minor paint marks

    INTERIOR All present and correct, it all works and it’s all holding up well

    MECHANICALS Appears to want for nothing

    VALUE ★★★★★★★✩✩✩

    For So smooth and accessible it’s hard to resist the performance…

    Against …so you won’t crack 20mpg


    Super style, no needs (hard to think it’s 28) and the sensible choice of the V8s. If you must have Godzilla, then Hall can probably find you one.
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  •   Axel E Catton reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    Wabenzi in Africa


    CAR: #1988-Mercedes-Benz-560SEC-C126 / #1988 / #Mercedes-Benz-560SEC-C126 / #Mercedes-Benz-C126 / #Mercedes-Benz / #Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-C126 / #Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-126-Series / #Mercedes-Benz-S-Class / #Mercedes-Benz-126-Series / #Mercedes-Benz-W126 / #Mercedes-Benz-W126-Coupé / #V8

    I haven’t mentioned the ‘Big Block’ before. This is the Mercedes-Benz 560SEC C126 my father has owned for over a decade. It lives in Cape Town and on our last trip over for Christmas he lent it to my wife and I.

    I had never taken much notice of it before. I was never mad about the colour - a Broederbond racing bronze, significant because it is rumoured the car was previously cwned by General Magnus Malan, a past Minister of Defence in South Africa.

    But I have read that the W126 series, 5547cc #Mercedes-Benz-V8 560SEC was often cited as the best coupe of the 1980s. Weighing some 1750kg and pumping out about 300bhp, it promises a 0-60mph time of seven seconds and a top whack of 150mph. So I pile my wife’s ample luggage into the huge boot and we motor off in comfort. The Benz slides down the motorway in air-conditioned serenity with its typical MB wooden throttle response, woollen steering and sluggish auto-box.

    Leafing through the Big Block's fat silver- covered handbook, it seems it has a fully stamped MB service history from new and the 167,000km (104,000 miles) reading is correct. Then I read that the gearbox has two settings: ‘E’ for economy and ‘S' for standard. Surely ‘S’ is for sports...

    Next morning, on a solo mission, I fire up the 560 and switch to ‘S’ mode. The Benz pulls away in first gear (in E it moves off in second) and instantly feels a lot more alert. After allowing the big V8 to warm properly, I reach the bottom of a long mountain pass and floor it. The Wabenzi draws a deep breath and hoofs up the road with a muted roar. The steering, despite its loose straight-ahead position, becomes accurate when weighted into the comers, the handling is taut and sharp when pushed, and the big brakes more than capable of slowing the beast down for the next bend.

    Later, with my wife back on board, I slip the gearbox back into ‘E’ mode and smile in the knowledge that the Big Block can be awakened at the merest flick of that innocuous little switch.

    Above Switch to the left of the transmission selector is key to unlocking 560SECs huge potential.
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  •   Robert Coucher reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    Best Germans. A mild evening in late May - the economy is booming and it will soon be storming around Ebbe Carlsson. Then meet West Germany's most advanced cars for a duel in the middle of Stockholm. We follow the board professional.

    The two cars leave the Grand Hotel for an assessment tour of the quiet early summer evening.


    BMW 730 against MB 300SE The technical specification is similar. But the cars could not be more different.

    Two sedans pass the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Leading car, Mercedes-Benz 300SE V126 SWB, flashing left and steer towards Blasieholmen. BMW 730iA E32 SWB follow. The duo creep run up the little Arsenalsgatan and passes Society, Mr club where leading businessmen and politicians have met and spent time undisturbed for nearly 200 years.

    It lies a kind of exclusive correctness of the Society, not unlike a sand-colored Mercedes 300SE. The model with the internal code W126 presented at the Motor Show in Frankfurt in 1979 but the first pen features were already in autumn 1971. The aim was that the final product would be absolute Mercedes flagship model for ten years, why was the level of ambition of max. To rein in runaway fuel consumption was high on the priority list right from the beginning and became even more important with the oil crisis of 1973. A tricky equation as security, comfort and luxury accessories rather made the car heavier. You had to compensate with extensive aerodynamic work and weight-saving measures alloy steel and body parts in aluminum.

    The first W126-cars, six-cylinder ones, rolled out the brand new factory in Sindelfingen spring 1979 and got a safe and other Puritans of choking. The chrome bumpers were replaced with practical and US-friendly protective polyurethane where the front was also designed to reduce lift trends in high speed. Even the wheels sticking out through a modern aerodynamic design. Although the car was filled with accessories like ABS brakes and airbags stayed wave of below 1600 kg. And wind tunnel work had paid off, the new S-class could boast the lowest drag coefficient of any size sedans at the time (0.36 Cd).

    Nine years later, in spring #1988 Mercedes-Benz 300SE V126 SWB is perceived as much more traditional than the newly launched rival BMW 730iA. It is more than Café Opera Society. Hipper and loaded with exciting technology that electronically adjustable shocks and innovations that reveal what the 90s will accommodate.

