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  •   Richard Dredge reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    Camaro synergy green special edition.

    Vendor: Florida Trucks Inc, in partnership with General Business Leasing Ltd, Danbury, Chelmsford, Essex.
    Price: £24,750.

    One thing is for sure, you'll never go anywhere unnoticed in this Camaro, finished in high visibility synergy green metallic paintwork!

    Based upon the 1LT, the limited edition model built between February and May 2010, it offers a pretty potent performance package. While a good many self-respecting American car enthusiasts wouldn't be seen behind the wheel of anything unless it has a V8 engine up front, you simply can't ignore what Chevrolet has done to the Camaro's V6 engine, that now offers enough impressive performance to please most without the need for a turbo or supercharger.

    With a very respectable 304bhp on tap, equating to a 0-60mph time of 5.5 seconds, and a useful 273lb-ft torque, plus a fuel consumption of up to 29mpg, this car has much to crow about. It has a six-speed automatic transmission with a highly impressive power response, but it can also be set to manual mode which is operated via paddle shift buttons on the steering wheel, meaning the gears can be held while the revs increase, a bit like a Tiptronic set-up, for maximum driveability. However, the automatic transmission is so responsive you can still have serious fun with the shifter just left in Drive!

    Fitted with twin Cats and mufflers, the exhaust note has a pleasing throaty roar on hard acceleration. This 3.6 litre-V6 powered Camaro is remarkably quick, 70mph appears on the speedometer in what seems like an instant, and the lightness of the steering is absolutely spot on, providing perfect feedback. Likewise, the handling and ride quality are hugely impressive. Indeed, it's a really superb car to drive.

    The synergy green metallic paintwork is complemented by cyber grey rally stripes on the bonnet and bootlid, and there's a small spoiler to the rear. There's also a glass tilt/sliding sunroof which helps to make things light and airy inside. The black cloth seats show virtually no wear and tear at all, which pretty much sums up the entire interior. The square instrument clusters for the speedometer and rev counter are retro in style, and are pleasingly illuminated in pale blue with red needles, and the same colours are used for the centrally positioned switchgear. The chunky black leather trimmed steering wheel is very tactile and a pleasure to grip. A $2300 option is the solid green LED illumination that follows the contours of the green door card trim (unique to the synergy model) then right around the dashboard, but can only really be seen at its best at night. Green theme continues inside.
    On a car that's only four years old with lowish mileage, the engine bay was naturally very clean and well presented. The DOHC all aluminium engine is mostly obscured by various black covers and the oil was clean and to the full mark. This Camaro is an absolute corker, and would make a fine alternative to a modern Mustang, which it easily outsold in 2010.

    Good points
    First and foremost, this Camaro drove and performed as though it was brand new and had just been driven out of the showroom. Its synergy green limited edition status should ensure it holds its value much better than a stock model. Not only does this car come complete with a set of chrome on alloy five spoke show wheels, with new looking Goodyear Eagle RSA 245/45-20 tyres, there are the original stock alloys with 245/50-19 Pirelli tyres too, also as new. Although economical, such is the fun to be had behind the wheel, it’s unlikely you’ll be worrying about fuel consumption anyway!

    Bad points
    The paintwork is almost perfect but for a few scuffs on the offside lower front valance, another on the nearside and a small scratch just behind the rear side window on the offside. With scant glazing area, visibility can be slightly impaired, especially when reversing - good job there are parking sensors - and the thick front screen pillars can also limit vision. While undamaged, the chrome on alloy show wheels are just starting to degrade with a little pitting in places. Without a digital display, you don’t always know what gear you are in when using the paddle shift kit.
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  •   Richard Dredge reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    1994 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 in UK
    Vendor: Oldcott Motors, Stoke-on-Trent
    Tel: 01782 782081 / 07973 302618
    Price: £5995

    If you're a stickler for provenance, we think we may have just found the car for you. This fourth generation Camaro really is one of the cleanest ones we've ever seen. With a fully documented 47,000 miles on the clock, this LT1 -powered, manual car ticks all the boxes for the picky Camaro buyer: all the paperwork is here from the original order sheet, to the window broadcast sheet to every bill and scrap of paperwork from its early life in San Mateo, California, to its last UK owner in Devon, including one or two from Bauer Millett in Manchester.

    Here are just some of the key indicators of this car's originality: it still has the original floor mats, both sets of keys and key fobs, as well as the factory-fitted Delco-Bose radio/CD player and still wears its original unmarked 16in alloy wheels. There are plenty of these fourth generation Camaros about, as they were actually sold new in the UK in the late-Nineties/early-Noughties, however these earlier iterations, with the smaller, meaner-looking headlights look a lot tougher. There are plenty of, shall we say 'well worn' examples, so it's nice to see one which has obviously led as pampered a life as this one has.

    The polo green bodywork is unmarked, with no dings or scratches or paint blemishes, likewise the handsome sand-coloured fabric interior is unmarked, as are the door panels and carpet and all the weather-stripping appears to be in good condition, with no cracking or leaks or squeaks - something of vital importance with a T-top car like this one. The gas struts work well on the rear decklid and these (like the front wings, bonnet and bumper) are made from strong, yet lightweight composite.

    The six-speed transmission snicks in and out of gear nicely and the engine has a beautiful rorty note from its factory stainless steel exhaust system that's a pleasure to listen to even when just pottering along at low speeds. The back end can be a bit lively if not handled properly (well, what else would you expect?), but ABS and big strong brakes bring it up sharp. The transmission features a factory fitted 'Skip Shift' system, which is designed to save fuel by encouraging the driver to skip from first to third to fifth gear etc. On the motorway the Camaro comes into its own and is quiet, comfortable and long-legged.

    The original broadcast sheet suggests this Camaro should be good for 17mpg/26mpg (city/highway) which translates into 20mpg/31 mpg Imperial. No doubt the Skip- Shift system and composite body panels help with such impressive mileage. Why would you bother with the 3.8 litre V6 for just a few mpg when you could have a real honest to goodness small block-powered Camaro like this for just a few mpg more?

    Engine: 350cu in LT1 V8 (5.7 litre)
    ВНР: 275
    Gearbox: 6-speed manual
    MOT: May 2014

    It’s pretty much all good news here: unmarked interior and exterior, exhaustive provenance and a spotless original engine make this one of the nicest, clean examples of an early Nineties Camaro that you’re likely to find here in the UK. All the gauges and electrics appear to work and the weather stripping is in great condition too. Why bother with the 3.8 V6 when you can have a V8 with such reasonable fuel consumption? Nice, clean, ‘unmessed with’, Nineties Camaros like this are hard to find and Oldcott has taken the work out of tracking one down with this very clean green machine. Find another.

    The price reflects the condition of this car; you can probably find cars for half the price, but they will probably have led very hard lives and that will be reflected in everything from scruffy interiors to dodgy wheels and tired engines. The windows are a bit slow going up and down, but that’s almost undoubtedly down to lack of use and will improve with more regular use. The air conditioning didn’t appear to work when we test-drove this car, but that is an easy fix and should not detract from this Camaro’s excellent overall condition.
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