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  •   Jack Phillips reacted to this post about 1 year ago
    / #Volvo-240GL / #Volvo-240 / #Volvo

    Having been told the head gasket might need replacing, and not to use ‘The Brick’ at all if possible, it’s been safely ensconced and should be ready for collection this month. Things could have got messy had the radiator not been replaced a couple of years ago, because it was worse than expected.
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  •   Jack Phillips reacted to this post about 1 year ago

    Car VOLVO 240 GL
    RUN BY Jack Phillips
    OWNED SINCE August 2016

    / #Volvo-240-GL / #Volvo-240 / #Volvo

    It shouldn’t be that hard. Find blower motor, unplug, replace. Alas. Lengthy searching on Google produced a forum page that said [sic]: ‘If you do it and suceed, you will be an official Volvo 240 stud.’ It took two years since the fan blew for the final noisy time to find the courage. Even that morning I wondered whether the £1000 garage quotes would in fact be worth it, so I went for a run to delay the torture. The task isn’t difficult and the part is only £50, but fitting requires patience and diligence – neither of which I have.

    The motor must have been the first part on the assembly line and everything else built around it. It’s squeezed into a plastic case, nestled deep in the messy dash and bolted to the bulkhead. Everything needs to be removed, carefully noting where each screw came from (I, naturally, didn’t), every wire unplugged and labelled (I did, vaguely; too vaguely, naturally) to even see the container. Some remove the seats for better access, others remove the dash surround; my hands and back wish I had. There was still the matter of getting in. Clips hold it together, and the fronts were removed easily and more or less retained. The back was another matter, access not helped by those in-situ seats. But my girlfriend, Sarah, has much more patience and succeeded. Wrestling the container apart, coaxing the motor through all sorts of angles, it finally came free.

    By then darkness had fallen, so, with the instrument cluster already out, the broken gear was replaced in the warmth of the house and the odometer was hopefully fixed. It wasn’t, but the connector wasn’t in correctly; it’s counting again now, a thousand miles or so behind. The following day, Sarah’s father – and clearly the source of her patience – Keith spent an hour prying the finicky rubber bungs of the new motor onto the blades, ignoring my pleas to simply cut and glue. Home straight, surely? Alas.

    With the motor slipped in behind the dash, another hour was wasted trying to blindly line things up in the container. Tether at its end, Keith (and coffee) reappeared with more patience and less of my willingness to bodge. Motor in, various clamping and crimping finally lined it all up and the finish line was barrelling into view. Bolted back together, only a few screws failed to find their way back home. Half the instrument cluster is now in darkness, for some reason, the clock still doesn’t work, and a cursory glance at rewiring the stereo to bypass the amp fell by the wayside and has been done by a specialist. Still, a few jobs have been ticked off and £1000 saved.

    Binnacle out, wires (inadequately) tagged.

    A mix of force and angling freed the unit.

    Just one tooth on the odometer gear had broken and frustratingly stopped it from counting.

    An impasse was met swapping the motor.

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  •   Jack Phillips reacted to this post about 1 year ago
    / #1978 / #Volvo-262C-Coupe-Bertone-Automatic / #Volvo-262C-Coupe-Bertone / #Volvo-262C-Coupe / #Volvo-262C / #Volvo-262C-Bertone / #Volvo-262 / #Volvo-260 / #Volvo / #Bertone / #Volvo-200-Series /
    Price: 16.500 euro. Car Cave, Hasselt, Belgium

    WE ALL KNOW Henry Ford offered his original Model T in ‘any colour as long as it’s black’. But most of us have forgotten that when Volvo launched its oddball 262C Coupé in 1978, the car was also available in any colour – as long as it was Mystic Silver Metallic. Some say Henry Ford II was partly to blame for the Swedish marque’s uncharacteristic foray into the world of luxury coupés. That’s because, during a visit to Volvo HQ, he turned up with a fleet of Lincoln Continental MkIVs – which may have inspired the Swedish designers to think they could create something equally unattractive.

    Whether or not they succeeded is debatable, because there’s something about the 262C that makes it strangely covetable. With its chopped roof sitting 10cm lower than that of the saloon on which it was based, a more steeply raked windscreen, stunted doors and a crowning glory of matt black vinyl, it looks both mean and stately – a sort of poor, safety-conscious man’s alternative to a Rolls-Royce Camargue. At the time, #Volvo didn’t have the facility to manufacture such a limited-production car in house. Therefore, 262Cs were hand-built by Bertone in Turin, with the majority of the 6622 made being exported to the US.

    This 1978, first-series example on offer at Car Cave in Belgium was originally sold in that country, and it remained there until 2006, when it made the short journey across the border to the Netherlands before being re-imported last year. The Low Countries are undoubtedly suited to the sort of sedate performance provided by the 1.3-tonne 262C’s 127hp #V6 which, in the case of this example, is further blunted by the option of a three-speed BorgWarner gearbox.

