Citroen DS Group owners and fan Take a Citroen to where the going gets really rough. A dirt road perhaps, hardly wort...
Citroen DS Group owners and fan

Take a Citroen to where the going gets really rough. A dirt road perhaps, hardly worthy of the name. Gouged, rugged, chuck-holed. Now pour on the power!

Test-drivers, auto engineers, people who make cars their business, have done just that, and have come away shaking their heads in wonder. Hard put to find the right words to best describe the way Citroen has rippled them over terrain that could wreak quick havoc to any other production car in the world.

Citroen gets up and goes! Its engine is rugged, sturdy, and surprisingly economical. In fact, the new Citroen DS 19 is now capable of speeds in excess of 100 mph, with increased accelerations, and up to 32 miles per gallon. Front Wheel Drive and Air-Oil Suspension give it superb roadability. You must try the new DS 19.

Four-lane highway or road under construction, all roads lead to Citroen. Make your own road test. Only by means of a demonstration can you judge Citroen’s unique roadholding, superb comfort and roominess.

We invite you to a free demonstration of Citroen’s exclusive Air-Oil ride at your nearest Authorized Citroen Dealer.

Wind and Sea... Gas and Fluid... get together and make the Air-Oil Suspension which give the spindle-slender shape of the Citroen its look of weightlessness. They conspire to keep car body level, in constant equilibrium at any speed and over any road. Through hummock, hollow, or over hairpin curve, the Citroen is of imperturbable design, thanks to air and oil. Wed to them, she is wed as well to the road, to speed, to comfort, to the fulfilled promise of graceful driving! Consecrated by the label “Beaute France”...
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  •   Gavin Green reacted to this post about 8 months ago
    / #Citroen-DS19 / #Citroen / #Citroen-DS / #1959-Citroen-DS-Prestige / #1959 / #Citroen-DS-Prestige / #1959-Citroen-DS-Prestige-Chapron / #Citroen-DS-Prestige-Chapron / #Chapron / #1959-Citroen-DS19-Prestige-Saloon

    Alerte Générale Bonhams, Paris, France 6 February

    THE MARKET / Auction Previews

    The French military certainly knew how to travel in style. This beautiful 1959 Citroën DS Prestige originally served as an attaché’s official car in Rome. Only 350 Prestige models were built by Chapron, and it’s thought that this is the earliest of around 60 survivors. The Prestige was the most luxurious of all the Ds, and this is the only one known to have been bought by the French Army. We all know the importance of looking good in Italy…

    After its military service it was sold into private hands, and passed between various Citroën collectors in France.
    It’s now owned by a UK-based DS expert and a minor restoration was carried out in 2019. It received a rebuilt gearbox, a new clutch, overhauled brakes and many other bits. Safeguarding this Citroën’s uniqueness was a priority, but the original bonnet – which features its military number painted on the underside – is not fitted. It is included in the sale, however. This DS is difficult to value, but the estimate is €60,000-90,000.
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  •   Craft Zetner reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    Art has to go mainly #1959 #Citroen-ID19-Comfort / #Citroen-ID19 / #Citroen-ID / #Citroen / #Citroen-DS

    One year after the bomb DS, Citroën is launching a simplified version, called ID. Less technically revolutionary, self seeks to reassure a more traditional clientele and, incidentally, to bridge the gulf between the Deuche DS, within the range to the rafters...

    Unlike the rest of the range, which will receive cones chrome rear indicators, those IDs will remain red.

    The 66hp block is certainly not a lightning war, but it is flexible enough to make the ride pleasant.

    In octobre1956, the shock of the launch of the DS is still in everyone's head. However, the first deliveries took place, and some critics are already calling. While not catastrophic, the reliability sometimes causes problems that the network just to solve, due to the complexity of the machine. The manufacturer must reassure its customers and, at the same time, reduce (some) the price difference between a 2CV "high end" (the AZL) and the DS, then only offered in 19 hydraulically box.

    Featuring a classic box clutch speed and conventional brakes, without assistance, the ID plays the simplicity card. Even the stinginess in the rare version of Normal. Imposed black, wheels without hub caps, stripped inside, it hardly convinces the audience that prefers versions Luxury and Comfort. It is this last that accompanies us today in the Sarthe countryside. Featuring most of the DS equipment (shows, berths seats with armrests, side vents ...), the ID 19 Comfort entitled to small chrome covers on its wheels and accessing a wider range of colors. Outside is the Green Larch which covers the body (the roof remains white, translucent, and not painted). Inside, the Helanca tissue, found time, was replaced by a close enough blue trim. A colorful combination that suits much better to self that forced austerity of the base model. So close, so different ...

