Rover 10 P2 1939 - 1948 The final version of the 10 was launched in 1939. This was part of the Rover P2 range, along wit...
Rover 10 P2 1939 - 1948 The final version of the 10 was launched in 1939. This was part of the Rover P2 range, along with Rover 12, Rover 14, Rover 16 and Rover 20 models. The chassis was slightly modified getting an extra half inch (12 mm) in the wheelbase and the engine got a new cylinder head increasing power from 44 to 48 bhp. Synchromesh was fitted to the top two ratios on the gearbox. The body was restyled in the Rover style of the time. The price was now GBP275 for the saloon but few were made before the outbreak of war and production stopping in 1940.

The Coventry factory was damaged by bombing in November 1940 and when production restarted it was from the new Solihull works. The cars were little changed but a left hand drive version to help the export drive arrived in 1947 along with an optional heater.

The final cars were made in 1947.
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    ROVER 10HP / #Rover-P2 / #Rover-10-P2 / #Rover-10 / #Rover-10HP /
    Year of manufacture #1948
    Recorded mileage 74,095
    Asking price £14,995
    Vendor Spinning Wheel, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire; tel: 01246 451772;

    Price £275
    Max power 48bhp
    Max torque n/a
    0-50mph 21.4 secs
    Top speed 65mph
    Mpg 30

    This late #Rover - P2 – only 2640 were made post-WW2 – has been considerably renovated over the years rather than fully restored. The bodywork is nice and tidy, properly coachpainted and flatted by the previous owner rather than sprayed, following fitment of new front wings in 2014. The overall appearance is superb and conveys an air of quality and durability, in keeping with the original ethos of the Rover make.

    The chromework is good, with only a small dent in the offside headlight and on the rim of the foglight. The hubcaps are only lightly dinged. Its Excelsior crossplies were new – on the front, at least – in 2012. With the car up on ramps, we could see that the chassis is very solid, there are no big leaks and there’s a decent exhaust. It was recently Waxoyled underneath, too. Windscreen washers have been added at some point, and it has add-on flashing indicators, but the original trafficators still work. Inside, it’s fabulous, with beautifully patinated factory leather, plus optional heater and a full slide-out toolkit still under the dashboard. The headlining and door trims look fresh, while the carpets are newish, too. There’s a bill for a replacement fuel/oil-level gauge in 2010.

    The motor is tidy, with a new carburettor fitted in 2003, plus it’s had plugs, leads and a fuel filter not long ago. Its coolant is full and blue, and it starts readily, the loudest mechanical noise being from the fanbelt. The Rover drives really well, and even the 1400 ‘four’ winds it down the road without getting in the way of itself or anyone else. The gearchange has that typically mechanical feel of the model and the brakes are firm. Temperature is steady at 70ºC, oil pressure 40psi, with a functioning level. The freewheel works, too. Just lovely – the 1948 tax disc is a nice touch – and the fine history file includes the original green logbook.


    EXTERIOR Deep, quality hand-applied paint
    INTERIOR Original hide; recent headlining
    MECHANICALS New carb and lots of other bits

    VALUE ★★★★★★★✩✩✩

    For + Excellent condition; drives well
    Against - You need to keep the engine on the boil on hills


    It’s a wonderfully usable old thing, with proper paint and a gorgeous cabin. Lots of pluses here and we can’t think of any minuses except that the 16hp ‘six’ has more torque.
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