    With the ability to choose the V12 engine marks BMW more Mercedes place at the top is threatened. And the equipment list is as long as the stock market pages of Dagens Industri - accessories such as telephone, fax machine and wine cooler in the back seat cauldrons for extra vague sense decade.

    But being innovative is not necessarily a positive trait. The goal of this German luxury car duo is to give Charlie decision making to choose any of them. It is a man of refined taste and high demands on function and quality. He is traditionally Mercedes-owners although he with respect to shareholders drove the Volvo 760 GLE for some years. He has by virtue of his position could command hit two representatives of BMW and Mercedes. The duo is now swinging left and confronted him outside the Grand Hotel, where he set time ladders from a late meeting with a group of investors.

    Charlie, among friends known as Callis, greets short on brand representatives and go one lap around the cars. Goes one. Nodding approvingly at the L-shaped rear lights on the BMW, he remembers the resurrection, when the model was presented. Opens and closes the door once extra, grunts something before he sits down in the bucket BMW seat. He starts up six cylinders, put in the D position and watching in amazement of the modern instrumentation. He provides gas and Mercedes driver following closely behind. The two cars leave the Grand Hotel for an assessment tour of the quiet early summer evening.

    After training at the School of Colleges School in Stockholm Charlie worked more or less around the clock through the sixties and seventies. Thanks to a series of smart investments (and if truth be told, a huge amount of initial capital) he has in the 80s could wind down and today sits just two boards. A form of comfortable and very deliberate risk diversification as one of the companies operating in the telecom and the other belongs to the backbone of Swedish industry, pulp.

    The mission of the latter includes a lot of traveling by car to the north. Yes, and weekend trips to summer pleasure out of Smadalaro. The experience of these two German spearhead locomotives different large letters Callis quickly. BMW charms with unexpected revving in the sixth grade, the 182 horsepower feels downright a nimble. And the footwork is clearly faster than the Mercedes, yes Callis smiles in front of the small three-spoke steering wheel and go almost to the cord in right on the promenade. Mercedes is not visible in the rear-view mirror - and that BMW offers driving pleasure even in the luxury class is obvious.

    Second generation BMW 7 Series with internal code E32 still feels hyper-modern, it was presented after just over two years earlier, in July, 1986.

    Besides amazing modern and sporty model features stack up with the first German V12 engine in fifty years in the 750i. A daring mark to overtake Mercedes - both mental and on the Autobahn. This jaw got knocked BMW to introduce an electronic speed limiter at 250 kmh in response to the German discussion of, woe and horror, speed limits on the Autobahn. BMW 750i was aiming directly at the recently presented Mercedes-Benz 560SEL W126 with a V8. Daimler-Benz is working on a V12 to the next generation W140 S-Class is not known yet.

    The journey continues through the evening quiet town, there will be car outside the castle. Inside the burgundy interior of the Mercedes 300SE are more passengers than drivers materials and aromas are of another kind. The ride quality is world class realizes Callis over the cobblestones in the Old Town, the back end is completely unaffected even if one sits more than in the big chairs with openwork leather. Callis relaxes behind the big steering wheel. The controls, even anger, feels older but also more substantial than in the BMW. The journey continues through the evening quiet town, there will be car outside the castle. Inside the burgundy interior of the Mercedes 300SE are more passengers than drivers materials and aromas are of another kind.

    Callis notes that Mercedes rolls heavily and feels more stable, throttle response is calmer - properties in line with his habitual Mercedes-driving style.

    When it starts to obscure the test run over. Charlie has decided its next car is nothing he reveals the smallest mine, moreover, he would keep the matter for deliberation with his wife before lifting the handset - to the United Car. For although he felt powerful in the back seat of the Mercedes, he experienced a new feeling behind the wheel of the BMW 730iA. On the verge of forbidden excitement - both when he lapped the BMW sixth grade and soon after got looks from two girls in tight stonewashed jeans that almost caressed BMW nose when they crossed a crosswalk. Callis trips with light rose to its soon replaced Mercedes. Throw a glance at his reflection in a shop window. Feel young and fresh. He is, after all, still only fifty-nine ...

    Power windows were standard - trip computer and cruise control some of the many options in the BMW. Reach for the stars is more aim with the star of Mercedes 300SE.

    BMW destabilize the Mercedes before, given first place. Mercedes rims with low profile tires was one of the updates in the revision to the 1986 model.

    Postmodernist Claes Luthe who in 1976 took on the role of chief designer for BMW Paul Bracq is behind the design of the E32 that would characterize BMW for many years to come.
    Total ten different engines were available to choose 7-Series model cycle - four sixes, four V8s and two V12's.
    Mercedes unloads 375-liters, compared to 475 in the entire BMW. BMW has utility in the door, the Mercedes a warning triangle.