    By installing behind the wheel, I discovered a dashboard less avant-garde in contemporary DS. Nevertheless, all this well, thanks to the way aluminum strip on which are fixed most orders. At left, a knob allows adjustment of the ignition timing. In the middle, a red switch awakens the 1911cm3 from the Traction Avant. Celuici snorts immediately, and I'm starting. First difference in size with the majority of DS (some received entirely mechanical box), my left foot is put to work in any gear. The lever, always behind the wheel, easily mania, and even reverse quickly found. Another reason for satisfaction, especially for beginners, the return of a classic pedal brakes, instead of sometimes not very progressive "mushroom". Without support, the effort for stopping quickly is certainly not negligible, but requires no special physical condition. This, for me, a chance ...

    Soon, the fun takes over apprehension. The car is easy to drive, its non-assisted steering is not very heavy, and only the template could prove troublesome in town. On this last point, the first models (before retouching of 1963) are slightly better off, to be a little shorter. Above all, the comfort provided by the hydropneumatic suspension (on this point the ID is the DS are identical) remains astonishing. So far, I absolutely do not feel I have to deal with a "DS on the cheap". But with only 66ch under the hood, the Mulsanne straight may seem very long to me ...

    Not worse, not better

    Having had the pleasure of trying the DS 19 Coupe Le Paris (discover pages 42-46), I know the relative lack of nerve 1 911cm3 beginnings, which developed as 75hp SAE. With nine "nags" less, the ID of Luxury and Comfort (Normal accuses 3ch still less!) Seems very focused on the lightning acceleration. In fact, this engine is appreciated more for its flexibility. A shared quality with 75hp. Nevertheless, the power difference between the two versions is hardly noticeable in the secondary network. And even on the road to Château-du-Loir, where the cars of DUMANS 24Heures take off sometimes, self à100km file / h with ease. Finally, the pleasure felt at the wheel is comparable to the rest of the range. As the first DS, the beginnings of ID are not the power of monsters, but they are very pleasant companions for the ride. And given the upward trend in the course of the model, it would be unfortunate to regard with disdain IDs. Technically simpler than its big sister, it remains a car packed with charm.

    We find here the first nose shorter and less streamlined than that will appear from September 1962.

    Behind the spare wheel, under the hood (except on DSpecial), the engine derived from the Traction Avant 11 D returns to service.

    Released in September ember 1959, this copy is one of the first to receive the new rear wings, longer and feature a simplified reflector.

    As the pillar, yet overcome a fire position, the quarter panel is, on this version, covered with ribbed aluminum.

    If the gearbox and brakes are deadlocked on hydraulics, suspensions are those of the DS for a still amazing comfort.

    Like all basic models that make up the D range, the translucent roof lets a little light.

    ID has a height adjustable body according five positions. But once lifted up, suspensions hardness makes them much more difficult journeys.

    Engine 4-cylinder inline
    Displacement 1911cm3
    Fiscal power 11HP
    Max power 66HP DIN at 4000rpm
    Torque 132Nm at 3000rpm
    Carburetor simple body power
    In the front wheel drive, 4vit box. (1st non-sync)
    Brakes front / rear discs / drums
    Tyres Front / Rear 165/400/155/400
    Dimensions L x W x H 4.80 x 1.79 x 1,47m
    Weight 1120kg
    Top speed 135kmh
    Acceleration 1 000m D. A. 40,2s
    Fuel consumption average 8,35-litres / 100km
    65-litres tank
    Safe 500dm3

    On the ID, in addition to a conventional handbrake, there are three pedals, the clutch being mechanically operated. From either side, a battery of switches used to control wipers, ceiling and choke. The red push, meanwhile, is used to start.

    If the counter is, for its part, specific to the first ID, water temperature indicator comes from a more recent vintage.

    On this copy, a magnificent radio, proposed by the props of the day, stands in the middle of the dashboard.

    "We do not like its engine and brake a little soft."

    "We love the comfort, its mechanical simplicity, ease of driving."
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