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  •   Robert Coucher reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    Fit for further fun

    CAR: #1955-Jaguar-XK140 / #1955 / #Jaguar-XK140 / #Jaguar


    The Jaguar is continuing to receive winter maintenance work at Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth. The big job was to fix the rear halfshaft and worn rear spring mounts, but CMC found a hole in the chassis in front of one rear spring mount. I thought the Jaguar’s chassis was built like the Forth Bridge. Well, they just found a big crack in that too, didn’t they!

    Hmm… seems neither is invincible. The good news is that, with a separate chassis, the repair is relatively easy and should last for another couple of decades. CMC also replaced a worn balljoint on the front suspension, which I already knew about as I could feel and hear it clonking while I was driving.

    The brakes had been playing up as well. New rear shoes and pads helped but it turns out that the front brake piston rubbers were causing the pistons to be pushed back in the caliper, thus creating a long brake pedal. That is now rectified.

    With the new balljoint in place, CMC advised that the front set-up was a bit low at 6½ inches (it should be 7½). I don’t like the front of a car to stand up too high (the XK had spent some time looking like a praying mantis) so I compromised and asked them to set the ride height at 7in. It now looks to be on an even keel.

    So, there was quite a lot more work than I had been expecting but, then, the Jaguar had been used relatively hard last summer during the Octane Tour of Scotland (which ended at the Palace of Holyroodhouse Concours of Elegance) and a highly enjoyable gastro-blast to La Chartre-sur-le-Loir on the Octane Hotel de France Tour.

    Thanks to CMC’s attentions, the Jaguar is ready for more many more motoring adventures at the push of the starter button – and that’s exactly how I like it.

    THANKS TO Classic Motor Cars,
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  •   Robert Coucher reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    Religious service

    CAR #1955-Jaguar-XK140 / #1955 / #Jaguar-XK140 / #Jaguar

    OWNER Robert Coucher

    I’m hardly a fanatical person but one thing I’m religious about is changing the engine oil and filter on my cars. I noticed the XK had done almost 3000 miles since its last oil service and with winter on the way it was a good excuse to motor down to specialist Twyford Moors in bucolic Hampshire.

    There was nothing much wrong with the old bus but the list of niggles included the rear brake lights only coming on if I stood really hard on the brake pedal – not ideal in busy London. And the handbrake needed adjusting.

    With the Jaguar in the workshop, the oil, oil filter and coolant were changed. The TM chaps found (using an electric heat probe) that the electric fan was coming on too soon, as the gauge over-reads by about five degrees, so it was re-set. The car also needed a bottom ball-joint, a brake pedal bearing, a new brake light switch, fanbelt, the wipers freeing off and the steering column bracket tightening up.

    The cost of the parts, which included fresh sparkplugs and a fuel filter, was a reasonable £200 – and the Jaguar takes 12 litres of 20w/50!

    Arriving at Twyford Moors to collect the XK from Ian Mills (pictured left), I was pleased to see it had been beautifully polished and valeted inside. I very rarely wash the XK as I don’t think water is good for old cars. Instead I use a soft feather duster to wipe off the garage dust, which works but not as well as a proper wash and wax.

    It’s amazing how the Jaguar always feels noticeably sharper after a few days down at Clanfield. Driving off, the brake pedal immediately felt much firmer, with reduced travel, and the engine is superbly crisp thanks to the six new plugs. The handbrake now holds the XK’s 1350kg weight and the front suspension is quiet thanks to the ball-joint attention. Pity there’s now salt on our wintry roads, as I really want to drive the XK. Oh well, the Number 19 bus ain’t so bad…
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    Jaguar XK140

    Jaguar XK140 1954-1957
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