    / #BMW-730iA-E32 / #BMW-730iA / #BMW-730i-E32 / #BMW-E32 / #1988 / #BMW / #BMW-7-Series / #BMW-7-Series-SWB / #BMW-7-series-E32 /


    "When I saw the ad I did not believe it was true. It was only BMW 730iA 1988 1500 mil, broken board computer ... "This was 2014, and Fabian Granath went and bought the car in the crash. It had been shut down since the first owner passed away in 1996. Since the purchase Fabian has provided it with new oils and tires - and fixed the broken board computer. The car is in an almost painful untouched top condition and has now gone over 1,800 mil.

    "The direction is very stable even at high speeds," says Fabian. "It's a really nice touring car, you sense that it was at least ten years ahead of its time.

    Total sold 770 pieces of the BMW 7 Series cars in Sweden in 1988 (of which 267 pieces 750i), while sales were plummeting to 550 the following year. Generation E32 was produced until 1994, a total of 311,015 copies.

    / #Mercedes-Benz-300SE-V126 / #Mercedes-Benz-300SE / #Mercedes-Benz / #Mercedes-Benz-V126 / #Mercedes-Benz-W126 / #Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-126 /


    "These cars is aging so damn good, I wanted the feeling of quality and elegance rather than horsepower - 300's the sensible choice economically compared with 500 and 560 versions. This has all the equipment and is well on price - I am convinced that fine specimens are a good investment says Jonas who does not have any plans to sell.

    On the contrary, Jonas had marinated Mercedes dream long and well, and recently bought the car story of a childhood friend who owned it for 15 years.

    Mercedes S-Class was considerably more expensive than the BMW 7 Series but that did not stop 292 Swedes from hitting to 1988. The model was originally launched in three versions, 280SE, 380SE and 500SE - but overall was twenty versions offered for twelve years until 1991 . From plush 280S with four-speed manual transmission to the armored 560SEL W126 - production figure stayed at 818,105 cars.
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  •   Ben Koflach reacted to this post about 3 years ago

    ... the stunning supercharged #1985 #Brabus #Mercedes-Benz 500 #SEC #C126 ( #W126 based Coupe) really would do the 160 mph claimed for it. The reality was somewhat different, as David Vivian found…

    Wearing a tea towel on your head undoubtedly has its advantages. It almost certainly means you're an Arab. (If it doesn't, you should see a doctor.) As an Arab, life has probably dealt you an absurdly good hand. It's not that some of your countrymen aren't poor, just that most of them use #Sinclair C5s as business cards.

    Saudi oil. Black gold. Wealth beyond most people's dreams is an everyday reality. Only the very blackest sheep's eyes are sent to the palace kitchen. You employ a man whose sole purpose in life is to remove fluff from your belly button. Even your sunglasses are air conditioned. Sure, the desert's hot and no one makes stylish sandals, but you can't complain. Not seriously, anyway. No. scrub that. There is I one thing.

    Cars. Obscenely expensive f ones. Your friends buy them wholesale. When you roll into Riyadh on Fridays for a spot of late-night bartering, you can't move for Mercedes-Benz. The car parks are riddled with Rollers, p The odds of being crushed by a Cadillac are three-to-one on. You have 15 #Mercedes , too. Seven of them are upholstered in gold lame with matching Kevlar sun visors, the rest have mink carpets, gullwing ashtrays and integral face saunas. It's the sand. It gets in the pores.

    They say you can sell an oil-rich Arab anything under the desert sun so long as it's expensive enough. That's plain nonsense. A fortune doesn't make you less discerning; it makes you more discriminating. In an environment where the world's most prestigious and expensive cars are as affordable as a packet of cigarettes and, as legend has it, are discarded when the ashtrays get full, the S pursuit of exclusivity is a serious business. And where do Arabs go leather briefcases bulging, in search of that elusive style? Europe, home of 24-carat customising, where a no-holds-barred conversion can cost more than the car on which it is based.

    Of course, it isn't just Arabs who want to be different from their fellow millionaires. But there's little question that oil-money is the lifeblood of the companies that produce some of the more extravagant catalogues. The irony of all this is that the very concept of customising is anathema to the philosophy behind the Arabs' - beloved Mercedes. As we all know, Stuttgart's famous three-pointed star stands for studied subtlety and almost clinical understatement.

    Take the company's coupe flagship, the £34.965 500 SEC. It's elegant, it's fast, it's tastefully trimmed. But, above all it's modest. There are no spoilers, no flared body panels, no low-profile tyres and no fancy wheels. The factory wouldn't have it any other way. Yet it is this car the pzazz parlours really like to go to town on. At their worst — and would cite coach-builders Styling Garage of Pmnegerg, Germany as the most outrageously perverse perpetrators of clammy kitsch — the Arab specials are nightmarish and deeply disturbing. Tarmac-scraping nose spoilers, delta-wing tail spoilers and grotesquely bulging flanks are par for the course. Interior possibilities are limited only by the space available.