    Car Cave is asking €16,500 for the model. Given the 262C’s rarity, believed-genuine mileage of 65,000 (108,000km), sound, unrestored condition and the fact that it is on the button, this is probably quite reasonable. And, being a Volvo, it will probably serve you well – although there’s not as much room as usual for the dogs.
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  •   Martin Buckley reacted to this post about 1 year ago

    CAR #Volvo-240-GL / #Volvo-240 / #Volvo
    RUN BY Jack Phillips
    OWNED SINCE August 2016

    The idea of buying a Volvo 240 was conceived well before the brick became en vogue with the hipsters on Brick Lane. Originally the plan was for a Torslanda, the upmarket estate version with decals rising up its outside, leather seats and suchlike inside. That was until this very straight, very reasonably priced (albeit only a GL) saloon appeared. Within a day we were arranging to meet in Swindon – he was coming from Wales, I from east London. The token drive around introduced a shaky idle and a small misfire, plus a few specks of rust.

    A Volvo fan from South Africa, the seller was only parting because his wife was pregnant and therefore he had bought an estate version. Apparently the saloon lacks space. Back home he was a classic car salesman and verified car guy who dealt mainly in Citroën DSs, though despite that dalliance in French cars he’d not encountered corrosion before. The strangest rust was on the scuttle, while the sills were spotting up, too.

    Inevitably nothing proved fatal to the deal, so the car changed hands after dark and after my bank had been quelled there was no dubious activity going on. More supposed dubious activity followed a day later, when some intrigued police officers ran the car through the system (“We were wondering what it was”), pulled alongside and summoned me in to Beaconsfield services to enquire of its insurance – or purported lack thereof.

    Soon clarified, along with the officer’s bizarre assumption that it was my mistress in the car and not my wife (I have neither).

    It’s been relatively plain sailing for the big wafting barge since. A snapped handbrake cable wasn’t rectified (despite their insistence otherwise) by a garage in north London that was independent and now very much isn’t. A rising bill for work, none of which satisfactorily done, left me unhappily driving off still slightly shakily. “It’s just not a smooth engine,” was the sum of their investigation.

    A failed MoT later – because of the ‘fixed’ handbrake – somehow resulted in the handing over of more money because their ‘free’ mending proved to be nothing of the sort. Nor, in fact, was it a mend. Thankfully, Darren Smith of DNS in Hastings learned his trade on 240s and is a friend of the family. So an extended stay at his place has rid it of rust, steadied the idle and finally repaired the handbrake.

    Investigating why the rev counter only worked when the binnacle light dimmer knob was at the ‘off’ setting, and why the binnacle lights didn’t work regardless of where the knob pointed, cost him the chance to see Brighton vs Spurs.
    Driving home, the car spluttered with the Blackwall Tunnel in sight. The alternator had given up, so a new battery was installed to get us home and the earth tweaked by an AA man who’d also learned his trade on 240s. It transpired the bracket wasn’t standard, and wouldn’t easily accept the new unit.

    The odometer has since stopped, so that has been added to a to-do list that includes replacing the fan motor (the incumbent mercilessly failed on the way from Le Mans in sweltering 30ºC-odd heat). Quotes for the dash-out job tip £1000, even though the part has cost just £50, so two days on my girlfriend’s parents’ driveway need to be reserved.
    While the dash is off, a new stereo will replace the tape deck and the amplifier must be bypassed.

    Then it’s time to re-lacquer the roof, troubleshoot the rear passenger door electrics, the tapping from the engine, and the squeaking and creaking offside suspension. The car gets attention wherever it goes, albeit usually of the bemused kind, and it has character. There aren’t many around – fewer than 2000, apparently – so it’s certainly worth keeping.

    Soft velour seats add to the sofa-like drive. Rust from blocked scuttle was tricky to fix.

    Clockwise from main: Le Mans brought the heater motor demise – and a sticky return leg; with wagons at Beaulieu’s Volvo day; Devon trip ended spell off the road.
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  •   Quentin Willson reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    / #Volvo-200-Series / #Volvo-264 / #Volvo / #1980 / #brochure

    / #Volvo-264GL /

    The GL model includes the 2.7 litre #V6 fuel injection engine, 4-speed gearbox with overdrive or 3-stage automatic (3-speed), power-steering (hydro), headlamp wiper/washers, central locking, sun roof, tinted glazing, integral rear fog lamps, tachometer, heated driver’s seat.

    / #Volvo-264GLE /

    The GLE illustrated in this brochure includes as standard air conditioning, electrically powered windows, electrically operated door mirrors, rear seat head restraints, rear window blinds.

    / #Volvo-262C / / #Volvo-262 / #Volvo-262C / #Bertone / #Volvo-262C-Bertone /

    Designed and styled in collaboration with Italian designer Bertone, the 262C is only available in limited numbers. Specification includes: air conditioning, electrically operated door mirrors, electrically powered front windows, tinted windows, leather upholstery, rear seat spotlights, power steering, electric aerial.

    / #Volvo-260-Estate Cars / #Volvo-265 / #Volvo-260 / #Volvo-265GL / #Volvo-265GLE

    Performance and specification of the 265GL and GLE are similar to their saloon counterparts. They have exceptionally high standards of design and comfort coupled with enormous carrying capacity. A separate brochure is available detailing the benefits and specifications of these luxury load carriers.
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  •   Adam Towler reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    Andy Everett created this group


    Volvo 240 - 260 Club
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