    A genuine improvement on the original clearly requires a lightness of touch far beyond most of the operators in the business. So when we first saw the #Brabus-500SEC . we rejoiced. When we heard that its 5-litre V8 was supercharged we picked up the phone. And when we were told that it would do 155 mph and 0-60 mph in 6.6 sec. we knew it was a car we had to drive. As Merc conversions go this one was subtle and promised to be quick.

    Fortunately, the people doing ‘ the telling were just down the road in Cobham and the pick-up was swiftly made. Central Garage is probably better known in association with ex- #Audi rally boss Walter Treser, whose tuning and body conversions for off-the-peg Audis have been featured in Motor on several occasions.

    But the Surrey-based VAG dealer has recently extended its conversion brief to include the Mercedes model range and, to this end. it has revived an old sleeping partner, #Thomson-&-Taylor ( #Brooklands ) Ltd. to import the German-made Brabus Auto-sport range of tuning and body parts and to handle the Treser agency.

    The Brabus #Mercedes-Benz-500SEC which Central has just completed makes no claim to be the ultimate #Mercedes-SEC (does such a beast exist?) but it does require an investment of £8576 on top s of the £34,965 Mercedes asks for the standard car. To save you doing the sum, that makes a grand total of £43,541 — cheap by Saudi standards, but by no means a snip if what you really want is a svelte German 2+2 with 150 mph performance. #Porsche , for instance, has just such a machine in the #Porsche-928 S2, and that will set you back just £35,524.

    A hefty £4600 of the conversion cost is spent under the bonnet, where an American-made #Paxton supercharger, boosting at a pressure of 4.3 psi (0.3 bar), is claimed to lift maximum power by 38.5 per cent from 231 to 320 bhp and peak torque by 31 per cent from 299 to 391 lb ft. The blower is calculated to add the sort of muscle Porsche and #Jaguar drivers had better respect. After all, a 0-100 mph time of 15.8 sec — a claim that beats the standard car's effort by a whopping 5.4 sec — is rapid enough to put an #Jaguar-XJ-S HE (16.8 sec) firmly in its place.

    So much for the power. Crest-fallen supercar drivers If would be sure to notice how low and sleek the Brabus looked as it swept by. Lowered suspension's part of the deal, and the shorter, stiffer springs are matched to revised-rate dampers. At the business end of the suspension system, superb 7J x 16 Rial lattice-type alloy wheels wear huge 225/50 VR 16 #Pirelli P7 tyres: £362 a corner for more grip and classy looks. The body kit which eats up the remainder of the conversion cost is remarkable for its low-key good taste and is engineered to a v very high standard. The front spoiler is deep enough to scrape the ground on sudden S inclines but looks so good — especially when ordered with the optional integral driving lights — that plain practicality suddenly seems a churlish demand. Equally deep side skirts continue the ground-hugging theme, running back to a valance-type underskirt at the rear. So far, so predictable.

    What really sets the Brabus off, however, is a boot lid which has been reskinned to incorporate a delicately fashioned lip at the back. It gives a slight kick to the tail profile which has a surprisingly positive effect on the way the whole car looks. The overall effect of the changes is stunning because it enhances the 500 SEC's good features without seeking to transform them. Nor is there any major surgery inside, just a chunky leather Brabus steering wheel and a polished wood gearknob for the auto transmission selector lever.

    Perhaps it was a little rash of Central to pass the Brabus on to us for test so soon after having completed it. Without dwelling unduly on the painful details, the car proved disastrously unreliable and thwarted all our attempts to record a meaningful set of performance figures for it. The first time we tried, the fuel pressure was set too low and the Brabus proved very little quicker than the standard car. On the second occasion, everything was looking good until two spark plugs burnt out and the radiator burst. That problem overcome with a replacement radiator and new plugs, the Brabus went even slower than before, improving on the standard car's 141.6 mph top speed by less than 2 mph. Between test sessions, the car displayed an alarming propensity for throwing off its engine belts, in one instance shedding four at the same time. When the Brabus was running well it felt impressive, with masses of low down torque, very solid mid-range, acceleration and outstandingly wieldy handling for such a big car though the stiffer suspension and low-profile - tyres had taken the ride firmly out of the luxury class.

    We'd like to be able to tell you that it matched the performance claims made for it, but it never gave us the chance. A pity, because the Brabus certainly looks the part and mechanical supercharging has been rather forgotten in the rush to bolt turbos on to anything that moves. Maybe when Central has sorted out the teething problems, we'll give it another shot.

    No missing the the Paxton supercharger: boost in at 4 psi it lifts power to 320 bhp.
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